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#306 : Braver les dragons

Titre en VO: "Shoot the moon" - Titre en VF : Braver les dragons
¤USA : diffusé le 26/10/04 - France: inédit
¤Scénario : Michaël Green - Réalisation : Matt Shakman
¤Guest-stars : Scott Wolf (Jake Hartman), Anne Heche (Amanda Hayes), Jason Beghe (Mr. Hayes) David Eigenberg (Recruteur de l'université du Colorado)

Andy s'inquiète car Ephram commence à douter de plus en plus de ses chances d'entrer à Julliard, c'est pourquoi il s'est inscrit dans un collège dans le Colorado au cas où il n'entrerait pas dans la prestigieuse école new-yorkaise.

Le Dr Abbott s'inquiète également lorsqu'Amy lui annonce qu'elle ne s'inscrira pas à Princeton, l'école dont Harrold avait toujours rêvé pour elle, car cela l'éloignerait trop d' Ephram.

Andy est aussi préoccupé par Amanda Hayes à qui il va proposer une nouvelle thérapie impliquant de la musique pour tenter de guérir son mari.

Le mariage d'Edna et Irv bat de l'aile depuis qu'Irv a perdu son travail, ce qui les pousse à réfléchir à leur avenir ensemble.

Bande annonce 306 (VO)
Bande annonce 306 (VO)


Plus de détails

A l'école, Ephram rencontre le recruteur de l'université du Colorado, ce qui lui fait remettre en question son avenir à Julliard. Andy ne comprend pas cette décision mais décide de l'accompagner lors de la visite de l'université du Colorado. Pendant la visite, Andy fait tout pour dénigrer cette université et confronte son fils sur sa peur de l'avenir et de l'échec.

De ce côté, Harrold découvre qu'Amy n'a pas l'intention de postuler à Princeton (qui est le rêve de son père) et qu'elle ne s'intéresse qu'aux universités proches de New -York afin de ne pas rester éloignée d'Ephram. Inquiet, il va voir Ephram pour lui parler de Princeton afin qu'il essaye de convaincre Amy d'y poser sa candidature. Mais même Ephram ne semble pas pouvoir la faire changer d'avis et Amy dit à son père de ne pas s'inquiéter pour elle.

Andy propose à Amanda une thérapie musicale pour son mari, mais celle ci ne veut pas vraiment essayer de nouvelles méthodes pour communiquer avec son mari, convaincue que l'homme qu'elle a aimé, et dont elle garde les souvenirs dans son coeur, a disparu.

Irv apprend à Edna qu'il a été viré de son travail de chauffeur de bus et il lui propose de prendre sa retraite et de voyager. Edna, après une dispute avec Jake (au sujet de son retard) accepte de suivre son mari, mais finalement refuse et reprend sa place au cabinet médical Hartman, consciente que la grande aventure n'est plus de son âge. Irv, lui n'est pas de cet avis et ne veut pas s'enterrer à Everwood car il a toujours le goût du voyage.

Andy et Ephram ont une nouvelle discussion au sujet de l'université et Ephram lui avoue vouloir aller à Julliard plus que tout et Andy l'encourage dans cette voie.  Plus tard, Ephram va poster la candidature d'Amy pour Princeton que lui a remis le docteur Abbott.


[Fade in – scene from “For Every Action…” Act Four – Amy and Ephram are sitting on the stairs in the Abbott House.]

IRV (VOICE-OVER): Previously on Everwood…

AMY: It’s from Juilliard.

EPHRAM: It’s my evaluation from the summer program. Basically I failed.

AMY: I mean I know what you’re going through, my report card last year was terrible.

EPRHAM: It’s not a report card, Amy. This is my entire life – my whole plan an-and it’s falling apart.

[Cut to scene from “Sacrifice” Act One – Dr. Brown meets John Hayes for the first time coming out of Dr. Abbott’s office.]

AMANDA: Andy Brown, I would like you to meet my husband, John.

[Cut to scene from “Sacrifice” Act Four – Dr. Brown is meeting with Amanda Hayes in his office.]

AMANDA: I know all the treatments, Andy. All the drugs.

DR. BROWN: Five years can make a big difference. Just give me one month.

AMANDA: I’m scared.


[Camera pans over a College Applications Calendar bulletin board.]

EPHRAM (VOICE-OVER): Tell us about yourself in such a way that we will have a good sense of who you are. 500 words. I wish you would’ve asked me that two years ago, I could’ve told you exactly who I was, who I’d be. Two years ago I knew it all and the thing is I was right.

[Cut to Ephram and Amy walking down the school hallway.]

EPHRAM: How far is that from Juilliard?

AMY: What, NYU? It’s like 50 blocks. You can walk it with a good pair of shoes.

EPHRAM: That’s not bad, what else you got?

[Ephram reaches for the notebook Amy is holding.]

AMY: Sarah Lawrence. It’s in Bronxville. It’s about 40 minutes outside of the city by train, but apparently they are very tattoo-friendly, so that’s good.

[Ephram walks up to his locker and changes his books around. Amy leans up against the locker beside him.]

AMY: (CONT’D) Is this too much? I told you that I was only applying to schools that were close to your conservatories and now you’re actually hearing me and you’re actually freaking out.

EPHRAM: No, I was just thinking that 40 minutes is pretty far.

[Ephram closes his locker and they continue down the hall.]

AMY: And now I like you again.

EPHRAM: Well, think about it, end of the year all the other couples are going to be freaking out about the long distance thing and we’ll be set.

AMY: Exactly and it’s not like New York and Boston don’t have the best schools anyways.

EPHRAM: It’s like you’re a genius sometimes.

AMY: I know. I could do journalism at Columbia, NYU has the best theater, Tufts has the best pre-med.

[A secretary comes walking up behind them.]

SECRETARY: Ephram Brown? The Guidance Counselor’s office asked me to call you down.

EPHRAM: What for?

[Cut to Ephram walking into a conference room, where Chris Templeman from Colorado A&M is waiting for him.]

CHRIS: Hey, Chris Templeman. I’m a recruiter from Colorado A&M.

EPHRAM: Well, I hate to tell you, but I, uh, don’t really play any sports. They don’t even let me go to games.

[Chris and Ephram sit down across from one another.]

CHRIS: I’m with our Music department. We try to keep an eye out for the local talent, like the sports guys do. I hear that you’re applying to schools now. Let me guess: uh, Juilliard, Berklee College of Music and … ?

EPHRAM: That’s it.

CHRIS: Guess you’re sleeping well.

EPHRAM: No, I don’t mean to be, uh, y’know, I mean it’s, very cool just to be asked. Uh, but, uh, I’m-I’m pretty set on going to Juilliard. It’s kinda the place to be.

CHRIS: Don’t be so sure. Take it from me.

EPHRAM: You went to Juilliard?

CHRIS: Class of ’81.


CHRIS: Think of it this way: You go there, you come out knowing a lot about actually playing of piano. And that’s it. You come out of our program and you have top-notch technical training. And that’s worth something out there in the job world, trust me.

EPHRAM: Look, I appreciate all this, but I’m pretty set with my plan.

CHRIS: You’re seventeen, I don’t know how you can be expected to know how you’re gonna feel ten years from now. Or thirty. I mean, you’re ready to say that this is what you want to do for the rest of your life?

[Ephram just looks at Chris with no response.]

CHRIS: (CONT’D) It never hurts to explore your options. Talk it over with your parents. If you feel like coming down, I’ll get you on the tour. Think about it.

[Cut to Ephram staring at the College Application bulletin board.]

EPHRAM (VOICE-OVER): Plans are like candy to the Fates. The only thing you could ever be sure of is, nothing ever goes the way you imagined.

[Ephram starts walking away from the bulletin board.]

EPRHAM (VOICE-OVER): (CONT’D) I should probably be used to that by now.



[Fade in – the Harper House – Edna is coming down the stairs and through the kitchen like she is heading for work. Irv is in a robe in the kitchen making breakfast.]

EDNA: What are you doing and why are you still here?

IRV: One answer for both questions. I’m fixing you breakfast. Waffles, muffins, brownies, too. Though technically that’s more dessert than breakfast, but who's gonna arrest me?

EDNA: Don’t mean to be ungrateful but shouldn’t you be driving a busload of screaming kids to school?

IRV: Not today.

EDNA: What’s the matter? Are you sick?

IRV: Even better, I quit.

EDNA: You what?

IRV: I told ‘em, I want to retire, they said okay. No more bus, no more driver. I’m done. These are waffles of celebration. I’m gonna open some champagne.

EDNA: You keep that cork where it is. Since when do we make life decisions around here without a consult?

IRV: It was spur of the moment. I thought it; I said it. They pulled out the papers. But I gotta tell ya, I never slept better.

EDNA: And that’s the end of it?

IRV: Be happy for me, Edna, have a waffle?

EDNA: You eat it.

IRV: Oh, come on, Edna.

EDNA: Sorry, bucko, some of us still got a job to get to.

[Edna puts on her coat and leaves.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown office – Amanda is sitting in a chair in front of Dr. Brown’s desk, whose desk is full of books. Dr. Brown comes in with an arm full of CDs.]

AMANDA: Oh, please, don’t mean, you didn’t read all of this just for us.

[Dr. Brown gives her a clever smile.]

AMANDA: (CONT’D) Oh, you need to get out more. Maybe join Netflix.

DR. BROWN: Are you kidding? Research is half the fun of the job. Now I can say cognitive neurorehabilitation at parties.

AMANDA: You just made my guest list.

[Dr. Brown takes off his coat and settles in his seat behind his desk.]

DR. BROWN: Actually, I’m amazed at the depth of research into stroke recovery especially with patients with long term aphasia like your husband. Has anyone ever mentioned music therapy to you before?

AMANDA: I don’t think so.

DR. BROWN: Well, if you’re willing, I would like to give it a try. I want to build a structured music plan in your home.

AMANDA: Music plan?

DR. BROWN: And it’s basically what it sounds like. We load up your 50 CD changer, then we keep the music playing at regular intervals. And from what I understand, the first priority is consistent stimulation and apparently music is the best kind.

[Amanda points at the CDs on Dr. Brown’s desk. She then leans over to read the titles.]

AMANDA: Uh, Schubert, Hyden, no Skynrd, huh?

DR. BROWN: Uh, uh.

AMANDA: And you think this will help? D

R. BROWN: Yes, I really do. You know how, uh, overeager parents are always playing Mozart for their babies?

AMANDA: The crazy ones.

DR. BROWN: Yes, it’s the same principles actually. We have found out that the human brain is much more malleable than we ever thought it was. Connections form and strengthen constantly in response to environment. Now, the more stimulated the environment…

AMANDA: The more the connections.

DR. BROWN: Hopefully. At least it’s a start.

AMANDA: I’ve had starts before.

DR. BROWN: I know you have. I know you have. Your husband’s been nonresponsive for 5 years and I know how hard it must be for you to think about treatment at this point, but I have to tell you that I wouldn’t put this out to you if I didn’t think that this was a way in. Worst thing that could happen is you load up your CD collection. Come on, what do you say?

AMANDA: Why do I get the feeling that you’re gonna keep asking me until I say yes?

DR. BROWN: Because you are getting to know me.

[They smile at one another.]

[Cut to Abbott dining room – Dr. Abbott has laid out on the dining room table brochures and hats from the top 50 schools in the country.]

DR. ABBOTT: Amy, would you come here please?

[Amy comes rushing into the dining room.]

AMY: Yeah?

[Amy stops when she sees everything.]

AMY: (CONT’D) Whoa.

DR. ABBOTT: Amy Abbott, allow me to be the first to introduce you to – your future. Suffering from application anxiety, overwhelmed by the options. Well, fret no more. Because we answer all questions tonight.

[Dr. Abbott escorts her closer to the table.]

AMY: What? What did you do?

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, only sent away for every piece of material available on the top 50 universities in the nation. Applications. Promotional videos. Articles. Reviews. Everything you ever wanted to know about schools that you were afraid to order online. I have Kaplan’s. I have Barron’s. I even have the Hillel Guide to Jewish Life on Campus for good measure. Dim sung has been ordered, so in a few hours I shall be dumpling stuffed and you will have narrowed all this down to your top ten. We shall begin with the, uh, shameful Number 50, Penn State, and work all the way up to Princeton.

[Dr. Abbott puts on a Princeton scarf with all the pride he has in his body.]

AMY: Dad, this is great. Really, I mean I love the hats. All 50 of them. But, um, I already know where I want to apply.

DR. ABBOTT: You do?

AMY: Kinda, yeah.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, I was rather hoping we could make those decisions together.

AMY: I’m sorry. I did the research at school like a month ago. I already have my list down. Um…

[Amy starts to pull brochures off the table.]

AMY: NYU, Columbia, Amherst, Wellesley, Sarah Lawrence, Barnard, Tufts, and Harvard. So that you don’t start skipping church? And I’m good.

DR. ABBOTT: Is that all?

AMY: That’s 8 schools.

DR. ABBOTT: It’s not if you can’t afford a 9th. Say a school with remarkable prestige, consistently ranked in the top 3 by U.S. News, such as…

[Dr. Abbott lifts up a Princeton toboggan.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT’D) Princeton, perhaps. Or-or, or how ‘bout…

[Dr. Abbott puts a Princeton application right in her face.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT’D) Princeton.

AMY: (laughs) Dad, I know you’ve always had a thing for them. It’s just I don’t see myself there. I mean eating clubs, what’s that about?

DR. ABBOTT: Come now, this was always your dream school. Honey, I have baby pictures of you in a little orange sweatshirt.

[Dr. Abbott takes the tobbogan and puts it in Amy’s head.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT’D): Can’t you just fill out the application for good measure?

AMY: It’s one more I don’t have to write, but, uh, this is great, Dad. Honestly, you saved me like a week of downloading. So thank you.

[Amy takes off the tobbogan and kisses Dr. Abbott on the cheek.]

AMY: (CONT’D) I’ll start tonight.

[Amy takes off out of the dining room leaving Dr. Abbott to look disappointed.]

[Cut to the Brown House – Delia and Dr. Brown are sitting on the couch eating popcorn.]

DELIA: Okay, we’re down to “A Cinderella Story”, “Powderpuff Girls” and “Saving Private Ryan.”

[Dr. Brown gives her a look of curiosity of why the wide variety.]

DELIA: (CONT’D) I like to mix it up.

DR. BROWN: Okay, now walk me through the Powderpuff Girls again.

[Ephram walks in on them.]

EPHRAM: I’m gonna go practice. Oh, FYI, I’m ditching school tomorrow.

DELIA: Can I ditch too?

DR. BROWN: Only if you get a job.

EPHRAM: It’s a school thing. I’m gonna go down to Colorado A&M. They’ve got this walking tour, thought I might check it out.

DR. BROWN: Colorado? Why? For Amy?

EPHRAM: Uh, no, for me. I figured I might put in an application.

DR. BROWN: Wa-Wait a minute, when did this happen?

EPHRAM: Today. Why you think it’s weird?

DR. BROWN: Do you?


DR. BROWN: Well, neither do I. I’m just surprised. We talked about all this last year, there was yelling and then there was hugging. We decided on the conservatories – Juilliard. We had a plan.

EPHRAM: Yeah, well, it doesn’t mean I can’t look. Colorado’s got a huge music department, besides if I go there, I can take something other than piano and anyway it’s just a tour.

DR. BROWN: You know what, you’re right. We’ll have a great time.

EPHRAM: No, not we. You’re not coming.

DR. BROWN: Come on, it’s just a walking tour. I’ll walk with you. See what they have to offer. I’ll clear my schedule.


DR. BROWN: Great. You drive, I’ll bring the doughnuts. (to Delia) Low on popcorn.

[Dr. Brown gets up to go get more popcorn.]

DELIA: You have no learning curve.



[Fade in – the Harper House - Edna walks in the kitchen and Irv is cooking breakfast again.]

IRV: Stand back Mama Bear, Papa’s gonna flambé.

[Edna jumps back when Irv lights the skillet on fire.]

EDNA: Ooh, what is it this time?

IRV: Bananas Foster. Retirement breakfast part two, if I can just keep from over-caramelizing the sugar, which really just means burn. Love the Food Channel.

EDNA: Too bad the bananas aren’t the only thing fired around here.

IRV: How did you find out?

EDNA: It’s a small town. Why didn’t you tell me that you were canned?

IRV: Because I didn’t want to get into it with you. They did their thing about cut backs and me being so close to retirement and I-I just didn’t want you going off half-cocked.


IRV: Like that. ‘Causing a ruckus.


IRV: No you won’t. Now I’m not a fan of their reasons but I don’t need to fight it either.

EDNA: So you’re just gonna let them put you out to pasture.

IRV: No. No. I may be done with the job but I’m not done. I’ve got a postcard in my head, Edna, I want to take you there.

EDNA: I just started a new job.

IRV: And Doc Hartman needs you, but he won’t forever. Help him set up and then we’ll skip town. I’m ready for Phase Three of my life and so are you. Think of all we could do; all we could see; all the places we could make love.

EDNA: No fair, talking all romantic.

IRV: That’s what I do.

EDNA: Well, do we have to wait until Phase Three to get some practice in?

IRV: Don’t you have to go to work?

EDNA: He can answer his own phone for an hour.

[Irv and Edna kiss and Irv takes Edna’s hand and leads her out of the kitchen.]

[Cut to Colorado A&M, Ephram and Dr. Brown are following behind a female tour guide as they walk through campus.]

TOUR GUIDE: Try to keep up, ‘cause this might take a while.

[The tour guide stops the group in front of a building.]

TOUR GUIDE: Okay, now, uh, on your-left-my-right, is Goodwin Hall, which is the largest of the frosh dorms. Now, it is all one-room-triples but they do have in-room cable so I would definitely put this down as my preference.

EPHRAM: Dorms look okay.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, nice refugee camp vibe.

[A parent beside Dr. Brown looks at him and the tour guide hesitates.]

TOUR GUIDE: Okay, folks, right this way please.

[The group follows the tour guide.]

DR. BROWN: Howdy. (to Ephram) Can we go now? I am starving.

EPHRAM: We haven’t seen the departments yet.

DR. BROWN: They’re big and brown and blocky like every other building here - - it’s like they built this place with an endowment from Lego. Let’s go get a blintz.

[The tour guide stops the group from walking.]

TOUR GUIDE: So this is Walker Plaza. Okay now every year the Seniors gather here. They wrap themselves from head to toe in toilet paper and they do this kind of Mummy Walk around campus, it’s just really totally hysterical.

DR. BROWN: I will give you a thousand dollars if you tell me you’re kidding.

EPHRAM: Could you be quiet please?

DR. BROWN: I would if this wasn’t so BORING.

EPHRAM: Don’t mind my father. He had a stroke recently. Very sad.

[The group continues to walk. Ephram walks further in front of Dr. Brown.]

[Cut to Dr. Hartman’s Office – Edna comes rushing in late and Dr. Hartman greets her the front desk.]


EDNA: I’m here, Boss. Sorry about the late, how’s the morning going?

DR. HARTMAN: My morning was ass, Edna. Where the hell were you?

EDNA: I had something at home needed dealing with.

DR. HARTMAN: So we-we open at 9. Patients came in at 9. When I worked at Cedars for an awfully long time, and the rule was you come in when your shift begins - rain, shine, problems at home, and I’ve been trying to reach you all morning. How can you still not have a cell?

EDNA: Easy up, boss, I didn’t go AWOL on ya, I was a little late.

DR. HARTMAN: You were over an hour late. Now I don’t know how things worked at your last job, but here it’s a pretty simple concept. You show up, you do your job, you get your check on Thursdays and if you can’t handle you just say the word.

EDNA: You’re right.


[Dr. Hartman turns to go into an examination room.]

EDNA: What’s the word?


[Dr. Hartman comes back to Edna.]

EDNA: How ‘bout schmuck.

DR. HARTMAN: Excuse me.

EDNA: You heard me. I don’t need this.

[Edna flings her coat and heads toward the door.]

EDNA: (CONT’D) I’m tired of you getting by on your dimples anyway.

DR. HARTMAN: You can’t quit. You’re out of doctor’s offices to work in.

EDNA: I don’t need an office anymore. I’m moving to Phase Three.

[Edna opens the door to leave.]

EDNA: (CONT’D) By the way, next time you’re at the dentist, ease off on the bleaching, hurts my eyes.

[Edna leaves slamming the door leaving Dr. Hartman without a nurse.]

[Cut back to Colorado A&M – The Tour enters the Music Hall.]

TOUR GUIDE: Okay, so, this is our music hall.

EPHRAM: You got any cool concerts coming through?

TOUR GUIDE: All the time. Last year we had a lecture from the guy who invented the Koosh Ball.

[Dr. Brown pops his gum loudly making everyone turn and look at him.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, good acoustics.

TOUR GUIDE: Actually, yeah there’s-there’s no gum in the hall.

DR. BROWN: Oh, fine.

[Dr. Brown swallows the gum.]

DR. BROWN: All gone. See?

[Dr. Brown sticks out his tongue showing the gum was gone.]

EPHRAM: Okay, that’s it, go wait in the car. Tour’s over for you.

DR. BROWN: Oh, come on, I want to see more. I heard they’ve got the fifth-largest microfiche collection in the whole country.

TOUR GUIDE: Yeah, I just wanna keep the tour moving so if anyone is tired . . . or they just maybe wanna stay here and work out some family issues, that’s-that’s fine.

[The tour follows the tour guide out. Ephram and Dr. Brown remain behind.]

EPHRAM: Thank you.

DR. BROWN: Any time.

EPHRAM: Why’d you bother coming if you were gonna bag on the place the entire time?

DR. BROWN: Well, I thought I might get a sweat shirt, “My son gave up a promising future and all I got was an instate tuition.” Come on, you’re really not gonna go here.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I might.

DR. BROWN: After all you’ve worked for. You’re gonna settle for this.

EPHRAM: What’s wrong with this place?

DR. BROWN: Nothing, if you’re not trying to get into Juilliard. Do you know the chances of you’re getting accepted there?

EPHRAM: Yeah, better than you do.

DR. BROWN: No, I don’t think so. There are 4000 kids applying and only 30 spots for piano. The slightest loss of focus and the next kid gets your spot. You can’t even give yourself the option of failure.

EPHRAM: Well, maybe failure’s not such a bad thing. Piano takes up so much of my life that I don’t have time for anything else.

DR. BROWN: You’re not supposed to be doing anything else. You are a concert pianist.

EPHRAM: How do you know? How do I even know? You-You’ve been pressuring me for so long I can’t remember if piano is something I actually wanted or something I agreed to when I was 10.

DR. BROWN: Oh, come on.

EPHRAM: You-You just want me to go to some special school for special kids ‘cause God forbid I turn out to be normal, instead of a magazine cover.

DR. BROWN: You know what, you can blame me if you want to, but I’m trying to keep you on track and all I see right now is you getting scared. This is when you need to trust your abilities and dive in - not look for some kind of escape route. You cannot be afraid of failure.

EPHRAM: I’m not scared of what happens if I fail and don’t get in. I’m scared of what happens if I do. If I got to Juilliard, then that’s it – one thing – piano. I’ll be just like you right before she died. I mean, it took mom dying to wake you up, I don’t wanna have to lose something to keep myself from turning into you.

[Cut to the Abbott House – Dr. Abbott, Rose, Amy, and Bright are eating dinner.]

DR. ABBOTT: Excellent roast, Rose.

ROSE: Well, thank you, dear.

[Bright mumbles in agreement.]

ROSE (CONT’D): Also, thank you. I think.

DR. ABBOTT: You know who has fine meal programs for incoming freshman.

AMY: Dad, I’m not going to Princeton. Get over it.

DR. ABBOTT: I just can’t see why you won’t add one more application. You’ve covered all the comparable schools in the northeast – Ivies included – so that rules out reverse snobbery. You have something against New Jersey, because outside of Newark, it’s actually quite blue-collared.

BRIGHT: Oh, nice, let me guess. Only New York and Boston.

[Dr. Abbott looks at Bright with a look of awe trying to figure out how he knew that.]

BRIGHT: Well, connect the dots. She’s staying near the hub.

AMY: Shut up, Bright.

DR. ABBOTT: What hub?

BRIGHT: Man, there’s a lot of good piano schools in them cities, aren’t there?

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, so then all of this – all this talk of researching your options, I got my list down, that was all about choosing your schools around your boyfriend.

BRIGHT: Ah, you couldn’t even add another one for Dad?

AMY: Actually, I did. Ephram and I are both applying to Colorado A&M as a safety which you know anyone with a pulse could get in there so…

[Bright backs his chair up from the table and leaves the table.]

ROSE: Now that was unnecessary.

[Rose gets up from the table and goes to check on Bright.]

AMY: So was he.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, this is plum absurd, not to mention disappointing. No correction, I will gladly mention disappointing. I cannot believe that you’d be willing to throw away whole avenues for your future for a boy.

AMY: I’m not throwing anything away. I’m still applying to 8 perfectly great schools that have everything I want plus plenty of bumper sticker pride for you, why-why does it matter what city they’re in?

DR. ABBOTT: It matters if you limit even one of your options to chase after a relationship that could end. What happens if you break up?

AMY: So we break up. At least, I’m not left wondering.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, by then, it could be too late to transfer.

AMY: Dad, I’ve earned the right to choose where I want to go. My grades are great, I rocked the SATs, what else do you want from me?

DR. ABBOTT: For you not to choose this of all moments to revert to infancy.

AMY: How is it infantile to know that something’s important to me? It’s not like I’m going around with Ephram saying that we’re gonna get married, which, by the way, is exactly what you were doing when you were even younger than me, but I know how he makes me feel and I know that it’s worth making the small sacrifice so that we can stay together, if we want.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, no. No. No. You’re not gonna throw that at me and then pretend that it’s reasonable.

[Amy gets up and heads to the kitchen with her plate. Dr. Abbott follows her into the kitchen.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT’D) You may have forgotten but you tried these bleary eyed romantics with me last year when you begged me to be grateful for how well that Cro-Magnon understood you until I had to pump his stomach in that abandoned motel.

AMY: This isn’t even close to the same thing.

DR. ABBOTT: Of course, it is Amy. This is what you do. You throw yourself into a relationship. You drop everything else, toss your family aside, then yourself all for some elaborate pageant in your mind. You’ve already changed your goals to suit his.

AMY: How many times do I have to tell you, Dad? That is not my goal any more. Time to let it go maybe trust me for once.

DR. ABBOTT: Look, how can I trust you when you make decisions like this?

AMY: Like what?

DR. ABBOTT: Like have you forgotten how easily things change?

AMY: You think I need you to remind me. I found the person I wanted to be with and he died last year. Why should I lose more?

[Amy walks past Dr. Abbott to leave the kitchen.]


AMY: I want this to work and I’ll do whatever I can gladly. If that means pissing you off, Dad, I’m sorry, but some things are just more important than you.



[Fade in – The Hayes House – Amanda answers the door and Dr. Brown is there holding CDs.]

DR. BROWN: Round two as promised.

AMANDA: You didn’t promise that.

[Dr. Brown steps into the house.]

DR. BROWN: Well, I took the initiative. I found a case study that went on about Bach, something about the polyrhythms and as it turns out, I have a son who has a whole classical musical collection, a CD burner, and a flagrant disregard for piracy laws.

AMANDA: Actually I’m glad you came. Come on in.

DR. BROWN: Thanks.

[Dr. Brown closes the door and they move further into the house.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Kinda quiet, isn’t it?

AMANDA: Oh, I know, Charlie is actually doing his homework and I only had to remind him three times.

DR. BROWN: No. No. I mean the music. It’s 6 o’clock. Shouldn’t you be on Hyden?

AMANDA: Oh, the music plan. I took a break.

DR. BROWN: Well, I hate to be the hall monitor here, but that’s really not the best approach. The-the theory is constant stimulation.

AMANDA: I know. I had it on. I played Beethoven until I could sing the words to “Ode to Joy” in German and I’ll get it on again if that’s what you tell me to do, but first we need to talk.

DR. BROWN: We already talked about this…

AMANDA: No. No. I tried to talk to you and you read me more statistics. You’re an energetic doctor and a reasonably funny guy, but you’ve got serious listening issues so this time your plan – follow me.

[Amanda leads Dr. Brown into the kitchen.]

AMANDA: (CONT'D) You want me to trust you.

DR. BROWN: Of course.

AMANDA: I want that too.

[Amanda offers Dr. Brown a glass of wine.]

DR. BROWN: No, thanks.

AMANDA: The thing is you’re coming up with plans to try to help John become something of himself again, but you have no idea who that is. He was a guy for a long time before he was a patient. Did you know he lived in Bordeaux until he was 8 or that he used to be a seismologist?

DR. BROWN: No, I didn’t.

AMANDA: Earthquake research at the university. Weird I know, but he knew more about the front range fault line than anyone in the state. He practically invented the early detection software for the entire region.

[Amanda sits on the coffee table in the den and Dr. Brown sits on the couch.]

DR. BROWN: That’s amazing.

AMANDA: Yeah, he was amazing. John changed everything from the first night I met him. He’s right here. (placing hand over her heart) And right now you’re the only person I have telling me not to let that one go and that means I need you to know who you’re trying to bring back. So do me a favor?

[Amanda gets up to put a video in the VCR.]

AMANDA: (CONT'D) If you are going to start making plans for us, get to know him first. Then I’ll do whatever you say.

[Amanda hands Dr. Brown the VCR remote and leaves the room. Dr. Brown turns on a video of John singing “When I’m 64” by the Beatles at a Karaoke bar to Amanda.]

JOHN (ON VIDEO SINGING): When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now / Will you still be sending me a Valentine, birthday greetings, tending my roots? / If I'd been out 'till quarter to three, will you lock the door? Will you still need me, will you still feed me, When I'm sixty-four?


[John and Amanda kiss.]

JOHN (ON VIDEO): I love you. Will you stay with me until I’m 64?


[Dr. Brown starts to understand John and Amanda’s relationship.]

[Cut to Ephram and Amy at outside lunch tables at school. Ephram is filling out college applications.]

EPHRAM: These things are impossible.

AMY: It’s just your basic “Who are you and why do you want to come here?” essay.

EPHRAM: Declare your intended major.

AMY: Try “Music”. Next. Hmm, this is actually really fun when it’s not yours.

EPHRAM: Yeah, except if I go to Colorado, then piano’s probably not a priority.

AMY: Okay, so it’s just a safety, check “Undeclared” and move on.

[Ephram checks the box on the application and looks miserable doing it.]

AMY: (CONT'D) What?

EPHRAM: “Undeclared”. I just never thought of myself as one of the clueless before.

AMY: What like the rest of the world? Some of us are highly functioning members of society.

EPHRAM: Folding sweaters at mini-malls.

[Amy starts to pack up her books.]

EPHRAM: What now you’re going?

AMY: It’s called preemptive bailing. I’m trying to help, you’re trying to bite my head, I can see where this is going and you do not really have time for a full fight cycle so call me when you’re done.

[Amy leaves and Ephram is left alone at the table.]

[Cut to the Harper House – Edna and Irv are sitting on the couch drinking champagne and toasting Phase Three.]

EDNA: This was a good idea.

IRV: I’m full of ‘em.

[They laugh and drink.]

EDNA: We get to tackle the whole world now. I even like the sound of it – Phase Three.

IRV: Well, you’ll like the looks of it even better. Wait ‘til you see what I got planned.

[Irv lays out a map on the coffee table for them to look at.]

IRV: It all starts right here.

EDNA: Santorini. Greece.

IRV: A villa on the Caldera with a month-to-month lease – beautiful view. I can write all morning looking out on the Med with no problems for the rest of the day bigger than whether to hit the black sand beach or the red.

EDNA: And what am I suppose to do there? Wiggle around in a bikini and mix margaritas.

IRV: You have something else in mind?

[Edna puts on the table Peace Corps applications.]

EDNA: Two applications for the Peace Corps with a pit stop in Guadalajara with Habitat for Humanity. We could be getting roofs over the homeless in a month.

IRV: Hold on. Hold on. You want to build houses.

EDNA: And then we’ll help some sick kids, maybe take a stretch over and see Linda in Namibia.

IRV: That’s not really how I saw Phase Three. I-I saw us slowing down not kicking it into high gear.

EDNA: Well, I can’t lay myself out to rest. I gotta be doing things.

IRV: Look, I’m not out to take on the world any more, Edna. I can’t be running around all the time. Phase Three for me – I gotta sit still. I want you to sit still with me.

[Edna has a sad look on her face.]

IRV: (CONT'D) Would you at least think about it?

[Cut to Ephram’s Studio – Ephram is playing “Jesu, meine Freude” by Bach when Dr. Abbott knocks on the door.]


[Dr. Abbott opens the door. Ephram jumps up from his chair embarrassed for saying what he just said.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Oh, hey, Dr. Abbott. Uh, that wasn’t your daughter I was talking about. Amy and I – we’re just friends. I mean… Uh, are you looking for my dad?

DR. ABBOTT: Actually I’ve come to see you.

EPHRAM: Should I be scared?

DR. ABBOTT: Every day of your life. This regards another matter. I have a favor to ask.

[Dr. Abbott hands Ephram an envelope.]

EPHRAM: A Princeton application?

DR. ABBOTT: All filled out, check signed, correct postage. She only needs to write the essay, which she can do in her sleep, if she wanted to.

EPHRAM: Which she doesn’t.

DR. ABBOTT: I know she doesn’t. I also know that she used to. It used to be all that she would talk about. “When I go to Princeton, I want to live where Fitzgerald lived.” At some point between freshman year and her relationship with you that changed.

EPHRAM: Well, a lot’s happened since then – not just me.

DR. ABBOTT: I only want her somewhere where she can explore every facet of her curiosity. Princeton excels in everything that Amy has even the vaguest of interest in – English, Women’s Studies, Biology, Dance. She should have that.

EPHRAM: You know as well as I do, that there’s no convincing her of anything that’s not already in her head. I-I’ve tried. I-I’ve failed. I still have bruises.

DR. ABBOTT: I know. But right now, you’re the one she listens to. Didn’t used to be that way, but now it is so here I am. That was her dream once – don’t deny her the option of turning it down.

EPHRAM: I can try.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, that’s more than I can do. Thank you.

[Dr. Abbott heads to the door to leave.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) It’s good to hear, by the way.

EPHRAM: What is?

DR. ABBOTT: Your playing. It is as good as they say. That was an arrangement of a Bach motet, wasn’t it?

EPHRAM: Well, it’s an attempt at least. My teacher’s got me breaking down choral structure – he’s evil. I didn’t know that you knew music. Do you play?

DR. ABBOTT: I wanted to. But as with surgery I was born with the ear but not the hands. God has a cruel sense of humor. Apparently I’m his favorite channel.

EPHRAM: I’ve been working all night on the obbligato. Usually it just comes, but when I get stuck, it could take – a while.

[Dr. Abbott snickers at Ephram’s comment.]

EPHRAM: Is that funny?

DR. ABBOTT: No, I’m sorry. I-In a way, you’re so much like your father. See you’ve just described what it is to be gifted and you don’t even know it. The part that you call effortless that would be the life’s ambition of the less blessed and-and the part where it’s actually a bit of work – that’s an argument they wouldn’t even be able to follow.

EPHRAM: Well, the experts seem to disagree. I’ve got paperwork and very expensive schools to prove it.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, that’s technique – the part that can actually be taught and graded, improved. What you’ve been given, it’s more like – the rain – simply happens. Nothing can alter it’s timing or course. You just have to dress for the occasion.

[Dr. Abbott opens the door to leave.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) You know, uh, there are words to that piece. Bach borrowed a poem by Johann Franck, do you know what they mean?


DR. ABBOTT: You should find out.

[Dr. Abbott leaves and Ephram is left there.]



[Fade in – Hartman Medical – Edna walks in and Dr. Hartman is flipping through some charts.]

DR. HARTMAN: Morning.

EDNA: Word to the wise, chirpy. I don’t know what flies back in LA LA Land, but here that temper of yours is liable to get you nut punched. Now let me just get my boxes and then I’m a Christmas card.

[Edna goes back behind the counter and Dr. Hartman follows.]

EDNA: (CONT'D) My stuff is still here.

DR. HARTMAN: Yeah, and your work’s not finished either, what’s up with that? Where’d you put Mrs. Monihan’s chart?

EDNA: Maybe you didn’t hear the part where I said I don’t work here anymore.

DR. HARTMAN: Yeah. I saw you stamp your feet too. World class tantrum. If you keep it up another 10 minutes, it’d’ve counted as your cardio.

EDNA: If you need me to recommend you another nurse, I can…

DR. HARTMAN: No, I’m good. I’m not worried. You’re not retiring; you don’t have it in you.

EDNA: You wanna bet?

[Dr. Hartman pulls out his wallet and pulls a $100 bill out of it and flashes it front of Edna.]

DR. HARTMAN: Dunkits and Doughnuts.

[Dr. Hartman slams the money on the desk.]

DR. HARTMAN: (CONT'D) What? You’re gonna kick back on some beach somewhere? You’ll chew your nails off in a day. You’ll be down to finger nubs in a week. I’ve watched you work, Edna, there are people who go to their offices and do their thing and the clock hits 5 and they’re out of there – thinking about surf conditions or whatever’s waiting for them on TiVo. The job doesn’t follow them one step out the office door – you’re not that lucky.

[Dr. Hartman takes the $100 bill and pins it to the corkboard.]

DR. HARTMAN: (CONT'D) My bet stands.

[Dr. Hartman goes off toward a patient’s examination room leaving Edna to consider what Dr. Hartman said.]

[Cut to Peak County High School – Amy is walking out the door and Ephram rushes to catch up with her.]

EPHRAM: You’re gonna be mad at me, but I have one more application to add to the list, can you handle it?

AMY: Are you gonna get all pissy again when filling it out?

EPHRAM: No, it’s for a conservatory, Will and I talking about upping my odds and he-he likes this place – the Curtis Institute somewhere in Jersey I think.

AMY: You don’t sound too excited.

EPHRAM: Uh, it’s not “A” list but he knows one of the instructors there. So what do you think? Can you add one more to the list?

[They stop in front of a message board outside.]

AMY: Jersey, huh? Guess I could apply to Princeton – keep the Dad happy. Two birds, right?

EPHRAM: Whatever works.

[Ephram gives this accomplishment smile on his face and Amy reads it.]

AMY: You are so gonna crack.

EPHRAM: What are you talking about?

AMY: He talked to you.

EPHRAM: Wow, smart chick. Major downside. All right, don’t be mad, okay?

AMY: At him or you?

EPHRAM: Uh, both. Preferably me first, if I had to choose. It was kinda cool, he was just trying… You did kind of break his heart on this one. Well, look, now you’re mad.

AMY: Well, that depends, Ephram. Do you want me to apply because my dad backed up the guilt truck or because you’re worried about us?

EPHRAM: I-I don’t know. It’s a lot of pressure. You’ve given up things for us. It’s not like we don’t fight – a lot – yesterday.

AMY: That barely counted.

EPHRAM: Yeah, what if we did fight or what if we broke up or worse, what if we stay together just long enough for you to get stuck in some city with nothing to do but hate me.

[It hits Amy what Ephram has been trying to get Amy to understand.]

AMY: Wow.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I know.

AMY: You really worry about that stuff?

EPHRAM: One of us has to. Job was free.

AMY: It took me a long time to get here, Ephram. You had to do a lot of fancy talking. But this is what I want. I wanna stay in love. You, me – us. That’s not gonna change and so what if I’m wrong, it’s my mistake to make. You don’t get to protect me. I mean you can try, but I’ll just kick your ass. It’s not your job. It’s not my dad’s job. I don’t need guarantees, Ephram. So you can worry all you want but I’m betting on us.

[They share a kiss against the message board.]

[Cut to the Harper House – Edna is sitting at the dining room table in the dark by the fireplace and Irv walks in.]

IRV: I don’t like fighting.

EDNA: Me neither.

IRV: I don’t like compromise a lot either, but I’ll take it over fighting.

[Irv sits down beside Edna at the table.]

IRV: (CONT'D) So here’s what I got – Costa Rica. They’ve got a Docs Without Borders outpost there - needs help with inoculations. Forty miles south of beachside – I type, you can save the orphans.

EDNA: I took my job back.

IRV: For how long?

EDNA: I’m in for the long hall.

IRV: That’s not what we talked about.

EDNA: I know. I gotta work, Harper. That’s the way I’m built.

IRV: Then take the show on the road.

EDNA: I wish I could. It doesn’t work that way any more. I’ve done a lot of things in my life – left my family, seen a lot of places – but I can’t say I did it with no regrets.

[Irv looks disappointed.]

EDNA: (CONT'D) I didn’t mean for it to happen, but I’ve put down roots now and they’re here.

IRV: I came to this town for a weekend and stayed five years longer than I intended. I did that for you. It’s been five years, Edna.

EDNA: It could be a lot more. We’re good here – you and I.

IRV: For now. I meant what I said. I told you I felt life was talking to me. I can try to keep my feet planted here for as long as I can but I don’t know how long that’ll be.

EDNA: What happens when time runs out?

[Irv doesn’t answer the question.]

IRV: I’ll put this away.

[Irv gets up and Edna sits thinking by the fire at the table.]

EPHRAM (VOICEOVER): The thing is you can never tell when everything you counted on might fall apart – no matter how solid the rock.

[Cut to Abbott House - Amy walking to go upstairs and sees Dr. Abbott coming down the stairs.]

AMY: Nice try, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: With what?

[Amy turns around on the staircase.]

AMY: You had him too. You tried. He tried. Everybody tried. Call me the difficult one. As a consolation prize, I’ve decided not to be mad at you for going to my boyfriend behind my back.

DR. ABBOTT: I just want you to have the best.

AMY: I know and you get major points for good intentions, but your execution sucks.

DR. ABBOTT: It’s only one more application.

[Rose comes from the living room into view in the foyer.]

AMY: I know Dad. Time to let it go trust me, kiddo, it’s gonna be okay.

[Amy comes back down the stairs and pinches Dr. Abbott’s cheeks and then gives him a kiss on the cheek and then hugs him.]

AMY: (CONT'D) All right, Dad, good night.

[Amy heads upstairs and Dr. Abbott turns and sees Rose in the foyer so he walks over to her.]

ROSE: She didn’t budge?

DR. ABBOTT: She didn’t even blink.

ROSE: She’s in love, dear.

[Dr. Abbott sighs.]

DR. ABBOTT: And how is that a comfort again?

ROSE: Try not to worry. I happen to know another Abbott who didn’t apply to Princeton so he could be with the girl he fell in love with. He turned out just fine.

[Rose gives Dr. Abbott a peck on the lips.]

ROSE: (CONT'D) I’m going up to bed. Lose the pout and join me soon.

[Rose goes upstairs leaving Dr. Abbott in the foyer.]

EPHRAM (VOICEOVER): Rocks break. Everything changes even when you think you’re sure, especially…

[Cut to Ephram’s room – Ephram is typing on his laptop.]

EPHRAM (VOICEOVER): (CONT'D) To be fair if I was one of the Fates looking down at the best laid plans of dumb little people, probably see mine and want to mess with him too.

[Dr. Brown knocks on Ephram’s door and comes in.]

DR. BROWN: Can I bug you?

EPHRAM: Mission accomplished.

DR. BROWN: I, uh, I wanted to give you this.

[Dr. Brown throws Ephram a Colorado A & M baseball cap.]

EPHRAM: The gesture implies an apology. You can skip the rest.

DR. BROWN: Well, humor me. I rehearsed. I’m sorry, I’ve been pushing you, Ephram. I thought I was helping you get what you want, but you’re right, there’s a lot about you that I don’t know.

EPHRAM: I kind of sprang the new school on you.

DR. BROWN: Well, I could’ve rolled with it better. I know you’re worried, but you could never turn into what I was, Ephram, you’ve got more than just me in you. That doesn’t mean you can’t question the plan. And if at any point you feel like you’re giving up too much, you tell me and we’ll change it. You can always go somewhere else. But the truth is that when I close my eyes and I think about you in four years, I see you at Juilliard.

EPHRAM: I know you do. I appreciate the crazy dad cheering section. It’s just I get so stressed out sometimes, I forget why I’m even doing this. The truth is on my end, I don’t know where I see myself in four years.

DR. BROWN: Well, then try it.


DR. BROWN: Close your eyes. Try to visualize it.


DR. BROWN: What’s the matter too cool to visualize with your father? Come on, picture it. Close your eyes.

[Ephram takes a deep breath and leans back in his desk chair and closes his eyes.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) You graduate. You move ahead. You’re happy. What are you doing? Where are you?

EPHRAM: I’m playing in Juilliard.

DR. BROWN: And that’s what we’ll go for. That’s where we’ll get you.

EPHRAM: I should get back to this.

DR. BROWN: Keeping all of your options open.

EPHRAM: Ah, something like that.

[Dr. Brown understands and leaves. Ephram goes back to typing.]

EPHRAM (VOICEOVER): You want to know about me in 500 words, I get scared sometimes and disappointed. I have doubts and I love getting my way. I don’t like change, but I know it’s good for me and inevitable so I welcome it as best I can.

[Cut to Ephram reading the essay at the kitchen table.]

EPHRAM (VOICEOVER): (CONT'D) There’s a poem by Johann Franck that says it better than I will. “Defy the old dragon, defy fear. The world may rage and quake but I shall remain singing in perfect peace.”

[Cut to Ephram walking in the rain to the mail box on the corner.]

EPHRAM (VOICEOVER): (CONT'D) Yeah, things happen – things you don’t expect – or want or like. The world rages and you become someone you didn’t know you’d ever be.

[Ephram pulls out of his coat the Princeton application with Amy’s address on it to put in the mailbox.]

EPHRAM (VOICEOVER): (CONT'D) And there you are, in your clothes, in your life, this is my future, this is me. This is me ‘cause I want things I never thought I would. I want the possibilities a school like Princeton can afford.

[Ephram puts the application in the mailbox, hesitates and then starts walking back to his house.]

EPHRAM (VOICEOVER): (CONT'D) A place to grow, to meet new people, a place to be surprised when life turns out to be nothing like I imagined.

[Cut to Ephram playing the piano in his studio.]

EPHRAM (VOICEOVER): (CONT'D) You have to be grateful for it – in perfect peace.

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