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#112 : Etat vegetatif

Titre en VO : "Vegetative State" - Titre en VF : "Etat vegetatif"
¤ USA : diffusé le 06/01/03 - France : diffusé le 30/11/03
¤ Scénario : John E. Pogue - Réalisation : Lev L. Spiro
¤ Guest-stars : Merrilyn Gann (Rose Abbott), Stephanie Niznik (Nina Feeny), Mike Erwin (Colin Hart) et Kevin Thompson (Samuel Fenney).

Le petit village d'Everwood est en pleine crise. Suite à la mort de la fleuriste Irma, le Dr Brown, venu déclarer le décès, trouve dans son jardin une serre remplie de plants de cannabis. La population d'Everwood se réunit donc pour décider de l'avenir de ces plants.

Nina est inquiète par la super activité de son fils. Vu sa turbulence, son institutrice lui demande de donner à Sam des anxiolytiques. Elle demande l'avis d'Andy Brown qui décide de passer un après-midi avec lui pour juger de son comportement.

Colin est enfin prêt à rentrer chez lui. Sa famille a fait les choses en grand en lui préparant une fête. Mais il ne se souvient de rien et encore moins de sa relation avec Amy.

Titre VO
Vegetative State

Titre VF
Etat vegetatif


Bande annonce 112 (VO)

Bande annonce 112 (VO)


Plus de détails

Après plusieurs mois de rééducation, Colin sort finalement de l'hopital. Cette décision n'enchante ni le docteur Brown qui pense qu'il est encore trop tôt, ni Ephram qui voit ainsi un obstacle de plus entre lui et Amy.

Andy doit constater le décès de la fleuriste d'Everwood et découvre que celle ci faisait pousser chez elle du cannabis. La police n'ayant pas d'entrepot où stocker toutes ses plantes, celles ci sont entreposée chez madame le maire, autrement dit chez les Abott. La présence de ces plantes chez lui rend Harrold paranoïaque et il ne quitte plus ses enfants des yeux.

Nina vient consulter Andy car l'institutrice de son fils Sam lui a conseillé de mettre son fils sous Ritaline (médicament utilisé dans les cas d'hyperactivité chez les enfants). Afin de voir ce qu'il en est, Andy propose à Nina de garder Sam l'après midi mais celui ci est plus que turbulent.

Amy et les parents de Colin organisent une grande fête pour le retour de celui ci. Andy conseille à Ephram de se rendre à cette fête afin de soutenir Amy. Celle ci doit, justement, faire le terrible constat que rien ne sera plus jamais pareil avec Colin.  Celui ci ne se souvenant pas de sa vie avant l'accident et souffrant également d'une paralysie du bras droit.

Lors du conseil municipal de la ville, le sort des plantes de cannabis est à l'agenda car les lois fédérales et de l'état sont en opposition (la loi fédéral étant contre l'utilisation du cannabis alors que les lois du Colorado l'autorisant à titre médical). Harrold et Andy, comme d'habitude, s'opposent sur le sujet, jusqu'à ce que l'un des patients d'Harrold en phase terminale d'un cancer avoue fumer du cannabis pour soulager sa douleur. Malgré ce discours émouvant, la ville vote contre le cannabis qui sera brulé.

Pendant la fête, Bright vient s'excuser auprès de Colin pour l'accident. Mais Colin s'enerve, non pour l'accident mais parce qu'il ne se souvient de rien et donc il ne peut pas pardonner à Bright quelque chose dont il ne se souvient pas. Amy, elle, a le blues car même si Colin est revenu, il n'est plus comme avant et elle ne sait plus quoi faire. Ephram tente de lui remonter le moral en lui disant qu'elle ne doit pas baisser les bras maintenant et être présente pour Colin qui a besoin d'elle plus que jamais.

Andy finit par conseiller à Nina de ne pas mettre Sam sous Ritaline. Ce dont l'enfant a besoin c'est de voir son père dont il n'arrêtte pas de parler.

Harrold finit par apporter à son patient et ami qui a un cancer, des joints de cannabis comprenant qu'il faut parfois faire des exceptions.

Amy décide de tout recommencer à zéro avec Colin et de prendre un nouveau départ avec lui en l'acceptant tel qu'il est maintenant.

NARRATOR: Previously on Everwood...

[Cut to brief clips of various scenes from "We Hold These Truths" and "Till Death Do Us Part".]

Flashback of Colin and Amy at Buck's Rock. (from "We Hold These Truths")

COLIN: All right, maybe it wasn't just the fireworks. I was just thinking about us watching them go off last year.

[Colin sits up and Amy smiles.]

COLIN: With your hand just touching mine...

A sad Amy watches a comatose Colin in his hospital bed. (from "We Hold These Truths")

With Brian standing nearby, Dr. Brown tells the Harts and the Abbott men how the surgery on Colin went. (from "We Hold These Truths")

DR. BROWN: Colin came through very well. I want you to know that we've done everything humanly possible to help your son.

Colin is in a non-verbal consciousness and doesn't remember Amy. Amy is upset to learn this. (from "Till Death Do Us Part")

AMY: How long does it take before he does, remember?

NURSE: He may have to start from scratch. A lot of these patients do.

[Amy's in shock. Colin just looks perplexed.]



[Open on an image of a bunch of flowers.]

NARRATOR: When you think about the rich bounty of flora and fauna that populate this once barren rock of ours, it's hard to believe it didn't have some guiding hand. Even setting aside all the creatures that crawl and swim and fly around us, one has to marvel at the sheer variety and utility of plants.

[The camera rests on a mature woman. The scenes intersperse between various occasions as the woman sells flowers to multiple people.]

NARRATOR: They satisfy our hunger, provide us with shelter, and lift our spirits. It's hard to imagine life without God's most alluring foot soldiers. Luckily, Everwood never had to go without thanks to Irma's flower mart. Irma Fredonia opened it the week after they bombed Pearl Harbor. "The world needs more beauty now", she said.

[Cut to a guy walking up to the shop. He tries to open the door but it's locked.]

NARRATOR: Nothing of importance ever happened around here without Irma's fragrant touch. Until now.

[Cut to Irma's house. She's dead and lying in bed. Her son Bud and daughter Lily are there with Dr. Brown.]

LILY: Thank you for coming. We didn't want to call an ambulance, just pronounce her.

DR. BROWN: I wish I could've done something. I didn't even know she was sick.

BUD: Neither did we. She called both of us this morning, asked us to come right over, said she wasn't feeling well. We found her here.

DR. BROWN: Well, she seemed like a lovely woman. I'm sorry I didn't get to know her better. She only came to my office once.

BUD: She was healthy right up to the end. We worried about her. Living alone all these last years.

DR. BROWN: Your father passed away?

LILY: Cancer. Four years ago. They were married 63 years.

DR. BROWN: That's a great run. I'll call the funeral home if you'd like. Let them know to come.

[Dr. Brown leaves them to grieve while he goes outside to make a call. He walks over to her greenhouse to take a look. Reggae music starts to play. Dr. Brown is amazed by what he finds.]

NARRATOR: Even at the worst of times, Irma's green thumb could lift people's spirits.

LYRICS: Ooo yea man.

[The greenhouse is full of marijuana plants.]

NARRATOR: Turns out, some spirits were lifted a little higher than others.

[Dr. Brown smiles to himself.]

LYRICS: You know dat man.



[Open on the exterior of Irma's house. A guy from the coroner's office is loading her into a hearse. Police are loading the marijuana plants into the back of an RV.]

DR. BROWN: Somewhere, Jerry Garcia is weeping.

ROSE: I just don't know what Irma was doing with all this marijuana.

DR. BROWN: Well I can guess what she was doing with some of it.

LILY: This is certainly a shock to us, Mayor.

BUD: This can't be hers.

[The police chief holds a few joints in his hand.]

POLICE CHIEF: What should we do with these?

LILY: I'll get a baggie from the kitchen.

POLICE CHIEF: What about the rest of it? We could burn it, out at Tom Connelley's place.

ROSE: Better hold it down at the station until we figure out what's going on.

POLICE CHIEF: You've been to the station, Rose. Our evidence room is a box with an "E" on it. I'm pretty sure this won't fit.

DR. BROWN: Well, isn't there an official storage space? An impound lot or something?

POLICE CHIEF: You're the grand puba, Mayor. I'll take it wherever you say. But, it's gotta get locked up somewhere.

[Rose considers for a moment.]

[Cut to the Abbott house. Dr. Abbott is fuming. Agents are carting the plants inside.]

DR. ABBOTT: This is our home for God's sake. Not Willy Nelson's dressing room!

[Bright is watching with amazement.]

BRIGHT: This is totally great. The dudes at school are not gonna believe this.

DR. ABBOTT: No. This will be long gone before the dudes hear anything about it. Now shoo! Go on, shoo! This is government business.

[Bright complies.]

ROSE: Listen. I am not exactly thrilled about this either, Harold. But Bud and Lily want an investigation. That poor woman can't die with her reputation sullied.

DR. ABBOTT: I don't care if Irma Fredonia was held hostage by a Columbian Drug Cartel. We have two impressionable children living under this roof. Now the prospect of having the county's supply of an illicit narcotic under our floor? It's unacceptable.

[The police chief enters.]

POLICE CHIEF: That's the last of it, Rose. Oh, I almost forgot.

[He hands a few joints to Dr. Abbott.]

POLICE CHIEF: Now don't smoke 'em all in one place, Doc.

DR. ABBOTT: Inappropriate humor for the head of Everwood's law enforcement, don't you think, Roger?

ROSE: Thanks again, Chief. I'll work from home today. Let me know if you find out anything?

DR. ABBOTT: No, no. You cannot stay home here with all of this stuff in the house?

ROSE: I will be fine, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: No. Absolutely not. I'm calling Louise. She can reschedule my appointments. I'm staying with you.

[They walk into the lounge and notice a shocked Amy holding the phone.]

DR. ABBOTT: Amy? What is it?

AMY: The Harts just called. Colin's coming home.

[Cut to the Brown's house. Ephram is having breakfast at the table. Dr. Brown is on the phone.]

DR. BROWN: Well, I can be there in about three hours. No, no that's terrific. I guess I'll see for myself today.

[Ephram is listening intently.]

DR. BROWN: Alright, great. Thank you.

[He hangs up.]

DR. BROWN: That was one of the doctors from the Denver team. Colin has finished his basic rehabilitation.

EPHRAM: So, he's coming home.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, a little too soon if you ask me. I'm going down there today. The Harts want my seal of approval.

EPHRAM: [sardonic] Well make sure and tell 'em "hi" for me.

DR. BROWN: You know, Ephram, I know this hasn't been easy for you.

EPHRAM: No, hey. At least they got him back alive, right?

[He gets up and leaves. Nina appears at the door.]

NINA: Freeze in there, you're surrounded.

[She comes in.]

NINA: I heard you were working narcotics, Detective Friday.

DR. BROWN: You know, the speed at which word of mouth travels in this town defies the time-space continuum.

NINA: I'm friends with Irma's daughter, Lily and she is freaking out.

DR. BROWN: Well, I would be too if I just found out my mother was growing more weed than Cheech and Chong combined. I don't think Delia's ready yet.

NINA: Um, actually, I came over early because I wanted to ask your advice about something, about Sam. His preschool wants me to come in and they think I should put him on Ritalin.

DR. BROWN: Ritalin? Why? Sam doesn't...

NINA: You haven't been around him all that much, Andy, and he's been acting out a lot lately.

DR. BROWN: He's a little boy, Nina. He comes with a Y chromosome. Have you met my son Ephram?

NINA: In the past couple of months he's gotten more hyper. And they said that if I don't so something, they might not let him come back.

DR. BROWN: They're threatening to kick him out of school if you don't medicate him? That's ridiculous.

NINA: Now, I don't know what to do. I'm afraid they might be right. Maybe medicine would help?

DR. BROWN: Yeah, if he needs it. But even if it does help, the long term effects are far less clear. In addition to potentially altering the gene expression of the brain, it can cause weight loss, insomnia, rashes, not to mention a reduction in social interaction. Are you aware it's classified as a schedule II stimulant, just like cocaine?

NINA: [alarmed] I am now.

DR. BROWN: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Look, I'll get you information on Ritalin but that's not enough. I'd like to come with you.

NINA: You don't have to.

DR. BROWN: I know. But I'd like to if it's OK with you.

[Nina's relieved.]

[Cut to Peak County High. A group of teens are crowding around Amy who is dishing out instructions. Ephram watches from afar then approaches a student.]

EPHRAM: What's that about?

MALE STUDENT: It's a welcome home party for Colin.

EPHRAM: Of course there is.

MALE STUDENT: [leaving] Bro, your dad rocks.

EPHRAM: [to himself] He does good work.

[Kayla approaches him.]

KAYLA: Out with new, in with the old. Nice *not* getting to know you.

[Ephram looks shot down and leaves.]

[Cut to the Denver hospital. A doctor is briefing Dr. Brown.]

DR. FRIESEN: His recovery is simply extraordinary. He was barely more alive than Lazarus for months and now he's progressed beyond any reasonable expectation. Now typically at this point speech would've been impressive, rudimentary motor skills, some hand-eye co-ordination. With the exception of some slight paralysis in his right arm and some transient aphasia, he's practically a normal teenage boy. I think it's fair to say that you performed something of a miracle here, Dr. Brown.

DR. BROWN: Well, let's not categorize this today.

DR. FRIESEN: Well, whatever you wanna call it, but I've never seen anything like it in twenty years.

[Dr. Brown approaches the Harts.]

SHARON: Dr. Brown. Thank you again.

[James Hart is speechless.]

JAMES: Well, we're just, um, we don't know what to say.

[Dr. Brown smiles and looks over at Colin who is walking slowly. His right arm is in a sling and his hair is shorter than it was in "We Hold These Truths". He has a blank expression on his face. Dr. Brown approaches him.]

DR. BROWN: Well, Colin. I think we've both seen enough of this place. Are you ready to go home?

COLIN: Yeah. I guess so.



[Open on Dr. Abbott peering out the windows. Rose is on the phone.]

ROSE: No, no. They couldn't help me either. Well, if it's not your jurisdiction... D.E.A. or A.T.M.? OK, yes.

[She hangs up.]

ROSE: It's amazing government works at all.

[Dr. Abbott rushes back on throws open the window covers and peeks outside.]

ROSE: What exactly are you looking for?

DR. ABBOTT: Trouble.

ROSE: With a capital T, which rhymes with P and that stands for pot?

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, joke away, my dear. Once word gets around, you can bet every dope fiend and pothead within 50 miles will come sniffing around this house.

ROSE: And doing what? Rolling around on the front lawn stoned? It's not catnip, Harold.

[Bright gets off the stairs and heads for the kitchen.]

DR. ABBOTT: Stop right there, young man! Where do you think you're going?

BRIGHT: To the kitchen to get a beverage?

DR. ABBOTT: Sure, sure. Forget it! Kitchen's closed down till this whole mess blows over. Come on. I may not be up on the latest rap doggie, but I wasn't born yesterday.

AMY: Dad, really. Get a grip. Isn't pot only supposed to make you paranoid *after* you smoke it?

DR. ABBOTT: That better be hearsay, young lady. You! HEY!

[Cut to Amy's room. She starts writing things down on her pad. Bright enters.]

AMY: What do you want?

BRIGHT: Nothing. I heard Col Stock broke up with Laurey Treadwell.

AMY: Couldn't have happened to a nicer girl. What are you wearing to Colin's?

BRIGHT: Clothes? It's pretty wild, huh? Him coming home and everything?

AMY: Wild isn't exactly the word I'd choose. The Harts said I should meet him at the park early. We're riding together.

[She holds some clothes up.]

AMY: What do you think about... this?

[Bright couldn't care less.]

AMY: He's supposed to be your best friend or have you forgotten?

BRIGHT: I didn't forget. I'm a little worried.

AMY: Worried he's gonna be pissed about the accident?

BRIGHT: Not worried about me, OK? Maybe you should just chill a little bit. Just... dial down the whole wacky girlfriend switch or...

AMY: Why are you such a jerk? I can't believe you're gonna try and ruin this for me.

BRIGHT: His condition sucks, Amy. They say he's got low memory...

AMY: He's not a laptop, Bright. I get his condition, OK? Temporary memory loss is the standard following a stage 4 coma.

BRIGHT: Whatever. I'm just saying...

AMY: What do you suggest anyway? I not celebrate the return of my boyfriend?

[Bright just exhales.]

[Cut to the front door. Dr. Abbott answers to reveal a man and woman. He just stares at them.]


POT MAN: The police chief sent us here.

DR. ABBOTT: Look, if you're with the press...

POT WOMAN: We're here for our cannabis?

[Dr. Abbott looks at them, puzzled.]

[Cut to Sam Feeney's preschool, Everwood Community Preschool. Dr. Brown and Nina are meeting with Sam's teacher, Mrs. Wilkins.]

MRS. WILKINS: Thank you for coming, Mr. and Mrs. Feeney.

[They quickly correct her.]

DR. BROWN/NINA: Oh no, we're not really married.


DR. BROWN: Nina asked me for advice, Mrs. Wilkins. I'm her physician.

MRS. WILKINS: Oh, excellent. Then, you've been able to explain the benefits for Sam regarding the medication.

DR. BROWN: Before we get to that, with all due respect, I'd like to express my concern that preschool teachers are effectively practicing medicine.

MRS. WILKINS: Oh not me, Doctor. We have a school physician. It was his recommendation that Sam be placed on Ritalin. He did an evaluation.

NINA: I wasn't aware of any medical evaluation.

DR. BROWN: Can I speak with this doctor?

MRS. WILKINS: He won't be back until next month. He works with a lot of the pre-schools. I could get you his number?

DR. BROWN: Do you have the results of these evaluations?

[She grabs a file.]

MRS. WILKINS: We've seen real results with managing compulsive behavior and lack of focus. These students are calmer, more productive, less aggressive. It's win-win.

NINA: Sam isn't aggressive.

MRS. WILKINS: No, but he is certainly fidgety.

DR. BROWN: Mrs. Wilkins, these results are marginal at best. Based on this, medicating Sam at this point would be preemptive, certainly not necessary. Did you have a lot of input on these results?

MRS. WILKINS: I spend the most time with the children.

DR. BROWN: So the doctor interviewed you and spent, maybe what, ten minutes observing Sam? Did the doctor mention to you that most experts agree that five is too young an age for this kind of diagnosis?

MS. WILKINS: I have to deal with two dozen highly active children every day, Dr. Brown.

DR. BROWN: I understand that. I do. And I appreciate the challenge. But I also know something about brain chemistry. And I worry about long-term side affects that are still very unclear.

MRS. WILKINS: Perhaps you should speak to our doctor.

DR. BROWN: I will. And if at some point, it's clear that Sam really does have a treatable medical condition, I will write the prescription myself. But until then my recommendation to Mrs. Feeney is to hold off. And unless this school has an extraordinary lawyer, I'd recommend you tell them not to think about expelling Sam anytime soon.

[Cut to outside. Dr. Brown is about to get into his car. Nina is rushing to her car with Sam.]

NINA: Come on, Sam. We've got to hurry. Hey, Andy, thanks again. That was really something.

DR. BROWN: What's the rush?

NINA: I had to swap shifts with Jackie to do this. I'm on for a double. I've gotta drop Sam off at the sitter's.

DR. BROWN: Don't be silly, Nina, I'll watch him. As much as you help out with Delia, it's the least I can do. I should spend some time with him anyway, before I speak with the school doctor.

NINA: Are you sure?

DR. BROWN: Absolutely. Delia will love it and we'll have fun, won't we, Sam?

NINA: OK. Just remember, you asked for it.

[She starts gathering items from her car. She pulls out some toys, what looks like clothing and blankets and a car seat.]

NINA: Alright, bye Sam.

[She quickly gets into her car and drives off leaving Dr. Brown with a whole bunch of items in his hands.]

DR. BROWN: OK. Ready to have some fun, Sam?

[Sam is nowhere to be found.]

DR. BROWN: [spinning around] Sam? Sam? SAAAMM?

[The car horn toots and Dr. Brown spins around to find Sam in the front seat holding the wheel.]


[Dr. Brown does a "what the hell did I get myself into?" smile.]

[Cut to the Abbotts. Dr. Abbott and Rose are interviewing the pot man and woman.]

POT MAN: Irma starting growing just a few plants to help her husband.

DR. ABBOTT: Now hold on. I was Dixon Fredonia's physician for years. Even during his unfortunate battle with cancer. He never said anything to me.

POT MAN: That's not surprising. Many patients are uncomfortable discussing it with traditional practitioners. I'm sure you did all you could to help him.

[Dr. Abbott is offended.]

DR. ABBOTT: What are you implying?

POT WOMAN: Nothing, Doctor. But what would you have done for him that he hadn't already tried?

ROSE: So you're saying Irma's been growing this herb for years?

POT WOMAN: Until this morning. Some of the best stuff east of Humbolt County, California.

POT MAN: She became more and more active in the last couple of years. She helped a lot of patients who rely upon our medical services.

DR. ABBOTT: [sarcastic] "Medical services" that's rich. You hand out doobies, sir. We'll talk about your medical services when you've completed 4 arduous years of medical school, followed by a grueling residency...

POT MAN: I went to Franklin and Marshall Undergrad. Then John Hopkins med. Then Briggerman Wyvens for my residency. I've been a medical practitioner for 15 years with full privileges as UFC Boulder.

DR. ABBOTT: It's against the law.

POT WOMAN: In Colorado, medicinal cannabis *is* legal with a prescription from a doctor.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, tell that to the Supreme Court of these United States. This is still the United States, isn't it, Rose? Or did we suddenly pass into some other country when you dragged me down this rabbit hole.

ROSE: Listen. You seem quite sincere and I have no reason to doubt anything that you've told us. But since the federal and state laws conflict, I really only have one choice.

[Dr. Abbott nods his head.]

DR. ABBOTT: That's right, Rose.

ROSE: Given that the plants were grown in Everwood, Everwood will decide what to do with them.

[Dr. Abbott can't believe what he's just heard.]

[Cut to Ephram's room. He's listening to rock music through his headphones and reading a comic. His father enters.]

DR. BROWN: Hey. We're watching James and the Giant Peach. Care to join us?

EPHRAM: Ah, enticing, but no.

[He goes back to what he was doing but his father remains there.]

EPHRAM: Why are you doing that lingering thing you do sometimes?

DR. BROWN: Well, I don't mean to force a conversation on you, Ephram.

EPHRAM: [under his breath] That'll be a first.

DR. BROWN: OK. Forget it.

[He walks out. Ephram contemplates for a moment.]


[He takes off his headphones and stops the music. Dr. Brown re-enters.]

EPHRAM: Sorry.

[Dr. Brown gives him a look.]


DR. BROWN: Well, I was just wondering how Amy was doing. In regard to Colin coming home.

EPHRAM: She's the most popular girl in school again. The love of her life is back and she's throwing a party. I'd say she's doing pretty good.

DR. BROWN: A party? Whose idea was that?

EPHRAM: Wasn't mine, believe me. I guess the Harts are cool with it. Half the school's gonna be there.

DR. BROWN: Well, I don't know if Colin's ready for a party. That could be overwhelming.

EPHRAM: Try telling Amy that.

DR. BROWN: I mean Colin's a strong kid to be doing this well already. But he's not the same as he was. You um... you know, you might need to be there for Amy.

EPHRAM: I don't think so. Amy and I aren't really talking too much right now.

DR. BROWN: You aren't? When did that happen?

EPHRAM: A while ago.

DR. BROWN: How did I miss that?

EPHRAM: You were too busy being clueless.

DR. BROWN: Well, that's my job.

[Dr. Brown is browsing through a comic.]

DR. BROWN: So, what happened? Did you two kiss or something?

[Ephram does a double take.]

DR. BROWN: I'm not *that* clueless.

EPHRAM: I don't know what happened. I mean, one day she's kissing me. Then I make the mistake of giving her this stupid mix CD and then she's acting like I'm Yakumo and she's Shiva the destroyer, you know?

[Dr. Brown has no idea.]

EPHRAM: Manga reference.

DR. BROWN: Oh. Well... I'd go to the party.


DR. BROWN: Well, whatever you and Yakumo have got going, isn't gonna work itself out right away. In the meantime, just because she's stopped being your friend, doesn't mean you have to stop being hers. Trust me, she's gonna need one right now.

DELIA: [screaming from downstairs] DADDY!!!

[Dr. Brown rushes out.]

DR. BROWN: What is it?

DELIA: You need to come right away! I tried to stop him I swear!

[The camera pans around to reveal Sam shoveling ashes out of the fireplace.]

SAM: Like a sandbox!

[Cut to Colin sitting alone on a part bench. His parents are waiting for him in their car. Amy arrives.]

AMY: [softly] Hey.

[She holds out her arms, unsure.]

AMY: Can I?

COLIN: Sure.

[She hugs him.]

AMY: I missed you so much.

COLIN: I missed you too, Amy.

AMY: How are you feeling? I mean you're probably tired, right? You must be really, really tired coming home and everything. How long was the trip home?

COLIN: [sullen] It wasn't long.

[They pause.]

COLIN: You look great.

AMY: So do you.

COLIN: Thanks for coming to see me at the hospital.

AMY: I would've come more, I-I wanted to but... school and stuff, you know?

[Colin looks down.]

COLIN: How's um, how's Bright?

AMY: OK, I mean he's still Bright but other than that, he's still Bright. I'm sure you'll see him tonight.

[Colin looks down at his hands again.]

COLIN: Is um, is Mrs. McGee still teaching English?

AMY: Yes, can you believe it? She must be like, 60. Remember when we stole her keys?

COLIN: Sure.

AMY: How could you forget that, right? She had to walk all the way home.

[Colin's looking back down at his hands. Amy notices and reaches for his hand.]

AMY: Are you alright?

[He quickly jerks his hand away to reveal a piece of paper tucked in his palm.]

COLIN: Sorry. Sometimes I just need some help.

AMY: [grabbing the paper] It's OK, me too.

[She reads it. It has: Amy - girlfriend. Bright's sister. Came to hospital a lot. Mrs. McGee's English class together. Bright - best friends since fourth grade.]

COLIN: I'm sorry, it's... Sorry.

AMY: [finally realizing] You don't remember me at all.

[In the background, James Hart hops out of the car.]

JAMES: We should get going.

[Amy looks pained.]



[Open on the Browns' laundry room. Dr. Brown is loading items into the washing machine and talking on the phone.]

DR. BROWN: Got it. Seven o'clock. I'll be there.

[He hangs up.]

DR. BROWN: OK, kids. Grab your coats. We're gonna go see democracy in action!

[Sam runs in wearing only a pair of shorts.]


[He quickly runs out again.]


[He walks in to the lounge and the place is a bomb site.]

DR. BROWN: I thought you guys were playing?

[Delia is sprawled out on the sofa.]

DELIA: That kid. Just. Wears. Me. Out!

[Dr. Brown gives a goofy smile.]

[Cut to Colin's house. Various students are there and there's a banner saying "Welcome Home Colin". The kids start cheering as the car pulls up.]

[Cut to inside the car. Amy is looking at Colin and when he looks back at her, she looks away. The car pulls up outside the house and Colin looks out at all the people. He looks completely overwhelmed and lost. Ephram is standing in the crowd. The camera zooms in on his pained face.]

[Cut back to the car. Amy stares sadly at Colin then lowers her head.]

[Cut to city hall. A crowd is inside to discuss the marijuana issue. Rose, as Mayor, is chairing the meeting. A frustrated Dr. Abbott gets up.]

DR. ABBOTT: [raising his hand] Alright, alright. All those in favor of burning say "aye" and we can all get over to the Harts'.

[The crowd returns his "aye".]

ROSE: We have a long-standing tradition of hearing arguments *before* voting. What say we uphold that tradition, Harold?

COUNCILMAN: Mayor, this is one thing the town can agree on. Let's just get it over with.

POT MAN: [standing up] Please, at least hear us out first?

DR. ABBOTT: We can brush up on the propaganda when the next issue of "high times" arrives.

[The crowd laughs.]

POT WOMAN: Think what you will about us. But you knew Irma and you knew her husband. Were they bad people?

MARTHA: Look, we're not a bunch of reactionaries. This is about what kind of community we wanna be. And I don't wanna be a part of one that's known for pot harvesting. I just...

POT MAN: You can't deny that cannabis can mitigate pain.

DR. ABBOTT: No. But I can name you twenty other drugs that can do just the same.

DR. BROWN: Well, that's not entirely true.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, here it comes. Brace yourselves, everyone, for the liberal contrarian.

[The crowd laughs again. Sam is climbing all over Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: [to Delia] Delia, can you ask Sam to go outside for a minute?

[She takes him outside.]

DR. BROWN: Let's forget about politics for a moment and remember what's at stake here. Human suffering and pain. Every medicine has its own nuance. Now THC can alleviate pain in a controlled manner at the discretion of the user without debilitating side affects - all while stimulating the appetite.

COUNCILMAN: What a sick person does in the privacy of their own home is one thing, but this is a public decision now. If we don't destroy the stuff, the message we'll be sending to our children is unacceptable.

DR. BROWN: You know, I'm hearing a lot of worry about the children. We are living in a time where our children are being put on Ritalin by the busload. How can we demonize one curative measure while we willingly we put the kids on far more dangerous prescription drugs without batting an eye? Why is the laboratory better than the garden?

DR. ABBOTT: It's not. You and I both know that a rational argument could be made for the legalization of any drug that alleviates even a second of human suffering but, where do we draw the line? Heroin, cocaine, ah, medicinal ecstasy, that one *was* created in a lab. If Irma had a greenhouse full of that stuff, what would this town do with it? Drugs have wreaked havoc on our culture and we would be remiss to ignore what marijuana has become. The least offensive drug in a class of highly destructive ones. But a member nonetheless. Irma didn't grow that pot in her front yard because she knew better. Well, it's in our front yard now and I'm sorry but we have to do the right thing. We *have* to draw the line.

[Cut to Colin's party. Colin's face is emotionless. Ephram is watching from afar. A clueless male classmate approaches him.]

CLUELESS STUDENT: You talk to him?

EPHRAM: Not recently.

CLUELESS STUDENT: Cool huh? Back from the dead to resume the throne of glory.

EPHRAM: [muttering] Lucky guy.

[He walks outside and Amy is there.]

AMY: Ephram. What are you doing here?

EPHRAM: Apparently attending a party uninvited.

AMY: I didn't mean it like that, I meant why you came... I just... didn't think you would.

EPHRAM: And miss the biggest party of the winter? I have a reputation to maintain.

[Silence for a moment.]

EPHRAM: So shouldn't you be inside being ecstatic or something? Didn't you Martha Stewart this whole thing?

AMY: It hasn't exactly gone as I planned.

EPHRAM: Colin's back, Amy. From where I'm standing, it looks like you've gotten everything you've ever wanted since I met you. You should get back inside. I should really take off.

[He starts to walk away.]

AMY: Hey. Can I come?

[He nods.]

[Cut back to the town meeting. The crowd is talking amongst themselves. Rose bangs on the gavel.]

ROSE: Alright people, anyone else before we vote?

[An older man named Earl stands up.]

EARL: Now I know most of you and you know me. I've been to your ball games and to your weddings. You've all been to my home at one time or another. You all know that I'm fighting pancreatic cancer but what you don't know because I just found out about it last week is that, I'm losing this fight. Now I'm a lot of things: husband, father, friend and grandfather, semi-retired teacher, full-time fisherman. But drug addict sure as hell isn't one of them. And then as it turns out, marijuana is the only thing that kept me going this past year.

DR. ABBOTT: Earl, I've been treating you...

EARL: They stopped doing the trick, Doc. I-I can't keep 'em down anymore, I tried to tell you that. Now like you, I've had my thoughts on the ills of marijuana. And they've kept me alive, I... I've got maybe a month left. Six weeks, tops. I just wanna spend some of that time with Laura and the girls without throwing up all the time. Without wishing to God I was dead already. Pot, weed, legal, illegal, you call it what you want. To me, it's time.

[He sits down. No one knows what to say.]

ROSE: [solemn] OK. I think that's it. Let's call it to a vote. All in favor of destroying Irma's marijuana, please raise your hands?

[People reluctantly raise their hands.]

MARTHA: I'm sorry, Earl. I've gotta go with Doc Abbott on this one.

[Earl nods. Surprisingly, Dr. Abbott doesn't have his hand raised. Neither does Dr. Brown.]

[Cut back to the party. Bright warily approaches Colin, who is sitting alone.]


COLIN: Bright.

BRIGHT: God. How you doing? This must be pretty weird for you. A hundred people bombarding you all at once but we're all just really glad you're back, dude, you know? The last few months have been totally lame you, I mean it was like you didn't miss anything except for everybody missing you. Which is kind of confusing but you know what I'm saying, right?

COLIN: Not really.

BRIGHT: Sorry, I'm kinda freaked at talking to you, I've been thinking about what to say to you for so long and everything I came up with sounded about as stupid as whatever the hell I just said. I don't really know where to start.

COLIN: [quietly] They told me what happened.

BRIGHT: It's OK if you hate me.

COLIN: I don't hate you.

BRIGHT: I cannot tell you how sorry I am. You know, four months you were out cold, that was four months I wished it was me.

COLIN: [starting to get worked up] I can't for-forgive you either.

BRIGHT: That's cool. You know, I get it.

COLIN: You don't get it. I can't for... forgive what I can't remember! I don't remember that day. I don't remember the accident! I don't even remember YOU! I know you from a picture. You're Bright Abbott. You're 6'2". We met in fourth grade and we've been best friends ever since. You're the brother of Amy Abbott. She's got a pretty face, brown eyes, ballet dancer, used to be annoying until we starting going out one year before I smashed my head into a dashboard! It's all part of the rehab! I've got a list. Of facts! On just about everybody. Everything else...

[He shakes his head and looks like he wants to cry.]

BRIGHT: This, this party sucks for you.

COLIN: I thought it would help. Seeing a bunch of people's faces I'm supposed to know.

BRIGHT: Man, you're alive. That is huge.

COLIN: That's what everyone keeps saying.

[Cut to the Brown home. Dr. Brown is sitting at the table with Sam and Delia, who are eating ice cream and arguing.]

DELIA: Is not!

SAM: Is too!

DELIA: Is not!

SAM: Is too!


SAM: My dad's the best!

DELIA: Nah ah!

SAM: He's the best basketball player in Everwood ever and he's gonna teach me how to dunk.

DELIA: Your dad doesn't even live with you.

SAM: Yes, he does.

DR. BROWN: Delia!

DELIA: Sorry. Here, have some of mine.

[She gives Sam her ice cream.]

DR. BROWN: I bet your dad's pretty cool, huh Sam?

SAM: Next time he comes home, he's gonna take me fishing.

DR. BROWN: Really?

SAM: Yeah, he said.

DR. BROWN: You see him a lot?

SAM: Yeah all the time but it sucks sometimes.

DR. BROWN: You must miss him, huh?

SAM: Next time he comes home we're gonna go to the park... [unintelligible]

[Zoom in on Dr. Brown's face as he realizes why Sam acts up all the time.]

SAM: [off screen] ...we might get ice cream. I don't know, it depends. He even likes pizza so we might get pizzas AND ice cream. And we're gonna have snowball fights and we're gonna...

[Cut to Main Street at night. Ephram and Amy are walking.]

AMY: I'm wondering how you've been. I mean since before the party and all.

EPHRAM: You mean since you disappeared on me and were a crappy friend because Colin was coming home and you couldn't deal?

AMY: Yeah, since then.

EPHRAM: I've been alright. I mean, I'm not the same. I've found a few new people to have lunch with. You know we have a non-English speaking foreign exchange student named Norbet from Germany? Or is it Prague?

[Amy gives a faint giggle.]

EPHRAM: So you wanna tell me what happened?

AMY: Everyone told me it would be hard... seeing Colin. No matter how many times I heard it, I had no idea that it would be this hard.

EPHRAM: He seemed OK.

AMY: You didn't know him. [beat] Now he doesn't know me. It's like he really did die in that accident. How's this for pathetic? I can remember what he wore on our first date. Abercrombie Rugby with his jeans with the bleached spot. He doesn't even know who I am. I built my whole life around memories of us and... He can't even remember my name.

[She's on the verge of tears.]

EPHRAM: Hey, my dad said it just takes a while. I mean, he'll remember eventually. You've just gotta stick it out.

AMY: It's been six months, Ephram. When do I run out? When do I just give up?

EPHRAM: You don't. That's what devotion is, Amy. I mean, I thought you loved him? That's all I've heard about for the last, I don't know, forever. And what, the first day, you just wanna throw in the towel? The truth is, you couldn't give up on him right now, even if you wanted to. Because since the day I met you, you've been loyal to Colin. And when you're loyal to someone, you can't help it.

AMY: How come you're so smart?

EPHRAM: I'm not, believe me. If I was, I would be wearing a warmer jacket right now. And I wouldn't be telling you to go back to your boyfriend.

AMY: Ephram.

EPRHAM: I-I wish it were different. I do. I wish I were here first but, I wasn't. The truth is, he needs you. He needs your help to get better.

AMY: I guess I should probably get back there, shouldn't I?

EPHRAM: Yeah, yeah. Definitely.

AMY: You wanna come with me?

EPHRAM: I don't think so.


[He walks away.]



[Open on the Brown home. Nina has arrived to pick up Sam who is asleep on the coach.]

NINA: Andy. So how was he?

DR. BROWN: Well, I'd love to say that he was a little angel but there were too many witnesses.

NINA: Oh, boy.

DR. BROWN: It was OK. I learned how to make a cape and how to unclog a toilet and how to get a chewy cookie out of a VCR.

NINA: Oh, I'm so sorry.

DR. BROWN: And I had a chance to think about his condition.

NINA: Condition?

DR. BROWN: Mmm hmm.

NINA: So you made a diagnosis?

DR. BROWN: I have.

NINA: I should've just put him on the pills and saved you the headache.

[Dr. Brown pours them a hot drink.]

DR. BROWN: He doesn't need drugs, Nina. I mean, don't get me wrong, he's...

NINA: ...a terror!

DR. BROWN: I was gonna say a handful. You know, when Ephram was about five, I used to take him down to the Sails Street Sea Port. They have all these big video games but all he wanted to do was play pinball. He was too small to reach both of the flippers so I would work the right flipper and he'd the left. He used to make me take him there every Saturday, rain, shine, blizzard and I was happy to do it.

NINA: Well, I'm glad to know you two weren't always at war.

DR. BROWN: About a year later, I started my practice and I missed our first trip to the arcade. I promised I'd take him the following Saturday and somehow I missed that one too. And then I just... lost track. A couple of months later, I felt so bad that I... I brought him his own pinball machine. But, when I showed it to him he didn't wanna play it. He said he didn't like pinball anymore. Somewhere between the arcade and the playroom, I lost Ephram. And it wasn't because he needed medication.

NINA: He needed his dad.

DR. BROWN: I think Sam just misses his father, Nina. He's figured out that the wilder he acts, the more attention he gets. That's not ADD, that's just... smart. Oh, and by the way, keep him away from sugar.

[Nina laughs.]

NINA: I should get him home.

DR. BROWN: No nonononono. Please, please don't wake him up, I, I don't think I can take it.

NINA: I'll get him first thing in the morning.

DR. BROWN: Yes. Yes, you will.

[Cut to the Hart house, daytime. He's sitting on the sofa watching a football game. Someone knocks on the door. Sharon answers.]


AMY: Hi, Mrs. Hart. I was just wondering...

SHARON: He's very tired.

AMY: Please? Just for a minute.

SHARON: OK. Just a minute.

[Sharon lets Amy in who joins Colin on an opposite couch.]

AMY: Hi.

COLIN: I'm sorry.

AMY: It's OK. And you don't have to fake it anymore. I know you don't remember me.

COLIN: I tried. I wanted to.

AMY: I know. But I think you'll like me if you get to know me... again.

[She holds out her hand.]

AMY: Hi. I'm Amy.

COLIN: [shaking it] I'm Colin.

[Cut to another house. Dr. Abbott is standing on the balcony. He knocks on the door. Earl answers.]

EARL: Dr. Abbott.

DR. ABBOTT: How are you, Earl?

EARL: Been better.

DR. ABBOTT: Anything you need? Naphalin?

EARL: No, we're OK, Doc. You ah, you wanna come in?

DR. ABBOTT: No. No thank you. Only I, I wanted to ah, apologize.

EARL: For what?

DR. ABBOTT: For failing you as a physician.

EARL: Listen. You've been a good doctor to me for a long time. It's alright.

DR. ABBOTT: No, no, no. It's not alright. And I'm not so sure I didn't fail you again last night... as a friend. Well, at least the doctor part I can try and make up for.

[He grabs a bottle of pills from his pocket.]

DR. ABBOTT: Take these for the pain. They're new and from I hear they're quite powerful.

[He leaves and Earl opens the container. Inside are about a dozen joints.]

EARL: I'll be damned.

[Cut to an arcade. Sam, followed by Delia, Nina, Dr. Brown and Ephram pile in.]

SAM: No, I wanna play the gun game first and I get to be the red guy.

[Delia chases after him.]

EPHRAM: Remind me again how I got roped into this?

DR. BROWN: Nina wanted to take Sam and Delia made big eyes.

EPHRAM: Right. [looking at the games] Only a quarter for Time Crashers 2! It's a dollar back home.

DR. BROWN: See, there are advantages to small town living. You wanna play something?

EPHRAM: That's alright. I'm working up to a corn dog.

DR. BROWN: So did you hear that Everwood is now officially dope free?

EPHRAM: Bright moved?

DR. BROWN: They took it to the edge of town and burned it.

EPHRAM: That would explain the rush on ding-dongs and burritos at the local stop and shop.

DR. BROWN: Is it OK if I ask you how the party went?

EPHRAM: It was weird.

DR. BROWN: How's the Amy situation?

EPHRAM: What Amy situation?

DR. BROWN: Mmm, that good, huh?

EPHRAM: Oh, it's fantastic. I'm a "very important friend".

DR. BROWN: Well, it's like Freud said: "women schwomen". Of course, he said it in German, which was "veemin schmeemin".

[Ephram laughs. Dr. Brown has his hand on a pinball machine.]

DR. BROWN: So what do you think?


DR. BROWN: Good old pinball action with the old man?

EPHRAM: Pinball was never really my game.

DR. BROWN: Nah, of course if you're scared, I can understand, you know.

EPHRAM: I'm sorry. Did you just say something... old man?

DR. BROWN: You must have heard one too many stories about your father's miraculous hands.

EPHRAM: Hey, I mean so long as you think you can play with that skirt on.

[He throws a coin for his dad.]

EPHRAM: Nice catch.

DR. BROWN: Ooo tough talk.

[They start playing.]

NARRATOR: Even in small towns like ours, things change. And not always for the better. People die, people forget. Frivolous pursuits become cause for alarm. Fortunately, some things *do* stay the same.

[Dr. Brown has Ephram in a playful head lock. Eventually, the camera rests on a birds eye view of father and son playing.]

NARRATOR: Like the scent of Jasmine that still lingers outside Irma's flower mart. Or the vermilion tones of the jewel orchids she once sold me. Or the thrill of beating the high score on an old pinball machine.

[Fade to black.]



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