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#320 : Celui qui hésite

Titre en VO: "He who hesitates" - Titre en VF : Celui qui hesite
¤USA : diffusé le 25/04/05 - France: inédit
¤Scénario : David Hudgins - Réalisation : Michael Shultz
¤Guest-stars : Scott Wolf (Dr. Jake Hartman), Lukas Behnken (Topher), Tom Virtue (l'administrateur de Julliard) Brooks Almy (Le prètre)

Titre VO
He who hesitates

Titre VF
Celui qui hésite


Bande annonce 320 (VO)

Bande annonce 320 (VO)


Plus de détails

Depuis qu'il connaît les sentiments que Nina a éprouvé (ou éprouve toujours) pour lui, Andy a du mal à rester en présence de son amie et se conduit bizarrement avec elle, ce que Nina bien sûr ne comprend pas. Nina offre à Andy deux tickets pour l'opéra car elle ne peut pas s'y rendre avec Jake et pense que ce cadeau devrait plaire à Andy et à son fils.

Ephram décide de partir pour l' Europe sans avoir l'intention de revenir. Afin d'avoir assez d'argent il vend tout ce qui se trouve dans son studio, y compris son piano. Quand Andy découvre cela, il est sous le choc mais Ephram préfère éviter une nouvelle dispute et  lui dit qu'il ne changera pas d'avis et qu'il s'en ira de toute façon.

A l'hôpital, le cancer de Rose est confirmé et son médecin lui conseille de commencer la chimiothérapie dès à présent afin d'opérer la tumeur par la suite. Rose est très ébranlée par la nouvelle et Harrold essaye tant bien que mal de garder le moral. Mais  au cabinet, il explose devant Andy en lui expliquant ce qui se passe et il se sent coupable de n'avoir pas su diagnostiquer avant le cancer de sa propre femme.

Hannah se prépare pour le bal de promo où elle ira avec Topher. Amy est très excitée aussi par cet évènement et pense que ce sera le moment parfait pour Hannah et Topher de s'embrasser. Le soir du bal, Hannah est agacée par les commentaires de Bright sur sa robe et part le fait qu'il la dérange en plein bal via son téléphone. Lorsque Topher la raccompagne chez elle, c'est Hannah elle même qui doit insister pour qu'il l'embrasse , mais finalement elle semble assez déçue par ce baiser.

Bright part à la recherche d'un appartement bien à lui et propose à Ephram d'emménager avec lui mais Ephram lui dit qu'il n'a peut être pas l'intention de revenir de son voyage. Durant la visite d'un appartement, Bright et Ephram parlent d'Hannah et Ephram finit par conclure que Bright éprouve des sentiments pour Hannah. Mais pour Bright elle n'est qu'une amie et sûrement pas son type de fille.

Après avoir longuement hésité, Harrold et Rose apprennent à Amy et Bright que leur mère à un cancer. Plus tard, Amy fond en larmes dans les bras d'Hannah lorsqu'elle lui en parle.

Amy vient rechercher ses affaires chez Ephram qui lui apprend qu'il s'en va pour l'Europe d'où il ne reviendra peut être pas. Amy est ne sait pas comment réagir et lui dit simplement au revoir. Bright s'excuse auprès d'Hannah et semble commencer à la regarder d'un autre oeil.

Trois semaines plus tard, Rose a avancé dans sa chimiothérapie et a perdu ses cheveux. Harrold toujours optimiste lui propose de fêter la fin de ses séances de chimio. C'est alors qu'elle lui dit qu'elle ne sent plus ses jambes.



IRV (VOICE-OVER): Previously on Everwood…

[Fade in – Scene from Act Two of “Since You’ve Been Gone” – Bright and Hannah are talking in Hannah’s bedroom.]

BRIGHT: I don’t want you not going out with Topher just because he’s not as handsome as me. And not as quick with the jokes.

HANNAH: Well, actually I really like him. He’s incredibly smart and funny in…

BRIGHT: Okay.. So you dig him.

[Cut to Scene from Act Three of “Acceptance” – Ephram and Amy are walking down the sidewalk during their “date”.]

EPHRAM: Look, Amy, I don’t know exactly what we’re doing here. It’s just you-you can’t plan your life around me anymore.

[Cut to scene from Act Four of “Acceptance” – Ephram and Amy are sitting at the Brown kitchen table talking.]

EPHRAM: I did always want you in my life, I still do.

AMY: You mean like friends.

[Cut to Scene from Act Three of “Acceptance” – Dr. Brown and Dr. Hartman are chatting in Dr. Hartman’s kitchen.]

DR. HARTMAN: It took me awhile. I couldn’t quite see it at first, but the way you talk about her. The way you guys are so close, I totally get it now.

DR. BROWN: Get what?

DR. HARTMAN: Why Nina was in love with you.

[Cut to Scene from Act One of “Fate Accomplis” – Dr. Abbott is taking Rose’s temperature.]

DR. ABBOTT: Your back still hurts? Well, I’m sure, it’s just prolonged stress. [Cut to Scene from Act Four of “Acceptance” – Oncologist and Dr. Abbott review Rose’s scan.]

DR. ABBOTT: We’ll set up a scan just to be certain.

ONCOLOGIST: I’d say, tumor’s about three centimeters at this point.


[Fade in to Dr. Chao’s office – Rose and Dr. Abbott are sitting in chairs in fronts of the desk holding hands and Dr. Chao is behind the desk.]

DR. CHAO: The MRI showed pretty much what we expected. If you look here, you can see there’s a mass encroaching on your spinal cord, which is why you’ve been having those back aches. There was also some destruction of the spinous process - -

DR. ABBOTT: Can it be resected?

DR. CHAO: I think so, yes. But first, I’d suggest a course of chemotherapy.

ROSE: Chemotherapy? So it’s definitely cancer.

DR. CHAO: Yes, the biopsy showed that the mass is a high-grade osteosarcoma - Stage IIB.

ROSE: (to Dr. Abbott) I don’t know what that means.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, let her-let her finish, sweetheart.

DR. CHAO: Stage II means that the cells are abnormal and the B signifies that it’s already started to spread outside the bone into the surrounding tissue.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, is chemotherapy our only option?

DR. CHAO: Well, in cases like these we’ve had the best results with neoadjuvant therapy - - which is a series of pre-operative chemotherapy. It’s shown to shrink the tumor. It makes it easier to operate on.

ROSE: So I’m having an operation? When? How soon?

DR. CHAO: It’s really too early to tell. When did you started feeling the symptoms?

ROSE: There were no symptoms. I had a back ache, since when is that a symptom for cancer?

DR. ABBOTT: How soon can we start the treatments?

DR. CHAO: Let me get my appointment book and we’ll see if we can squeeze you in tomorrow.

[Dr. Chao leaves her office. Dr. Abbott turns to Rose.]

ROSE: Tomorrow?

DR. ABBOTT: I know it feels fast . . .

ROSE: No. No. I can’t do this tomorrow. I-I-I-I have a lunch and I have-I have two board meetings. I told Amy that I would take her dress shopping for graduation . . .

DR. ABBOTT: Sweetheart, we can reschedule all that. Let’s just-let’s do what the doctor says us okay.

ROSE: It’s just… I didn’t expect this.

DOCTOR ABBOTT: I know… I know.

[A beat]

ROSE: I’m scared, Harold.

[Dr. Abbott and Rose are still holding each other’s hand.]



[Fade in – Downtown Everwood – Ephram and Bright are walking across the street down the street after shopping.]

BRIGHT: Hey, dude, you should totally see if you can crash at Clooney’s place in Italy, how sweet would that be? You and George in the speedboat, huh? Oh, and you have to hit up Amsterdam, I heard it’s supposed to be like Vegas on crack time a hundred. Y’know, green light district.

EPHRAM: Uh, red light.

BRIGHT: Makes no sense, green; it means go. Dude, this is gonna be so much fun.

EPHRAM: Yeah, it would be fun, if I could figure out a way to pay for it. I need like two thousand bucks just for the Eurorail pass. Plus that doesn’t include my-my food or my plane ticket.

BRIGHT: Why don’t you just ask your dad for some money, y’know? I’m sure he would buy you your own European country right now if you just talk to him for five minutes.

EPHRAM: I’m not gonna go there. I was thinking about inviting somebody else to go with me though. Two people, half as many expenses, you think it would be fun?

BRIGHT: You’d want me to go with you?

EPHRAM: Yeah, I mean, you’re always talking about how you’ve never been east of Iowa.

BRIGHT: Yeah, I know, I can’t go back there after the Cousin Jenny incident.

EPHRAM: Well, whatdaya-whatdaya say?

BRIGHT: Aahh, man, I’d love too, I really would, but I kinda got this whole summer planned out.

EPHRAM: Oh, yeah, you got another job lined up or what?

BRIGHT: Well, no not really, y’know how you can take those classes online? It’s kinda cool, I mean, it’d be cooler if you had a robot teacher instead of a real teacher, but…

EPHRAM: Wh-what are you taking classes online?

BRIGHT: Just one. But I’m thinkin’ of, uh, doing a couple of classes at ECC over the summer. Y’know try to get a head start on next fall semester so...

[Ephram just looks at Bright. They are stopped in front of Bright’s truck.]

BRIGHT (CONT’D): You think I’m a turd.

EPHRAM: No, I’m just… I’m surprised.

BRIGHT: It’s not that big of a deal.

EPRHAM: Well, it’s a big enough deal for you to pass up a trip to Europe.

BRIGHT: Eeh, umm, well maybe I shouldn’t. What’s a couple of classes gonna do for me anyways during the summer? It’s probably just getting to know ya games.

EPHRAM: Well, it’s not camp.

BRIGHT: Well, I know, but it’s not Europe.

EPHRAM: No, forget it, you should do this. I mean, you’re finally getting’ your stuff together, y’know, don’t blow it now.

BRIGHT: Yeah, maybe you’re right. Y’know, isn’t this kinda weird? Like I’m walking around bein’ the responsible one, thinkin’ about my future and whatnot. And you’re the one who’s all messed up and lost.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I don’t know if I’m ready to accept the irony quite yet, but thank you for pointing it out.

BRIGHT: Hey, no, no, no. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll do somethin’ much worse than knocking up my girlfriend, throwing away my future.

[Bright starts to open his truck door to get in and Ephram starts to walk toward the passenger side to get it as well.]

BRIGHT (CONT’D): Is it too soon for jokes?

EPHRAM: Yeah, just give me the map.

[Cut to Brown kitchen – Dr. Brown is making himself a bowl of cereal when Nina walks in the kitchen door.]

NINA: Morning, neighbor. How’s it goin’?

DR. BROWN: Oh, fine. Good, y’know. Morning.

[Nina spots the coffee.]

NINA: Ooh, is that fresh coffee? (scurries over to the coffee) So, uh, what are you doin’ tomorrow night?

DR. BROWN: Uh, I’m not really sure. I’ve got some papers to file an-and-and some drawers to clean but, uh, why?

NINA: Well, I’d hate to steal you away from drawer cleaning, but, uh, I got two tickets for this opera thing and I thought maybe you’d want to go.

DR. BROWN: Uh, you mean with you?

NINA: I thought maybe, uh, you and Ephram could use ‘em. A little father-son bonding time.

DR. BROWN: Oh, well, that’s a nice idea, but, uh…

NINA: Still not talking?

DR. BROWN: No, not so much, we’ve basically worked out a system where we occupy the same house, but never the same room.

NINA: Andy, I’m sorry.

DR. BROWN: Aaahh.

NINA: Here, take ‘em anyway. Consider them a thank you gift from me to you.

DR. BROWN: What do I deserve a thank you gift for?

NINA: Well, Jake told me about your little conversation last week. I gotta admit, kinda made me blush.

DR. BROWN: Well, what did he say? I mean, uh…, what did he say that I said?

NINA: Well, I didn’t get a lot of details just that you gave him some much needed perspective on how great I am. Surprising how long it takes some men to get that.

[Dr. Brown gets up. He seems nervous around Nina.]

DR. BROWN: Yeah, well. Y’know, that’s me. Here to help.

NINA: Are you feelin’ okay? You look a little sweaty.

[Nina touches Dr. Brown’s forehead. Dr. Brown gets even more nervous.]

DR. BROWN: No, I’m fine. Just, uh, warm. It’s the flannel. It creates heat. Y’know what I’m saying. Anyway, I’m late for a patient.

[Dr. Brown takes off toward his bookbag.]

NINA: Are you sure that…?

DR. BROWN: No. No. I’m fine. Bu-But you stay, relax, have some more coffee. And, uh, I’ll see you later. Bye.

[Dr. Brown practically walks backwards out the door. He can’t get away fast enough. Nina is left perplexed by Dr. Brown’s mannerisms.]

[Cut to Shop in Mall – Hannah is getting her make-up done by a make-up artist and Amy is browsing around the store.]

AMY: This is her first prom ever, so it has to be great. Now there’ll be photography involved so basically if you want us to use you on the day…

HANNAH: Wa-wa-wait, we’re coming back here on the actual day of prom.

AMY: Well, if you think you can memorize all this stuff. Liquid eyeliner’s very tricky.

HANNAH: Are you sure you wouldn’t rather be home right now wallowing in post breakup depression. Y’know, living in your pajamas, an-and listening to songs that make you wanna rip your guts out.

AMY: Yeah, I already did that this morning and I have more plans for it this evening so right now’s all about Topher.

MAKE-UP ARTIST: Is Topher your boyfriend?

AMY: Yeah, is Topher your boy-friend?

HANNAH: Uh, I object to that line of questioning.

AMY: You can’t object, I just broke up. You need to do things that make me happy.

HANNAH: I just don’t feel comfortable labeling something that hasn’t even fully, y’know, happened yet. It’s delicate.

AMY: No, I understand. He’s your first boy. You don’t want to break ‘im.

HANNAH: Well, we haven’t even kissed yet. So how can I know if we’re really…?

AMY: Wait, stop. You haven’t kissed yet. How is this possible?

HANNAH: I don’t know. We just haven’t. But I’m happy about it. Y’know, it means that he respects me. He’s always talking about how much he admires me, but not in like a bone collector kind of way. It’s sweet.

AMY: Yeah, I bet.

HANNAH: I think he’s just waiting for the right moment. Y’know, when it’s perfect.

AMY: Well, it doesn’t get much more perfect than your first prom. I would bring extra gum if I were you tomorrow.

HANNAH: You think he’s gonna do it tomorrow?

AMY: Definitely. I’m sure he’s even picked out a song that he’s gonna have them play for you.

HANNAH: Oh, no, what if he chooses something awful. I already know that he enjoys doing the Macarena.

AMY: Just enjoy it, okay. Sometimes you forget to appreciate these moments and then suddenly back into normal life trying to remember what it felt like. Y’know, when he looked at you a certain way or, I don’t know, brought you a cookie that was all nice and warm from the snack bar.

HANNAH: Oh, don’t cry. I’ll bring you a cookie.

[Hannah tries to hand Amy a tissue. Amy sighs and looks at what the make-up artist has done to Hannah’s face. Hannah has too much make up on. Amy’s eyes get wide.]

HANNAH (CONT’D): What? Is it bad?

AMY: Uh..

[Hannah puts on her glasses and looks in the mirror.]

AMY: Well, just take flesh…

[Cut to Abbott kitchen – Dr. Abbott walks in from work and Rose is hustling around the kitchen trying to act normal by making dinner.]

DR. ABBOTT: You’re suppose to be resting.

ROSE: Oh, I feel fine. And I think I’ve come up with something that will comfort everyone. Roast chicken. No one objects to chicken. I’m not even serving vegetables, just potatoes. There’s rice pudding for dessert. You know, how Bright needs his sugar when he’s feeling upset.

DR. ABBOTT: What a fearless meal, Rose. What would Dr. Adkins think?

ROSE: Dr. Adkins can bite my bum. I just want everyone to feel full and happy and safe when we tell them.

DR. ABBOTT: You’re a good woman, Rose. Have I told you that lately?

ROSE: Oh, I don’t mind if you repeat yourself.

[Rose walks over to the cabinet and bends down to get something out and a pain strikes her. Dr. Abbott walks over to her noticing her pain.]

DR. ABBOTT: Sweetheart, please sit down. Hmm?

[Rose nods in agreement and Dr. Abbott walks her over to a bar stool at the island and she sits in it.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT’D): I can do this.

[Dr. Abbott rubs Rose’s hand and then goes and gets collander and starts to prepare dinner.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT’D): So, uh, I was thinking about something. You don’t have to agree with me, you don’t even have to answer right away, just a thought. I don’t think we should tell the kids yet.

ROSE: Tell me why?

DR. ABBOTT: I think it might behoove us to-to wait ‘til we know more about what’s going on. I’m talking about a matter of weeks.

ROSE: But, I mean, wouldn’t they notice if I started feel ill or-or if I had to miss work.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, sadly, they probably won’t. They’re teenagers. They’d sooner notice a two for one sale on Stridex pads. We don’t have to decide anything right now. Just a consideration.

[Rose begins to get upset. Dr. Abbott tries and consoles her.]

DR. ABBOTT: Sweetheart?

ROSE: I’m sorry. This is silly.

DR. ABBOTT: No, it’s not at all.

ROSE: It’s just that… I can’t even finish making a simple meal.

[Dr. Abbott hugs her and rests his chin on Rose’s head.]

DR. ABBOTT: Well, first of all, there’s nothing simple about a roast chicken. Rose, you have always taken care of me. Always made sure that my Grapenuts were up in the cabinet, white-collar shirts were properly hung. Now it’s my turn. Let me take care of you for a change.

ROSE: Well, you better get a move on if you’re gonna get this feast to the table on time.

DR. ABBOTT: Yes. Yes. Yes. (walks over to the other side to start preparing) So what were you thinking about for this chicken? Lemon roasted or herb rubbed?

ROSE: Uh, I always think a lemon’s nice.

DR. ABBOTT: Lemon, it is.

[Dr. Abbott starts preparing and Rose watches.]



[Fade in – Ephram’s garage – Ephram is showing off his music equipment to Jared. He is trying to raise money for his European trip.]

EPHRAM: So like I said on craigslist, all this stuff has gotta go.

JARED: This furniture, too? Because me and this couch have already formed a quite friendship.

EPHRAM: And I'm happy for both of you. (then, showing the computer) Uh, this syncs right up with the keyboard so you can see all the music on the screen as you play.

[Jared gets up from the couch to check it out.]

JARED: Whoa, are you friggin’ kidding me?

EPHRAM: Uh, no, in fact, I am not.

JARED: Excellent. What are you asking for that?

EPHRAM: I don’t know, I was thinking like, uh, five?

JARED: Excellent. Excellent. Umm, how much if you throw in the computer?

EPHRAM: Uh, well then it’s, uh, y’know, it’s probably gonna be more like fifteen-ish.

[Jared looks surprised.]

JARED: Nice. Nice. I can’t even believe how great this stuff is. Larry’s gonna freak.

EPHRAM: So you guys are starting a band?

JARED: Yeah, we’re laying down some tracks right now. Y’know, we’re kind of, uh, punk rock meets new wave meets LeAnn Rimes, her early stuff. Umm, it’s very stellar.

EPHRAM: Sounds excellent.

JARED: Yeah, well, it is excellent. I think I’m just gonna-gonna take it all. And this is a very nice piano too. Is it a baby g?

EPHRAM: Uh, yeah, but the-thepiano’s not for sale. Sorry.

JARED: Oh, that’s cool, man.

[Jared starts writing his check on the baby grand?

JARED (CONT’D): So, why are you selling all this stuff? Giving up on the dream?

EPHRAM: Sort of. Actually, I’m-I’m going to Europe. I don’t need the baggage.

JARED: How long are you going for?

EPHRAM: Well, I’m thinkin’ about not coming back.

JARED: Oh, that’s hard core. (beat) But if you’re not coming back, then what are you doing holding onto the piano?

[Cut to Dr. Brown and Abbott’s Medical Practice – Dr. Brown is leaning on Louise’s desk looking at a medical chart when Dr. Abbott comes in late.]

DR. BROWN: Second day in a row, you’re late, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, I am aware. I had to pick up a few things from the pharmacy.

DR. BROWN: Umm, you missed your 9am with Mrs. Oliver. I covered for you.

[Dr. Abbott continues to walk toward his office and then stops.]

DR. ABBOTT: You want a thank you? I covered your ass plenty of times this year.

DR. BROWN: Hey, listen, it’s fine with me. I don’t mind taking more of your patients. Last year, you would…

DR. ABBOTT: Stop it. I can’t do this with you right now. (beat) Rose has cancer.

[Dr. Abbott walks in his office and Dr. Brown remains leaning against the desk for an extra second letting the news sink in. Dr. Brown then gets up and walks into Dr. Abbott’s office. Dr. Abbott is getting settled in his office for the day.]

DR. BROWN: I don’t know what to say, Harold. I’m so sorry.

DR. ABBOTT: So there is a tumor encroaching on her spine. Fairly large one too. Imagine the kind of pain she’s in, ‘cause I can’t. I truly can not.

DR. BROWN: What stage?

DR. ABBOTT: IIB. (snicker) IIB. Poor Rose, I thought just having a little spell, nothing to be too alarmed about. Why would it be? The woman barely sneezes at the height of flu season.

DR. BROWN: Well, it’s a good sign. It shows that she’s strong.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, yeah. Nothing slows her down, not my wife. Mayor of Everwood, mother of two, she can take of the whole world and still have dinner on the table by 6. She looked at me last night as we were getting into bed. I saw this-this fear in her eyes. Didn’t know she had it in her. Well, she does now. And there’s nothing that I can say to her. Because all I know is the facts and they scare the hell out of me. So what good am I? Huh? What good (throws papers and books off his desk) am I? (sighs) And it’s my fault.

DR. BROWN: Why? Why’s it your fault?

DR. ABBOTT: She came to me weeks ago, months ago. Told me she was… Her-her back was hurting. She wasn’t feeling right. I brushed it off.

DR. BROWN: But you didn’t know.

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, of course, I didn’t know. Had she been a patient, someone else’s wife, someone else’s mother, I would have made it my business to know. I would have run tests. I would have-I would have taken precautions to rule things out, to give some stranger peace of mind. My own wife… I promised myself to her in sickness and health. And then the moment she truly needs me, I just…failed her.

[Dr. Brown just lowers his head. He doesn’t know what to say. They hear the front door to the office open.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT’D): That would be my 10 o’clock.

[Dr. Abbott starts picking up the papers he shoved off his desk. He grabs his medical bag and medical coat and walks into his examining room.]

[Cut to Abbott foyer – Amy is taking pictures of Topher and Hannah who are there all dressed up for prom.]

AMY: Say cheese!!

[Amy takes a picture.]

AMY (CONT’D): Okay, great. Now, um, could you two just move a little closer or something?

[Topher and Hannah move closer.]

AMY (CONT’D): Yeah, like that. Okay, uh.. Hey, Topher, maybe put your arm around her or something.

[Topher puts his arm around Hannah’s shoulder shyly.]

AMY (CONT’D): Perfect. Okay, just think that I’m not here.

HANNAH: Okay, then.

[Hannah turns where she doesn’t want to take a picture. Topher turns Hannah back around to take the picture. Amy takes a quick picture.]

TOPHER: Can I get copies of these?

AMY: Definitely, Topher. Uh, maybe you could give her a little kiss on the cheek.

HANNAH: Umm, I think it’s kind of a private moment, don’t you, Amy?

AMY: Oh, crap, I think my battery just died.

HANNAH: Darnit.

AMY: Okay, don’t worry, I’ve got another one upstairs. Don’t move, don’t talk, ‘cause I can’t miss a single moment of this enchanting evening, okay? I’ll be right back.

[Amy runs up the stairs leaving Topher and Hannah in the foyer.]

TOPHER: She seems so excited. Maybe we should bring something back for her? Like a tiara.

HANNAH: I… I think that might be weird.

[Bright walks in the front door. Topher and Hannah greet him.]

HANNAH: Hi, Bright.


[Bright looks around confused and then walks around them into the living room. Bright looks at Hannah in her dress.]

BRIGHT (CONT’D): Damn, you really poured yourself into that dress, huh?

TOPHER: Does that mean it’s too tight? Can you breathe?

HANNAH: I’m fine, Topher.

[Bright sits down on the couch.]

BRIGHT: What are you doing getting ready here anyways? Don’t you have your own staircase to walk down looking all shiny?

HANNAH: I came here for Amy. And, umm, you can tell her we said good night.

[Hannah grabs Topher’s hand and they scurry out the door. Bright watches them leave.]

BRIGHT: Good night.

[Cut to Brown living room – Delia is coming down the stairs and Dr. Brown is reading on the couch.]

DELIA: Dad, where’s my sleeping bag?

DR. BROWN: I don’t know, hun. Check the hall closet.

[Delia turns and checks the closet. Dr. Brown turns to look at her.]

DR. BROWN (CONT’D): Hey, sweetie, how do you feel about being cultural tonight?

DELIA: What does that mean?

DR. BROWN: Well, Nina gave me two tickets to the opera and I thought it might be fun if we went together.

DELIA: I can’t, I’m sleeping over at Britney’s. It’s not in the front closet.

DR. BROWN: Oh, all right. (turning back to read again) Probably stay home just catch up on my reading.

[Delia walks into the living room and sits on the couch.]

DR. BROWN (CONT’D): You still read, don’t you, sweetheart? ‘Cause that’s very important.

DELIA: Are you okay, dad?

DR. BROWN: Yeah, fine.

DELIA: You sound lonely.

DR. BROWN: Nnooo. No. No.

DELIA: Why don’t you just go with Nina?

DR. BROWN: Well, Nina can’t do. She’s busy, I think.

DELIA: Did you ask her?

DR. BROWN: No, I didn’t ask her. She’s the one who gave me the tickets to the opera, so it would be weird to ask her, y’know? Never mind, it doesn’t matter, if you know or not, I know. It would be weird.

DELIA: Dad, I know this is a big question and I don’t want to embarrass you ‘cause I know I was embarrassed when Britney asked me if I liked Ethan…

DR. BROWN: You like Ethan?

DELIA: Do you like Nina?

DR. BROWN: Do I…? (laughs) What? No. Nina’s my friend, besides, she’s dating Jake.

DELIA: So? Ethan likes Maggie, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like him.

[Dr. Brown nods his head in agreement.]

DELIA (CONT’D): Anyways, I don’t think it’s dumb if you like Nina. I kinda always wanted you to like her.

DR. BROWN: You have?

DELIA: She’s perfect for you. She thinks your bad jokes are funny even though they’re not. Plus, she’s nice to everyone – the way mom was.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, she is, isn’t she?

[A car horn is honked from outside.]

DELIA (getting up): Oh, that’s Britney. Pick me up tomorrow at 10 o’clock. Actually make it 10:30, I’ve been exhausted lately.

[Delia leaves and Dr. Brown goes back to reading.]

[Cut to vacant apartment – Brenda Baxworth is showing Bright an apartment to rent.]

BRENDA: It’s great, isn’t it? Huh?

BRIGHT: Uh, where’s the bedroom?

BRENDA: You’re standing in it.

BRIGHT: Hmmph. And the kitchen?

BRENDA: Right over here. $600 a month. This is steal. And you my friend are the first person to see it. So before all those other people get here tomorrow, if I were you…

BRIGHT: Will you give me a minute? I’m just gonna call my associate. And…

BRENDA: Umm, hmm, please.

[Bright pulls out his cell phone and dials a number.]

HANNAH (on cell phone): Hello.

BRIGHT: Hey, yo, is, uh, $600 a steal for a crappy studio?

[Cut to Hannah in the girl’s bathroom at prom – Hannah’s cell phone rings and she answers it.]

HANNAH: Oh, hello, Brighton.

[Cut back to Bright in the vacant apartment.]

BRIGHT: ‘Cause I’m standing here right now and don’t really see myself living here?

[Cut back to Hannah in the bathroom.]

HANNAH: I don’t know if you realized earlier in your egomaniacal haze, but I’m actually at my prom right now.

BRIGHT: Oh, right.

[Cut back to Bright in the vacant apartment.]

BRIGHT (CONT’D): How come I don’t hear any music?

[Cut back to Hannah in the bathroom.]

HANNAH: Because I am in the bathroom.

[Cut back to Bright in the vacant apartment.]

BRIGHT: Oh, number 1 or number 2?

[Cut back to Hannah in the bathroom.]

HANNAH: No, I… Bright, we do not have a toilet talk kind of relationship. Okay? [Cut back to Bright in the vacant apartment.]

BRIGHT: Okay. Okay. Good to know.

[Cut back to Hannah in the bathroom.]

HANNAH: Why are you calling me?

BRIGHT: Well, I thought that you said you were gonna help with apartment hunting.

HANNAH: First of all, I was going to help you, but certainly not while I’m at my prom. And-and secondly, uh, I’m clearly not gonna help you now.

[Cut back to Bright in the vacant apartment.]

BRIGHT: Why not?

[Cut back to Hannah in the bathroom.]

HANNAH: Poured myself in. POURED MYSELF IN. Wh-what is that? Like-like batter into a pastry slut bag or something.

[Cut back to Bright in the vacant apartment.]

BRIGHT: Oh, are you talking about the dress thing?

[Cut back to Hannah in the bathroom.]

HANNAH: YES. I’m talking about the dress thing. Why… Why would you say something like that?

[Cut back to Bright in the vacant apartment.]

BRIGHT: Because it just didn’t look like the kind of dress I would see you buying for yourself.

[Cut back to Hannah in the bathroom.]

HANNAH: You have never seen in a dress before tonight an-an-and the first time you do, that’s what you choose to say?

BRIGHT: Look, there’s nothing wrong with a tight dress or with a pastry bag so just chill out.

HANNAH: I… I just… I have to go. Okay?

BRIGHT: Okay? Uh, bye. W-Wait, hold on.

[Cut back to Bright in the vacant apartment.]

BRIGHT (CONT’D): Do you and that Loafer kid have a toilet talk kind of relationship?

HANNAH: His name is Topher. And no…

[Cut back to Hannah in the bathroom.]

HANNAH: (huffing) I don’t know. I… Good bye.

[Hannah slams her cell phone shut. She is frustrated.]

[Cut back to Bright in the vacant apartment. Bright turns to Brenda.]


BRIGHT: Yeah, it turns out we might just need a little more time to think about it.

[Cut to Brown house – Dr. Brown walks into the kitchen dressed nicely with a blazer on. He checks his hair in the reflection of the refrigerator and grabs the two opera tickets off the corkboard and heads out the kitchen back door. He knocks on the door to Ephram’s garage.]

DR. BROWN: Ephram…

[Dr. Brown walks in.]

DR. BROWN (CONT’D): Ephram, I was wondering if maybe you’d…

[Dr. Brown notices the garage is empty. His voice echos. He looks around at how empty the garage is.]



[Fade in – Outside of Nina’s house – Topher is helping Hannah out of the car. They walk up to the front porch.]

TOPHER: Wasn’t that punch just amazing? I couldn’t tell if you were enjoying it, but I like to pour glasses.

HANNAH: Yeah, it was really good. I think they added some extra sugars.

TOPHER: Yeah, yeah, I was thinking that too.

[They stop on the front porch. They look nervous at one another.]

TOPHER: Uh, yeah. I guess I should be going.



[Topher turns and walks down the stairs.]



HANNAH: I mean, wait.

[Topher walks up to Hannah again.]

HANNAH (CONT’D): Uh, I was just wondering, if-if you were thinking about maybe kissing me…ever.

TOPHER: You mean, uh, like now.

HANNAH: Or not. Um, it’s just that. Y’know, we’ve had like four dates.


HANNAH: And one of them involved formal wear which really makes it more like six dates.


HANNAH: And-and personally I think they’ve all been very nice, but, y’know, if you don’t like me.

TOPHER: Yeah, of course, I like you. You’re the only person who understands why a turtleneck vest is stupid.

HANNAH: Well, of course, because your arms get cold.

TOPHER: Exactly.

HANNAH: So, umm, why don’t we just go one 3?

TOPHER: Yeah, uh, three’s good.

HANNAH: Umm, okay, one, two,…

[Topher goes in for the kiss early. The kiss startles Hannah.]


HANNAH: I know.

TOPHER: Thank you.

HANNAH: No, thank you.

TOPHER: Uh, good night.

[Topher walks down the stairs backwards smiling at Hannah.]

TOPHER (CONT’D): Uh, I’ll call you tomorrow.


[Hannah stands on the porch looking miffed by the kiss and Topher’s reactions.]

[Cut to Ephram’s bedroom – Dr. Brown is sitting reading a magazine in Ephram’s chair when Ephram walks in his room.]

EPHRAM: You’re in my room.

DR. BROWN: You have something to tell me.

EPHRAM: No. Not really.

DR. BROWN: There’s nothing you want to share with me. No major changes. You haven’t bought or sold anything substantial.

EPHRAM: Aahh, you must have seen the garage.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, I did. Where is everything?

EPHRAM: I sold it.

DR. BROWN: Say again?

EPHRAM: I sold it. It’ gone.

DR. BROWN: Well, get it back.

EPHRAM: Uh, no, I can’t.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, you can and you will.

EPHRAM: No, I can’t and I know you think I did this just to get back at you or get even or whatever, but that’s not the case. All right, I’m putting together a plan, I needed some cash.

DR. BROWN: It’s not your money.

EPHRAM: All that stuff was a gift for me, right? Well, I didn’t need the stuff any more and I needed the money so I could get out of here.

DR. BROWN: Get out of here? Where do you plan on goin’?

EPHRAM: Europe. And before you explode, don’t, okay. Just don’t. I can’t keep doin’ this. I can’t keep living here hating you as much as I do. I can’t figure out a way not to hate you. Yeah, I wake up every morning in this… There’s nothing left here for me. Can you understand that?

DR. BROWN: Well, I understand your frustration, Ephram, but if you’d just let me help you…

EPHRAM: Y-You can’t help me and we can’t keep having this argument.

DR. BROWN: I know we can’t. I don’t want to have it either. But you’re 18 years old. You don’t have a college education, you have no job possibilities, what are you gonna do?

EPHRAM: Well, I don’t know. But that’s what I was hoping I’d find out. (beat) I’m gonna need my passport.

[Dr. Brown sits the magazine down and gets up from the chair.]

DR. BROWN: I-I’m sorry, Ephram, but I just don’t think I can let you do this.

EPHRAM: Well, you can’t really stop me.

[They look at each other and Dr. Brown realizes he has lost his son and leaves the room.]

[Cut to another vacant apartment – Ephram and Bright are looking through an apartment with Brenda Baxworth again.]

BRENDA: Fridge, closet, bathroom.

[Bright comes out of the bathroom looking tired and frustrated.]

BRIGHT: Uh, so, am I just like crazy or does this look a lot like the last place you showed me?

BRENDA: Which one? I’ve shown you 9 so far.

BRIGHT: I’m trying to keep my options open. I wanna sample the milk before I buy the cow.

[Ephram walks towards Brenda and Bright in the kitchen from looking in the bathroom.]

EPHRAM: Uh, technically, you’d be renting the cow.

[Brenda’s cell phone rigs.]

BRENDA: Aah, ooh, excuse me, boys. Perhaps this is someone who will actually pay me for my services. (opening up cell phone) Brenda Baxworth… Oh, fine.

BRIGHT: So what do you think, man? I can’t even tell any more.

EPHRAM: Uh, it’s all right. I mean, it doesn’t smell like hot dogs. That other place…

BRIGHT: I know. Above a wienerschnitzel. What are you gonna do? You sure you don’t want to be my roommate, man. Two bedrooms is way bigger, hellva lot cheaper. Could be kind of stylin’?

EPHRAM: I can’t. I got the money together for Europe.

BRIGHT: Wow, that was pretty fast. What’d you do? Sell your soul?

EPHRAM: Yeah, it was, uh, actually easier than I thought. (looking in fridge) So, uh, you think this place has central air?

BRIGHT: I don’t know. Is that important? Oh, damn, Hannah had this whole list of questions, I’m suppose to ask about this place and I lost it. Now I don’t remember any of that crap.

EPHRAM: So call her.

BRIGHT: I can’t. She’s mad at me.

EPHRAM: Oh, yeah, what did you do this time?

BRIGHT: Oh, nothing. She thinks I insulted her.

EPHRAM: Did you?

BRIGHT: Well, uh, not intentionally. I… I said something about her dress and then she got all girlie.

EPHRAM: Oh, yeah, well, girls, they tend to do that. So why was she wearing a dress anyway?

BRIGHT: Oh, y’know, prom.

EPHRAM: Oh, right, ‘cause she’s got that boyfriend now.

BRIGHT: Oh, no, he’s not-he’s not her boyfriend.

EPHRAM: Well, they’re-they’re dating. I mean, he took her to prom and she wore a dress. What would you call him?

BRIGHT: Personally, I’d call him an ass hat.

EPHRAM: Wow, jealous of Topher Cole. I never thought I’d see the day.

BRIGHT: Oh, yeah. You got me. I’m jealous of Topher Cole.

EPHRAM: Okay, all right. Do you think these are-these are the original moldings?

BRIGHT: I mean, I should probably apologize to her right? ‘Cause I mean, uh, umm, right?

EPHRAM: Okay, I’m gonna go out on a limb and make an observation here. We’ve been standing in somebody else’s apartment for the last five minutes and you haven’t even checked the water faucet yet.

[Bright leans over and turns the water faucet on.]

EPHRAM (CONT’D): Instead, you’ve been obsessing over Hannah.

BRIGHT: Dude, I am not obsessing.

EPHRAM: No, I mean, I think it’s great. I think you guys would make a really really cute couple.

[Bright gets off the counter.]

BRIGHT (laughing): Oh, yeah. What? Uh, huh. Okay.

EPHRAM: Oh, come on, you haven’t thought about it.

BRIGHT: Come on, bro, first of all, I don’t enjoy thinking, okay. Secondly, uh, uh, come on. (walking to the bathroom) I’m not into Hannah. She’s, y’know, I mean… She’s not my type. I mean, she’s cute, but… She’s not, like, y’know, I’d make out with you cute. (walking back toward Ephram in the kitchen) Y’know, and-and besides she’s my friend. So that, y’know, when I-when I have a friend that-that’s just how it is. Y’know, when it’s like that, so… Yeah. What? What? Hello, why are you smiling?

EPHRAM: You-You realize the last two things you said made no sense, right?

BRIGHT: Oh, go to Europe already. (hitting the top of a door frame) Original moldings.

[Cut to Abbott master bedroom – Rose is combing through her hair in the bathroom. She hesitates realizing it will no longer be there soon. Dr. Abbott walks in the bedroom and is watching her. Rose notices Dr. Abbott watching her.]

DR. ABBOTT: How ya feelin’?

ROSE: All right. Better than this morning. Did you remember to get the aloe gel?

DR. ABBOTT (mad at himself): Oh, no, dammit.

[Dr. Abbott throws his coat down on the bed.]

ROSE: Don’t worry about it. We’ll pick it up tomorrow.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, I’m so sorry.

ROSE: It’s okay. It’s not the end of the world.

DR. ABBOTT: No. No, Rose, I mean, I am sorry.

[Rose is confused.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT’D): For not listening to you, for dismissing your symptoms.

ROSE: Stop. Your apologies are no good here.

[Dr. Abbott sits on the bed facing away from Rose. Rose grabs some pillows and lays across the bed to get closer to Dr. Abbott.]

ROSE (CONT’D): Do you know what I was thinking about this morning?


ROSE: Our first date. Do you remember?

DR. ABBOTT: Of course. The annual fall Thaw Festival.

ROSE: I wanted to ride the teacups, but you were scared.

DR. ABBOTT: At the teacups, I think not.

ROSE: Oh, you were too. You made up some excuse about the ride not being up to standards. I convinced you.

DR. ABBOTT: As I recall, we shared our first kiss on those teacups.

ROSE: Yes, we did. (beat) And that’s when I knew we would fall in love.

DR. ABBOTT: Really? Was I that good at kissing?

ROSE: No, dear. I remember feeling terrified to ride again. It was so much faster than I expected. My stomach started doing flips. I couldn’t tell you - not after making such a fuss so I just buried myself in the nook of your arm and after a few minutes I wasn’t scared at all. I felt safe. And that is how I felt every moment of my life with you since then. You have never let me down, Harold Abbott.

[Rose takes his arm trying to reassure him not to feel guilty.]

ROSE (CONT’D): Not me. Not the children. This family is what it is because of your strength and your commitment.

DR. ABBOTT (on the verge of tears): Yes, well my strength comes entirely from you.

ROSE: And mine from you. And Bright and Amy get theirs from us. The four of us are a team, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: So you think we should tell the kids.

ROSE: Only if you feel ready? If you’re not, I’ll wait. I trust you.

[Amy knocks on the door and comes in. Dr. Abbott and Rose look up at her.]

AMY: Can we please order some food? I’m starving and Bright is threatening to cook.

[Amy notices her parents had been having a serious conversation.]

AMY (CONT’D): What’s wrong?

[Dr. Abbott and Rose look at each other.]

[Cut to Dr. Abbott and Rose sitting in the living room with Bright and Amy. They are about to explain to Bright and Amy about Rose’s cancer.]



[Fade in – Nina knocks on Dr. Brown’s kitchen back door. Dr. Brown is making himself some breakfast. Dr. Brown walks over to the door and opens it.]


DR. BROWN: You knocked.

NINA: Yeah. I did.

DR. BROWN: Well, that’s new.

NINA: Yeah, I just thought I’d try it.

DR. BROWN: Really? Why?

NINA: I don’t know. It just felt, uh… Well, actually, it felt weird but I feel a little weird right now so…

DR. BROWN: Well, you wanna come in and have some coffee?

NINA: That depends. Are you gonna run off and leave me alone with it again? ‘Cause that’s kinda what started the weirdness in the first place.

DR. BROWN: I’m sorry about that. And…

[Nina walks in concerned.]

NINA: Are you mad at me?

DR. BROWN: Mad at you? (closing the door) No, why would I be mad at you?

NINA: Well, I don’t know. I mean, maybe I’m just being paranoid. It’s just… It just seemed like something was off with us the other day. Am I being crazy or were you being stranger than normal?

DR. BROWN: No, you’re not crazy. It’s Ephram. He’s leaving.

NINA: I think I’ll take that coffee now.

[Dr. Brown smiles and then walks over to get her a cup of coffee.]

DR. BROWN: He thinks he wants to travel the world or-or I-I don’t know what he thinks. He sold the piano.


DR. BROWN: Yeah. What am I suppose to do?

NINA: God, Andy, I am so sorry. I… I feel like such an ass. Here, I thought it was all about me.

DR. BROWN: No. No. It’s… It’s okay. I was – I was definitely acting strange.

NINA: Oh, come here.

[Nina gives Dr. Brown a huge loving huge.]

NINA (CONT’D): Whatever you want. Anything at all, you know that right?

DR. BROWN: I know.

[Nina pulls out of the hug. She keeps her arms around his neck.]

NINA: Seriously, I don’t want you to feel like you have to deal with this stuff by yourself any more. I may have missed the beginning of the drama, but I’m here now. I’m not going anywhere. So it’s you and me, Andy.

DR. BROWN: Nina…

NINA: Don’t. You don’t need to. That’s what neighbors are for, right?

[Nina pulls away and goes to grab eggs out of the refrigerator.]

NINA (CONT’D): Oh, so I guess that means, you guys, didn’t even go to the opera. Which stinks. Then you and I should have gone.

[Dr. Brown looks up at that comment. Nina shows him the eggs.]

NINA (CONT’D): Omelet or scramble?

DR. BROWN: Omelet, thanks.

[Cut to Ephram’s garage – Ephram is sweeping up when Amy walks in and sees it’s empty.]

AMY: Wow.

EPHRAM: I know.

AMY: Feels so small.

EPHRAM: I know.

AMY: (sighs) This is weird.

EPHRAM: Well, you didn’t have to come by. I mean, I could’ve dropped your stuff off for you.

AMY: That’s okay, I needed to get out of the house.

EPHRAM: Well, I-I know that feeling.

[Amy laughs and smiles.]

EPHRAM: Okay, uh, well, I’m pretty sure that’s all your stuff. Umm, I couldn’t remember who bought the Liz Phair CD, you or me so…

[Amy bends down and looks through the box of stuff.]

AMY: You bought it.

EPHRAM: Oh, well, in that case, you can have it.

AMY: Thank you.

[Ephram laughs.]

AMY (CONT’D): I’ll check again, but I don’t think there’s anything left of yours. Except that gray sweatshirt which I’ve decided you can’t get back.

EPHRAM: Aah, well, it looks way better on you anyway.

AMY: Look, you know what, there’s something…

[Amy gets up.]

EPHRAM: So listen, there was something…

AMY: Sorry, you go.

EPHRAM: Okay, uh, well, the thing is… I’m, uh, I’m leaving…

AMY: Where ya goin’?

EPHRAM: Uh, London. Yeah, I take off next week. That’s why I sold all this stuff. So I could like pay for my trip and, y’know, all that stuff.

AMY: Hmm… When are you coming back?

EPHRAM: I don’t know. I mean it’s an open ended ticket so… I just figure I’d just go out there and see what happens, y’know.

AMY: Kinda catching me off guard here.

EPHRAM: I know. An-and I’m sorry. I just… I didn’t know what else to do. I-I don’t want to lose touch with you. All right, I’m… I got my email. I’m gonna call you as soon as I have an international phone number. Okay?

AMY: Sure, yeah.

EPHRAM: I just… I can’t be here right now. Yeah, I figured you’d understand. You know me better than anybody, right?

[Amy is fighting back tears.]

AMY: Yeah, uh, no, y’know, I don’t know what to say, but I think it’s a good idea. I really do, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Thank you. (beat) Uh, wh-what were you gonna tell me?

AMY: Hmm?

EPHRAM: Earlier, you… Did you want to say something?

AMY: Right, umm, yeah, no, I-I think – I think I got my housing for next year.

EPHRAM: That’s great.

AMY: Yeah. Umm, it’s really close to campus. I told you I decided on Princeton, right?

EPHRAM: Yeah, yeah.

AMY: I think it’s gonna be good.

EPHRAM: Well, great, I mean, again, y’know, congratulations. That’s awesome.

AMY: Yeah, thanks. (looks around) I should probably get going.

EPHRAM: Yeah. You don’t have to, if you don’t want to, I mean, you could stay, we could maybe hang out for a second.

[Amy picks up the box. Amy gives him a look.]

EPHRAM (CONT’D): Oh, you’re right, we can’t do that. Never mind. Sorry.

[Amy looks around again.]

AMY: Goodbye, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Bye, Amy.

[Amy walks out and leaves Ephram alone.]

[Cut to Amy’s bedroom – Amy is looking at a picture from the box she got from Ephram’s on the floor leaning against her bed and Hannah is on the other side of the bed.]

HANNAH: It felt like kissing a piece of salmon.

[Hannah sits on the other side of the bed.]

HANNAH (CONT’D): I mean that’s really the only way that I could describe it not that I’ve kissed a fish before, but you what I mean.

AMY: It was wet?

HANNAH: Yeah, but not just wet, it was like, here, lick you hand.

AMY: Hannah, I’m really not in the mood. I’m sorry.

HANNAH: Omigosh, I… I’ve just been blabbing on about this stupid Topher kiss while you’re… I-I just thought maybe you didn’t want to talk about it. I was just trying to fill the air.

AMY: It’s okay, really. I just…

HANNAH: W-Was it awful seeing him? What did he say? What did you say?

AMY: I, uh, uh,… We really didn’t say much at all. It was, uh, it was okay, I guess.

[Hannah lays down closer to Amy.]


AMY: I’m fine, really.

HANNAH: No, you’re not. And you don’t have to be, I mean, he was just this like huge love of your life. And now…

AMY: It’s not that, Hannah.

[Hannah crawls off the bed and sits down next to Amy on the floor.]

HANNAH: What is it?

AMY: You know what’s crazy. Less than a month ago, we were sitting in this room and we were talking about your dad and the possibility that you could have Huntington’s disease and God, it was- it was so huge. And now we’re in the same room talking about your first kiss and it feels just as huge in a way.

HANNAH: Yeah, in a way.

AMY: But it’s lighter somehow. Like… (fighting tears) It doesn’t… It takes up the same amount of head space and the same amount of heart space, but it doesn’t quench so much, doesn’t weigh you down, you know.

HANNAH: Just tell what it is, Amy. Say it fast.

AMY: It’s my mom. She has cancer.

HANNAH: Omigod.

[Hannah grabs Amy and hugs her as Amy cries.]

[Cut to the Abbott kitchen – Hannah is cooking and Bright walks in looking curious.]

BRIGHT: Are you cookin’ dinner?

HANNAH: Don’t worry, you don’t have to eat it if it’s bad.

[Bright walks over to the stove and looks in the pot. Hannah is chopping vegetables.]

BRIGHT: I’m sure that it won’t be bad.

HANNAH: It won’t be, but I just thought I’d give you the out in case you wanna order a pizza instead.

BRIGHT: So, listen, I should probably apologize.

HANNAH: No, you don’t have to. Seems kind of silly now, doesn’t it.

BRIGHT: Well, I don’t know, you did call me Brighton.

HANNAH: It was a pretty bad night all around. How ‘bout we just forget it ever happened?

BRIGHT: Fair enough. (beat) I can’t believe you know how to make something out of scratch. I don’t know how to make anything, except for maybe sandwiches.

HANNAH: Uh, it’s not really a big deal. Kind of had to learn early, y’know.

BRIGHT: Oh, yeah, I suppose.

[Bright walks over and stand beside Hannah who is chopping vegetables.]

BRIGHT (CONT’D): Probably had to do this kind of stuff all the time for your folks, huh?

[Bright leans over and grabs a vegetable and then backs away.]

BRIGHT (CONT’D): Maybe I should learn how to cook too?

HANNAH: You takin’ my job away from me already?

BRIGHT: No, it’s just I feel bad, y’know, you had to do this stuff for your parents all the time. It doesn’t seem right that you should have to do it for ours too.

HANNAH: Seems right to me. I mean, you guys have been like my family this whole year. Not that I… I mean I… I mean I don’t think of you like my brother or anything…

BRIGHT: Oh, I know. I get it. (beat) Hmmm?



HANNAH: You just said, “Hmmm?”

BRIGHT: No. Did I?

HANNAH: Bright…

[They laugh.]

BRIGHT: Give me… What… Is there something I could do? Give me something to do.

HANNAH: Okay. Yeah. Hang on. Here. Taste this.

[Hannah walks over to the pot and stirs the soup. She lets Bright taste it. Bright slurps the soup.]

HANNAH (CONT’D): Does it need more salt?

BRIGHT: No. No, it’s perfect.


[Cut to Abbott master bedroom – “Three Weeks Later” – Rose is sitting on the bed with a cover for her hair. It is all gone now. Dr. Abbott is getting ready in the bathroom.]

DR. ABBOTT: I’m almost ready, Rose. So I was thinking, after today’s appointment, we should go out for breakfast, celebrate the final round of chemotherapy with a few pounds of pancakes.

[Dr. Abbott comes out of the bathroom.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT’D): Extra butter, you ask, why not, I say. Let’s throw caution to the wind. Today is a good day, Rose. I can feel it in my bones.

[Dr. Abbott goes in the closet and pulls out his coat and comes out and walks toward the door ready to leave.]

ROSE: Harold?

DR. ABBOTT: What is it?

ROSE (turning toward him): I can’t feel my legs.

[Dr. Abbott looks stunned.]



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