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#319 : Acceptation

Titre en VO: "Acceptance" - Titre en VF : Acceptation
¤USA : diffusé le 25/04/05 - France: inédit
¤Scénario : David Hudgins - Réalisation : Michael Shultz
¤Guest-stars : Scott Wolf (Dr. Jake Hartman), Lukas Behnken (Topher), Tom Virtue (l'administrateur de Julliard) Brooks Almy (Le prètre)

Quand le petit frère de Jake vient pour visiter Everwood, celui-ci lui confie son point de vue sur sa relation avec Nina.

En attendant, Amy est acceptée à Princeton, mais elle suppose que son père y est pour beaucoup dans son admission.

Ephram et Amy font des plans pour passer une soirée ensemble...

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Bande annonce 319 (VO)

Bande annonce 319 (VO)


Plus de détails

Le frère de Jake débarque à Everwood et même s'il trouve Nina très chouette, Brian ne croit pas que Jake et elle resteront ensemble pour toujours mais que Jake finira par revenir à Los Angeles. Il fait part de son idée à son frère mais aussi à Nina qui prend très mal la nouvelle.

Amy est admise à Princeton et est finalement contente que son père a rempli les papiers pour elle. Dans le couloir du lycée, Amy et Ephram se croisent et Ephram l'invite à sortir en soirée. Amy pense alors que les choses vont retourner dans l'ordre entre eux alors que pour Ephram il s'agit juste de sortir entre amis comme il le confie à Bright.

Rose continue de se sentir mal dans sa peau et a mal au dos. Elle ne croit pas que ses symptômes sont dûs au stress mais plutôt qu'elle pourrait être enceinte ce qui ravi Harrold plus qu'elle. Elle fait un test de grossesse qui s'avère être négatif mais pour en être certaine elle prend rendez vous avec le docteur Jake qui confirme le premier résultat. Rose se sent néanmoins triste du résultat et propose à Harrold d'avoir vraiment un troisième enfant ce qui le rend fou de joie.

Jake, Nina, Brian et Andy passent la soirée ensemble. Mais Nina est mal à l'aise suite à ce que lui a dit Brian. De plus les trois hommes ne font que parler de leur vie dans les grandes villes. Agacée, Nina s'en va, les laissant passer une soirée entre hommes. Plus tard, Jake finit par dire à Andy que Nina était amoureuse de lui et il félicite Andy n'avoir pas risqué son amitié avec Nina pour quelque chose d'aussi risqué. Cette révélation laisse Andy très surpris.



IRV (VOICE-OVER): Previously on Everwood…

[Fade in – Scene from Act Three of “Fallout” – Dr. Brown and Nina are talking in Dr. Brown’s kitchen.] [Cut to Scene from Act Three of “The Perfect Day” – Dr. Hartman and Nina are talking in Nina’s kitchen.]

DR. HARTMAN: It’s him, isn’t it? Andy is your high school guy. The guy you have feelings for. I wouldn’t think you’d go for someone like that.

NINA: I didn’t.

[Cut to Scene from Act Three of “Fallout” – Amy and Ephram are fighting in the studio.]

AMY: Is seeing the baby right now really that important?

EPHRAM: Right now, it’s more important that you. [Cut to Scene from Act Four of “Fallout” – Ephram is the cab looking at the adoptive parents’ house in San Francisco.]

EPHRAM: I changed my mind. Let’s go back to the airport. [Cut to Scene from Act Four of “Fallout” – Dr. Abbott and Amy are talking in Amy’s car.]

DR. ABBOTT: There’s one thing I know about you and Ephram. It’s that’s you have a remarkable pension for working things out.

[Cut to Scene from Teaser of “Fallout” – Ephram and Amy are sitting on the couch in the Abbott living room.]

[Cut back to Scene from Act Four of “Fallout” – Dr. Abbott and Amy are talking in Amy’s car.]

AMY: I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure it’s over.

{End of Previously on Everwood}

[Cut to Abbott kitchen – Dr. Abbott is reading the paper at the island and Amy walks in the kitchen with her backpack.]

DR. ABBOTT: There you are. I’d almost given up on you. Luckily the pan is still warm. Tabasco still hot. So how many huevos rancheros would you like? Two eggs or three.

[Dr. Abbott gets up and walks over to the stove. Amy is pouring herself some coffee.]

AMY: I’m not really hungry, thanks though.

DR. ABBOTT: Not hungry. When one is blest with a metabolism of a finch and the appetite of a trucker, one should capitalize on it.

AMY: Not now, Dad, please.

DR. ABBOTT: I’m sorry. I know you’re still upset about Ephram, but you do have to eat, sweetheart.

AMY: No. No. I know, it’s not that. It’s just I just got, uh, two responses from different schools.

DR. ABBOTT: Did you receive a rejection?

AMY: Yeah, actually from Tufts, but that’s not…

DR. ABBOTT: Well, phooey on them, their loss, I say, besides one can never be sure of how these things are ultimately decided. I’m sure that you will forget all about it, when you are striding across the quad next fall at Harvard. You said something about two responses?

AMY: Yeah, I got into the other one actually.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, naturally.

AMY: It’s just bizarre, because I didn’t apply there.

DR. ABBOTT: Come again.

AMY: That’s right, daddy-o. (pulling papers out of her bag) It starts with a P. I believe the official name is, oh how do you say - Princeton.

[Dr. Abbott turns from the stove wide-eyed.]

DR. ABBOTT: Could you repeat that again? Slowly.

AMY: I got into Princeton, Dad. Did you have anything to do with this?

DR. ABBOTT: You got into Princeton.

[Dr. Abbott comes around the island and hugs Amy. He is almost speechless. He is elated beyond belief. Amy laughs at Dr. Abbott’s happiness.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, honey…

AMY: Okay, now-now back to the whole “I didn’t apply there” thing. You know anything about that, Mr. Happy.

[Dr. Abbott takes the Princeton papers from Amy and is swinging around the kitchen.]

DR. ABBOTT: Finally, an Abbott at Princeton University.

[Amy laughs at Dr. Abbott.]

DR. ABBOTT: Sweet Justice!!!

[Dr. Abbott runs out of the house still in his robe and is getting the attention of a driver of a Silver VW.]


[Dr. Abbott hits the car with the papers and the driver honks the horn at him. Dr. Abbott runs up the street to another neighbor and hits his mailbox.]




[Fade in – Bright and Ephram are outside in the Abbott driveway. Ephram is sitting on Bright’s tailgate and Bright is shooting the basketball.]

BRIGHT: And not that I don’t enjoy demolishing your pathetic attempt at a game, but, uh, shouldn’t you be at school right now?

EPHRAM: Shouldn’t you be at work?

BRIGHT: Touché, amigo, but seriously what’s with the hooky? You trying to beat my ditch record?

EPHRAM: Uh, might as well. School’s not that important now that I’m not going to college.

BRIGHT: Yeah, but you don’t want to be a high school dropout. Pretty soon, you’ll be watching Nascar with a six-pack of Milwaukee’s Best laying across your gut.

[Bright throws Ephram the ball.]

EPHRAM: Well, seeing as I had a kid at 16, I figure I might as well just go for broke with the stereotype. Y’know, I’m trying to find the humor in it and move to that all important acceptance stage.

[Ephram shoots the basketball.]

BRIGHT: If you ever want to talk about it…

EPHRAM: Y’know, just promise me, you didn’t know anything until I told you about it.

BRIGHT: I swear, man. Come on, I barely even know the stuff I suppose to know. But, uh, can I ask you one question?

EPHRAM: Yeah, sure, go for it.

BRIGHT: If you made it all the way to California. I mean you made it all the way to the kid’s house, but you didn’t knock. What’s up with that?

EPHRAM: I don’t know. I mean I planned to, I had a speech prepared and everything… When I got there, it-it clicked, y’know, he-he-he wasn’t my kid any more. I mean, he-he was, but he wasn’t, y’know. And if they care enough to adopt him, why should I ruin their lives just ‘cause I’m feeling weird.

BRIGHT: So, I mean, Amy wasn’t totally wrong then.

EPHRAM: What do you mean?

BRIGHT: Nothing. It’s just… Well, she basically told you not to go for all the reasons ultimately you decided not to knock.

EPHRAM: Yeah, but I-I didn’t know though I wasn’t going to knock until I got there. I had-I had to be parked outside for me to figure out what my end result would be, just like you had to be fired twice before you realized what a screw-up you’d been.

BRIGHT: Hey, I’m in the room.

EPHRAM: No, I know, but seriously, I mean, come on. I mean, it wasn’t enough that everybody was telling you to get your act together, you had to actually go and hit the wall yourself. In your case, the wall meant being slapped down by your mom.

BRIGHT: Well, it’s a pretty good wall. And all I’m sayin’, is Amy tried to do the right thing. Y’know, maybe you can cut her some slack.

[Cut to Mama Joy’s – Dr. Brown is eating lunch at the counter and Nina is scurrying around looking nervous. She accidentally knocks over Dr. Brown’s coffee cup.]

NINA: Oh, sorry. I’m sorry.

DR. BROWN: What’s with you today? You’re like Howard Hughes, without the milk bottles.

NINA: Oh, I just… Jake’s brother is coming in from LA and, uh, they’re gonna be here any minute.

DR. BROWN: Oh is-is it something special or is he just coming to see you? Not that meeting you isn’t a special occasion.

NINA: Nice try . . . But no, he’s-he’s just coming here business.

DR. BROWN: Wow, meeting the family. That’s a big step.

NINA: I know. I’m calling it threat level Orange.

[Dr. Brown tries to reassure her.]

DR. BROWN: It’s all gonna be okay. Trust me.

[Dr. Hartman and his brother, Brian, walk in the door all happy.]

DR. HARTMAN: Hey, baby.

NINA: Hey.

DR. HARTMAN: Andy, awesome. Brian, Andy Brown. Former hot shot brain surgeon now fellow small town doc. Andy, my brother, Brian.

[Dr. Brown gets up to shake Brian’s hand.]

DR. BROWN: Nice to meet ya.

BRIAN: Pleasure.

DR. HARTMAN: And this…

BRIAN: I’m hoping is Nina or otherwise you’re definitely overusing the term “baby.”

NINA: It is. It’s nice to meet you, Brian.

[Nina puts out her hand to shake. Brian takes the hand and turns it into a full body hug.]

BRIAN: Finally! A face to a name.

[The hug is long and Dr. Hartman acts jealous and pulls Nina away from Brian.]

BRIAN (CONT’D): I knew you’d be blonde, I knew it. Don’t ask me how.

DR. HARTMAN: Is it because I told you she was?

BRIAN: Right. I just said don’t ask. He doesn’t listens. It’s one of his many problems. I’ll tell you about some of his other ones later, once the drinking’s begun. I don’t like to trash my big brother until I’ve had a few martinis.

JAKE: Did I mention he’s an alcoholic?

NINA: No, you didn’t.

DR. BROWN: How long you here for, Brian?

BRIAN: Ah… Just a few days. Tax season gets crazy.

DR. BROWN: Oh, really, are you a …?

BRIAN: An accountant, yeah. Uncle Sam wants his pound of flesh, I try to make it only a few ounces - - and preferably somebody else’s flesh.

DR. HARTMAN: He lowers himself once a year to do my taxes.

BRIAN: Yeah, mom makes me. (to Nina) Okay, we’re done. Look, I know about myself. I here to learn about you. So far, I’ve heard you’re the best cook in the tri-state area.

NINA: Oh, tri-county, max.

DR. BROWN: Actually, she is really…

BRIAN: And you have a kid, right? Sam?

NINA: Yeah.

DR. HARTMAN: You’re gonna love ‘im when you meet him. His vocabulary’s bigger than yours.

[Dr. Brown looks left out and sad.]

[Cut to Peak County High – Pippi, Susie and Amy are walking down the stairs and down the hall in between classes.]

PIPPI: I’m still waiting on Michigan, but Ohio State just wait-listed me, so…

[Pippi opens her coat and reveals an OSU Pink Jersey.]

PIPPI (CONT’D): . . . And I’ve got Penn State underwear on. They’re my safety school.

AMY: How very thorough of you, Pippi.

SUSIE: Well, not everybody can get into Princeton.

PIPPI: So exciting. It’s like the best school, except fort he New Jersey part. Lot of mafia. You should totally bring mace with you.

[Susie hits Pippi and they laugh. Amy meanwhile notices Ephram standing at his locker and slows down allowing Susie and Pippi to walk on without her. Amy walks toward Ephram cautiously. Ephram notices Amy and prepares to talk to her.]


AMY: Hey.

EPHRAM: Uh, where’s Hannah?

AMY: Uh, sh… Her and Topher went out for lunch, I think, off campus.

EPHRAM: Oh, yeah, that’s right. They’re like, uh,…

AMY: Yeah, she really likes him.

EPHRAM: Well, that’s cool.

AMY: Umm hmm. How are you?

EPHRAM: Oh, good. Y’know, just hangin’ in there. Uh, pretty much counting down the days till school’s over.

AMY: Yeah, I didn’t see you in home room today. Figured maybe you’d given up.

EPHRAM: Uh, just about.

[There is awkward silence.]

AMY: I’m gonna go.

[Amy starts to walk off and Ephram stops her.]

EPHRAM: Hey, I feel like I, uh, like I owe you an apology.

AMY: Really?

EPHRAM: Yeah, y’know, uh, what you did…

AMY: Wrong. Totally. It was… It was wrong.

EPHRAM: Yeah. But y’know, you didn’t have a lot of options at the time. I don’t know what I would’ve done in your situation and y’know, I understand. Uh, yeah I think when the whole thing went down I was just like angry at the world, so…

AMY: No, but you had every right to be.

EPHRAM: Yeah, anyway, uh, I’m sorry if I made you feel bad.

AMY: No, it’s okay. I totally understand. And thanks for saying that.

EPHRAM: So, uh, I don’t know, do you wanna like maybe hang out sometime. Whenever.

AMY: Really, yeah. Uh, sure, whenever. Y’know.

EPHRAM: Okay. Uh… So then, y’know,I’ll just… I’ll give you a call or…

AMY: Okay.


AMY: I should go.

EPHRAM: Oh, yeah. Me too. . . ‘Cause I’m hungry.

[They smile almost giddy.]

AMY: I got it.


[Amy walks away and Ephram gets his books out of his locker as the school bell rings.]

[Cut to Abbott House – Master Bedroom – Dr. Abbott is looking through Princeton papers and Rose is standing at the bathroom door. They are in their pajamas.]

DR. ABBOTT: The housing on this campus is simply phenomenal. Who cares if it costs more than our mortgage payments? It’s Princeton! Am I right?

[Rose looks at Dr. Abbott still looking like she doesn’t feel good.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT’D): Still no better? Y’know, perhaps you should take something to help you sleep. A full eight hours might be just the thing…

ROSE: I don’t think sleep is going to help, dear. Frankly, I no longer believe this is all stress related.

[Rose walks around the bed and takes off her robe and sits on the bed.]

DR. ABBOTT: I see. So what is your diagnosis?

ROSE: Well, I’m always tired. No matter how much sleep I get, my back aches. Frankly, everything aches from my breasts to my ankles. And recently, I have been feeling a bit queasy.

DR. ABBOTT: Perhaps you should come in tomorrow; I’ll do a complete work up. Some antibiotics might be in order.

ROSE: I don’t think that’ll be necessary either.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh really now. And when exactly did you obtain your medical license?

[Rose turns around on the bed to look at Dr. Abbott firmly.]

ROSE: Listen to me, Harold…

[Dr. Abbott nods to listen.]

ROSE (CONT’D): The last time I felt this way was 18 years ago. Come to think of it, it’ll be 18 years 9 months in September.

DR. ABBOTT: September? What are you…?

[Dr. Abbott catches Rose’s comment and they look at each other. Rose looks a little scared.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT’D): Oh dear lord. Don’t tell me.

ROSE: I’m not sure. But, yes, I think I… might be pregnant.

[Dr. Abbott has a giddy grin on his face as Rose climbs into bed.]


[Dr. Abbott looks at Rose as she lays in bed.]

[Cut to Nina’s house – Dr. Hartman and Brian are sitting at the table drinking wine. Nina is cleaning away the dishes on the table.]

DR. HARTMAN: It’s good, right? Wine Spectator gave it a ninety-six.

BRIAN: Stop trying to impress her, she’s already sleeping with ya.


DR. HARTMAN: (to Nina) See? Nothing but rude.

NINA: Yeah, I need to go check on Sam. Make sure he’s actually sleeping and not playing Game Boy under the covers again. Brian, there is ice cream in the freezer so please help yourself.

BRIAN: Thank you.

[Nina leaves to check on Sam leaving Dr. Hartman and Brian at the table to drink wine.]

BRIAN: Well, you were right, man. She’s awesome.

DR. HARTMAN: I told you.

BRIAN: And this cooking? What is that about?

DR. HARTMAN: I know. Wait ‘til tomorrow night. She’s got this feast planned.

BRIAN: Cool. No, I totally get it, man. She’s a real sweetheart. (then) So when are you breaking up with her?

DR. HARTMAN: What’re you talking about? You just said…

BRIAN: She’s great. For here. We working on a scale system or you want a real grade?

DR. HARTMAN: You know what? You’re a dick . . .

[Dr. Hartman gets up from the table and throws his napkin in his chair and walks out on the back patio. Brian follows. Dr. Hartman starts picking up Sam’s toys.]

BRIAN: You told me to be honest.

DR. HARTMAN: Shut up. I’m serious.

BRIAN: What? You’re planning on staying here forever? You gonna move into this house? Dude, it’s smaller than our old place on Martel. And we had roommates then.

DR. HARTMAN: It’s a good house.

BRIAN: It’s all good. But none of it’s great. You’re taking a step backwards and you know it. I know you know it.

DR. HARTMAN: Nina is better than all of the women I ever dated in LA, put together.

[Brian sits on a wicker couch on the patio.]

BRIAN: Nina is a divorced waitress who’s never been outside the red states.

DR. HARTMAN: Hey, I’ll have you know that Colorado was a very tight election. Very tight.

BRIAN: Okay. Tell me one thing you guys have in common. One thing and I’ll back off.

[Dr. Hartman hesitates with an answer then…]

DR. HARTMAN: You know what? I’m not playing this game with you, okay. I don’t need your approval.

BRIAN: No, what you need is a shot in the ass. (gets up) Look, in case you forgot, your life back home rocked. You had a house people would kill for, insanely hot girlfriends, a kick-ass practice. You gave it all up for what? To-To play house?

[Dr. Hartman doesn’t answer.]

BRIAN (CONT’D): Look, you did not cause that kid’s death, J. He did it to himself. Your name just happened to be on the bottle.

DR. HARTMAN: I shouldn’t have prescribed it.

BRIAN: Yeah. you went down a bad road, everybody has. But you learn from it. You can’t have to punish yourself forever.

DR. HARTMAN: I’m not punish . . . That’s not what this is.

BRIAN: Okay, maybe not yet. But in a few months, you’re gonna get bored of this place and you’re gonna wanna be back in LA where you belong. And if you like this girl, save her the heartache and get out now.

[Nina walks out on the patio interrupting the conversation.]

NINA: What, no ice cream? C’mon, boys. Don’t make me eat it alone.

DR. HARTMAN: Oh, we were waiting for you, babe.

[Nina smiles and goes back in the house. Dr. Hartman looks at Brian and Brian shrugs at him. Brian walks in the house and leaves Dr. Hartman confused on the patio.] BRIAN: Ice cream…



[Fade in – Abbott master bedroom – Dr. Abbott is smiling widely around his desk. Rose is in the bathroom.]

DR. ABBOTT: How’s it going in there, my dear?

[Dr. Abbott walks over to the door to listen for an answer.]

ROSE (behind the bathroom door): I’m peeing on a stick. It’s as thrilling as it sounds.

DR. ABBOTT: So which would you prefer? A boy or girl? Oh, I forgot. Doesn’t matter. Just pink and perfect and appropriately fingered and toed.

ROSE: Harold…

DR. ABBOTT: Sit. Sit. Sit.

[Rose sits down on the bed. Dr. Abbott is scampering around the room.]

DR. ABBOTT: So, I, uh, took the liberty of perusing the Babies R Us website, I couldn’t sleep last night. You would not believe the cost of a quality stroller these days.

ROSE: You don’t say.

DR. ABBOTT: Yeah, I also googled swing sets just for the heck of it. (sitting next to Rose) Trust me you would be thoroughly shocked by what came up. It had nothing to do with playground equipment.

[Dr. Abbott gives Rose some papers to look at.]

ROSE: Strollers and yard toys. Don’t you think we should wait for the results first.

[Dr. Abbott goes over to his desk and opens his laptop to search.]

DR. ABBOTT: I suppose patience is a virtue for a reason, but you have to admit, it’s all rather exciting, isn’t it?

[Rose doesn’t answer and Dr. Abbott looks up when she doesn’t.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT’D): Isn’t it?

ROSE: I don’t know. (walks over to him) It’s just not something I was planning.

[Dr. Abbott shrugs his head saying he understands.]

ROSE (CONT’D): I was all ready for the empty nest syndrome. (closing his laptop) I never expected to be breastfeeding again at my age.

DR. ABBOTT: You having second thoughts?

ROSE: I haven’t had time for first thoughts. We haven’t actually discussed this yet.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, forgive me, I didn’t realize we had any thing to discuss.

[The timer rings and they both look at it. Rose goes back into the bathroom to check the result. Dr. Abbott follows closely but not too close. She looks at the test and Dr. Abbott stands at the door waiting for her response.]

ROSE: It’s negative.

DR. ABBOTT (disappointed): Well, I suppose that’s that.

[Dr. Abbott walks away from the bathroom. Rose follows slowly behind confused.]

ROSE: How accurate are these things?

DR. ABBOTT: Fairly. Of course, there’s always a possibility… Why?

ROSE: Well, I know my body, Harold. Call me crazy, but I trust myself more than a plastic stick from a grocery store.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, why don’t you come by the office later. We’ll draw some blood, see if we get a more accurate result.

ROSE: If it’s all right with you, I’d rather go to Edna. You haven’t been able to locate my vein since med school.

DR. ABBOTT: That’s fine. (turning) I suppose I should be get back to work.

ROSE: Yeah, I need to as well.

[Rose heads back into the bathroom and Dr. Abbott watches her. They both seem sad by the result.]

[Cut to Grocery Store – Nina and Brian are walking around gathering ingredients for dinner. Brian is following Nina with a bag of potato chips.]

NINA: You are gonna ruin your appetite.

BRIAN: Wow, you said that just like my mom.

NINA: Yeah, well, we all get the same training tapes.

[Brian grabs for some Canola oil and hands it to Nina.]

BRIAN: Canola’s better, right?

NINA: Yeah, works for me. Do you cook?

BRIAN: Hell, no. But for some reason, I love cooking shows - - can’t get enough that Iron Chef. I like watching Oleg do it, but I feel no need to try it myself.

NINA: Well, I like cooking for Jake. Sam only gets excited if I make something in the franks and beans family. But your brother will eat anything.

BRIAN: Yeah.

NINA: I’ve tried recipes on him I wasn’t even sure [U]I’d[/U] want to eat and he’s always a trooper.

BRIAN: You’re in love with him, aren’t you?

NINA (blushing): What?

BRIAN (CONT’D): It’s okay. I’m not gonna say anything to him. But, umm, you might want to at some point.

NINA: I don’t think that we’re there yet. Or I don’t know if we are. We’ll just see what happens.

BRIAN: Yeah, well, I’d tell him sooner rather than later, if I were you. That way, he might bring you back to LA when he comes home.

[Nina looks shocked by Brian’s remark.]

BRIAN (CONT’D): Look, umm, so here’s the deal – and by the way, I feel like a total ass now for doing it – but, uh, I kinda told Jake to break up with ya.

NINA: Really? That was sweet of you.

[Nina takes off down the aisle, Brian rushes to catch her.]

BRIAN: Hold up. Wait. Let me explain. Look, I know for a fact that Jake’s gonna wind up moving back to L.A. I told him to break up with you to save you the heartache. So technically, I was looking out for you.

NINA: Why do you think he’s moving back to L.A.? Did he say something to you?

BRIAN: No, I just know he doesn’t belong here. The guy sticks out.

NINA: No, he doesn’t stick out. He [U]stands[/U] out, and you’ve only been here for one day, so maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself.

[Nina takes off down the aisle.]

BRIAN: He’s broke, Nina.

[Nina stops and faces Brian once again.]

BRIAN (CONT’D): Look, I’ve been doing his books, and, uh, he’s not making a third of what he used to. So he’s not standing out enough, if you know what I mean.

NINA: No. I don’t.

BRIAN: He’s got, uh, malpractice costs, med school loans, plus he’s got his payments on his place in L.A.

NINA: He still has a place there?

BRIAN: Look, I-I came out here to help him. And I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I’d give a rat’s about you. But now that I’ve met you – I like you, Nina. I mean, I don’t know if I see you two in it for the long haul, but, uh, who knows?

[Nina just looks off confused.]

BRIAN (CONT’D): Anyway, I just, uh, I wanted to give you the head’s up.

[Brian walks off leaving Nina to take in everything he just said.]

[Cut to Boutique Shop – Amy and Hannah are looking through dresses for Amy for her date with Ephram.]

AMY: What do you think about this one?

HANNAH: Uh, it’s a little dull. I mean, you wanna look hot, don’t you?

AMY: Damn, girl. Three dates with Topher and suddenly you’re Paris Hilton.

HANNAH (blushing): Two and a half. Lunch doesn’t count as a whole date. I just think you and Ephram should start off with more of a bang.

AMY: Yes, but we’re not technically starting. It’s more like we almost got cancelled then everyone decided that they loved us, so we got picked up for another season.

HANNAH (laughing): You watch way too much TV.

AMY: Besides, it’s gonna take a while for Ephram and I to get completely back to normal. I don’t want to freak him out with an overly sexy dress.

HANNAH: Okay, that’s fair. But I really don’t think it’s gonna take as long as you think. I mean, if you can get through this. This was like a Greek tragedy. It should be easy peezy from here on out.

AMY: Okay, don’t say anything.

HANNAH: Obviously.

AMY: Obviously, but I’m starting to feel like Ephram and I could really work. Y’know, like forever. I mean, you’re right we have been through everything horrible that could possibly happen and we’re still madly in love with each other. And I know we’re still in high school, but…

HANNAH: SO!! SO!! That’s when my parents met. Same as yours. They’re all still together.

AMY: Yeah, but things were different back then.

HANNAH: Why? You and Ephram just went through your first big cycle, but it was only your first, you’re gonna have a million more and I will be there to take care of your grandchildren when you need a little private nookie time.

AMY: Ehew.

HANNAH: Senior citizens make out. I have heard the stories about your grandma.

AMY: Okay, you have officially lost your maid of honor status.

[Amy takes off into the dressing room.]

[Cut to Dr. Hartman’s office – Dr. Hartman bolts into his office. Dr. Abbott and Rose are sitting in the chairs in front of his desk waiting patiently.

DR. HARTMAN: Well, you’re not pregnant, but no real surprise there. Right?

[Rose and Dr. Abbott look at each other shocked. Dr. Hartman walks behind his desk and notices their facial expressions.]

DR. HARTMAN (CONT’D): Uh, sorry, I figured you knew.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, if we knew, we wouldn’t be here, Doctor.

ROSE: I’ll admit I am surprised. I truly thought that… Well, never mind.

[Dr. Hartman sits in his chair behind his desk.]

DR. HARTMAN: Well, hey. If you guys are interested in conceiving, there’s a lot of stuff we could try. We should just get a sample from you, Hal, just to check sperm count, motility.

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, yeah, you needn’t concern yourself with my motility, Doctor.

[Dr. Abbott gets up to leave.]

DR. ABBOTT (CONT’D): And I don’t think we require any further assistance…

ROSE: Maybe we do.

[Dr. Abbott looks at Rose questioning her comment.]

ROSE (CONT’D): For the last few weeks, you’ve been telling me that my symptoms were all stress related.

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, and you were convinced that you were pregnant.

ROSE: I am not the doctor.

DR. ABBOTT: Glad you finally understand that.

DR. HARTMAN (clears throat): Uh, Any who. (standing up) I was actually trying to, uh, cut out of here early today, my brother’s in town visiting.

[Rose stands up.]

ROSE: Tell me something, Dr. Hartman. If I were a patient of yours, and I came to you complaining of back problems, constant fatigue…

DR. ABBOTT: Don’t exaggerate, Rose.

ROSE: Nausea?

DR. HARTMAN: Uh, okay. Well, it’s a little early, but it might be menopause. You’re whole body can get thrown all out of whack even fighting off a localized issue. But seeing as you’re having back troubles, I might also want to rule out a compression fracture, osteoporosis…

DR. ABBOTT: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, I can do the X-Ray.

ROSE: Excuse me, but I asked Dr. Hartman.

DR. ABBOTT: Where on earth is this hostility coming from, Rose? You can’t be upset with the result, since you made it abundantly clear how little you want…

[Dr. Hartman is just a bystander listening in on the argument.]

ROSE: Don’t even presume to understand how I am feeling, Harold Abbott.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, you certainly implied…

ROSE: No, you inferred as you so often do. All I did was express my concern at the prospect of being pregnant again.

DR. HARTMAN: All righty then, I’m just gonna…

DR. ABBOTT: That is most certainly not the impression you gave. You let me presume that I was the only one with any hopeful interest in the idea. You should’ve just said…

ROSE: You were busy shopping for strollers.

DR. ABBOTT: Online. It took all of two minutes. It’s not as if I drove the minivan to Sears for…

ROSE: So now you want a minivan?

[Dr. Abbott looks confused.]

ROSE (CONT’D): Oh, just forget it. I have to get back to the office. I’ve missed enough work as it is.

[Rose grabs her coat and takes off out of the office. Dr. Abbott looks at Dr. Hartman confused. Dr. Hartman thinks about saying something.]

DR. ABBOTT: Just shut up.

[Dr. Abbott walks out of the office frustrated and Dr. Hartman sits back in his chair.]



[Fade in – Abbott House – Ephram is walking up to the front door and rings the doorbell. Inside, Bright is playing a racing game on the TV. He gets up and answers the door.]

BRIGHT: Uh, huh. Nice to see you still recognize quality advice when you hear it.

EPHRAM: What are you talkin’ about now?

[Ephram walks in and Bright walks around him and back to the couch.]

BRIGHT: You and Amy back on the “llloovvee” train. I heard about your big date and I’d like to think that I had a little bit to do with that.

EPHRAM: Whoa, whoa, first of all, there’s no love train. Okay, and it’s not even technically a date. We’re just hanging out. Y’know, seeing how it goes.

BRIGHT: Really. Oh.

EPHRAM: Oh. What do you mean, oh? Why do – why do you say “Oh” like that for? What’s that suppose to mean?

BRIGHT: Does Amy know that it’s not a date? ‘Cause the mood around here’s basically been that you two have moved back to coupleville?

EPHRAM: What? No. Did she say that?

BRIGHT: Pretty much.

EPHRAM: I didn’t even… I…. Oh, man… Look, it’s not like I don’t miss her. I do miss her, but I just… I can’t- I can’t be a boyfriend again. I’m not- I’m not ready yet. Too much has happened. Y’know, I need to figure some things out.

BRIGHT: Well, you probably should have told her all that stuff before she bought the dress.

EPHRAM: She-she went shopping? I… I said, “Let’s hang out.”

BRIGHT: Dude, you don’t have to pop an aneurism over this. Okay, all you gotta do is say something to her. Let her know where you’re coming from. Buy yourself a little time.

EPHRAM: Yeah. You’re right. I can do that.

BRIGHT: Oh, and whatever you land, you better do it fast, because Amy knows what she wants and it’s you.

[Amy walks down the stairs into the foyer and grabs her coat. Ephram turns toward her.]

AMY: Hi, you ready to go?

[Ephram smiles and they both head out the door.]

BRIGHT: You kids have fun.

[The door closes.]

[Cut to Dr. Hartman’s kitchen – Nina is cooking, Dr. Hartman is helping out, Brian and Dr. Brown are chatting.]

BRIAN: So, Andy, it’s real rad, that you’re the big celebrity around here?

DR. BROWN: Well, the bar is set pretty low.

BRIAN: Eh, don’t listen to him. The cover of [I]Time[/I] counts as pole vault height.

NINA: He’s always been fond, but he’s the best we can do out here.

BRIAN: Cocktails at 5:30, dinner at 6:30, it’s been a while since I’ve eaten this early.

[Nina gives a glaring look at Brian.]

BRIAN (CONT’D): I mean, back home the good restaurants don’t even open until 7.

NINA: Well, we have to get to bed early around here so we can get up and milk the cows.

DR. HARTMAN (laughing): She’s kidding. She doesn’t have any cows. Although, he does have a point, the pace of things in this town does take a little getting use to.

NINA: Really? I didn’t know you were so bored.

[Dr. Brown tries to change the subject.]

DR. BROWN: Do I smell cumin? I love cumin.

DR. HARTMAN: That’s not what I meant. Umm… Andy, help me out here. You must’ve had a hard time making the transition from New York.

NINA: Yes, Andy, why don’t you help Jake out here?

DR. BROWN: No. No, it’s-it’s paprika. That’s what it is. They’re both reddish, I get them two confused.

BRIAN: Do you watch the Iron Chef?

DR. BROWN: I do.

BRIAN: I love that show. You notice how the guy looks exactly like…

[Nina slams the oven door shut and all the guys look at her.]

NINA: Sorry, it slipped.

[Nina walks over to the stove and then burns her hand.]

NINA (CONT’D): Owww!!! Dammit.

[Dr. Hartman walks over to look at her hand and walks her over to the sink.]

DR. HARTMAN: You all right?

NINA: No, I just burned my hand.

DR. HARTMAN: Here. Come here. Come here.

NINA: I’m fine. It’s just your kitchen… It was stupid to cook over here.

DR. HARTMAN: Well, we could’ve done it at your place.

NINA: I’m sorry. You know what, I’m, uh, I’m just exhausted and to tell you the truth, I’m not that hungry so… Umm, why don’t you guys just have a boy’s night.


[Nina seems angry and heads to leave.]

NINA: No, seriously, that way, uh, you guys could all eat at 8 or 9 or whenever. And then you can all pretend you’re back in a big city.

[Nina takes off out the door. The boys looked stunned.]

BRIAN: So… Any good bars in this town?

[Cut to Dr. Abbott’s office – Dr. Abbott and Rose are waiting for results of her X-Ray.]

DR. ABBOTT: Louise should be back with that X-ray in just a few minutes?

ROSE: That’s fine.

[Dr. Abbott sits at his desk.]

DR. ABBOTT: What do you want from me, Rose? Should I continue in my attempt to understand what is going through that head of yours or would you prefer to be left alone? Frankly, I’m lost.

ROSE: I-I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Harold.

[Rose walks up to Dr. Abbott’s desk.]

DR. ABBOTT: The X-Ray? Oh, no, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

ROSE: No, I don’t mean that. I mean, you were right initially I didn’t want another child. It just seemed like an exhausting prospect. But then I…

DR. ABBOTT: Then what?

ROSE: Well, once I got past my anxieties about the actual pregnancy and started thinking about the possible baby, I really wanted her.

DR. ABBOTT: A “her” was it?

ROSE: Appropriately fingered and toed, but I was hoping for a girl. Is that crazy?

DR. ABBOTT: To want another child at our age? (gets up and sits on his desk) I don’t know, Geena Davis seems to be doing okay. I have to be honest with you, Rose, I never felt more useful in this world than the day I became a father. I-I never saw more clearly what I was put on earth for.

ROSE: We raised two wonderful children – with good hearts.

DR. ABBOTT: The girl’s going to Princeton for heaven’s sake. I would say we did fantastic. (gets up and walks around Rose) You know, Rose, I was, uh, reading this article about this woman in Budapest had a baby in her 70s.

[Rose turns to look at Dr. Abbott.]

ROSE: Well, we got a couple of decades on her.

DR. ABBOTT: We could try if you want.

ROSE: Really?

[They get closer to one another and are just about to kiss when Louise walks in with the X-ray. Rose notices Louise and backs away from Dr. Abbott.]

LOUISE: Dr. Abbott? Here you go.

[Louise hands the X-Ray to Dr. Abbott.]

DR. ABBOTT: Yes. Thank you.

LOUISE: Uh, do you need me for anything else?

DR. ABBOTT: No, that should be all. Thank you, Louise.

[Louise walks out of the room backwards and shyly. Dr. Abbott walks the X-Ray over to the light screen and looks at the X-ray.]

ROSE: I wonder when’s the best time to start trying again?


ROSE: I’m free tonight.

[Rose walks up behind Dr. Abbott and hugs him.]

DR. ABBOTT: Sounds good to me. Well, I see no visible fractures. Wish the resolution was better. We’ll set up a scan just to be certain. Much better detail.

ROSE: Mmm, whatever you think. I better get home and start dinner. Will you be long?

DR. ABBOTT: Uh, I just have some paperwork to wrap up. Be right behind ya.

[The kiss and Rose leaves. Dr. Abbott continues to look at the X-ray.]

[Cut to Dr. Hartman’s kitchen – Dr. Brown and Dr. Hartman are snacking on leftovers and chatting over some wine.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, God. (eating risotto out of the pot)

DR. HARTMAN: I know.

DR. BROWN: This is amazing.

DR. HARTMAN: It’s like she’s magic.


DR. HARTMAN: So what am I doing, right?

DR. BROWN: Hey, I didn’t say anything.

DR. HARTMAN: No, but you were thinking it. I don’t know, man. I don’t know what the hell happened.

DR. BROWN: I tell you what happened. Your brother came here and decided to stir the pot. That’s what families do. That’s what makes the holidays so fun.

DR. HARTMAN: I know. And I knew, Brian would pull this crap. He always does. I just didn’t think I’d be so susceptible to it. I thought I was happy.

DR. BROWN: Well, you see happy.

DR. HARTMAN: Well, maybe I’m not. I mean, if I was, wouldn’t I be more, sure about everything.

DR. BROWN: No, not necessarily. You know, I got the same pitch when I first got here. “You’re crazy. You’re gonna miss the city. You’ll never last a year.” I heard them all.

DR. HARTMAN: So what made you stop listening?

DR. BROWN: I don’t know. It wasn’t any great epiphany or anything.

DR. HARTMAN: Maybe Brian’s right. I mean, maybe I do need to spend half my day alone on the freeway to be happy.

DR. BROWN: That’s a load of crap. I know what you gave up and I know what you’ve got here and it’s worth it.

DR. HARTMAN: You mean, she’s worth it.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. I’m gonna tell you something. I was a disaster when I got here. And not just as a parent but as a person. Nina was the first friend I had and probably the only person I talked to. And she saved me from myself more times than she should have.

DR. HARTMAN: Yeah, I hear ya, man.

DR. BROWN: Do you? Really? ‘Cause you’re not gonna find anyone like her in L.A.

DR. HARTMAN: I just figured something out. Yeah, it took me awhile. I couldn’t quite see it at first, but the way you talk about her. The way you guys are so close, I totally get it now.

DR. BROWN: Get what?

DR. HARTMAN: Why Nina was in love with you.

[Dr. Brown looks stunned by Dr. Hartman’s comment.]

DR. HARTMAN (CONT’D): You knew that. I mean, you’re a pretty perceptive guy. You had to at least know that the possibility was there for you guys. The big irony is I actually told her to go for it.

DR. BROWN: Is that right?

DR. HARTMAN: Umm, hmm. Of course at the time, I didn’t know it was you she was talking about. I don’t know if I would’ve been up for that kind of competition. Anyway, it makes sense to me now why you didn’t go for it. You wouldn’t want to risk a friendship like that. That’s a beautiful thing. It really is. You’re a helluva lot stronger than I am. That’s for sure. But good for you.

DR. BROWN: Well, like I said. I wouldn’t’ve made it here without her.

DR. HARTMAN: Thanks for the talk, Andy.

DR. BROWN: Any time.

[Dr. Hartman leaves the kitchen, leaving Dr. Brown to ponder what Dr. Hartman said.]

[Cut to Sidewalk in Town – Amy and Ephram are walking down the sidewalk during their “date”.]

AMY: So I’ve been thinking about something.

EPHRAM: Oh, yeah?

AMY: Umm, hmm.

EPHRAM: Uh, you want to grab some coffee?

AMY: Oh, yeah, sure. So I know it’s a little early, but umm, I think I’ve decided to go to Princeton.

EPHRAM: That’s-That’s awesome.

AMY: Umm, hmm. No. No, it just seems like the right thing to do. Y’know, my dad’s all excited about it and the cost of living in New Jersey…

EPHRAM: Way cheaper than New York. I’m sure your dad will cover your dorm fees though.

AMY: Actually, I meant for you.

EPHRAM: For me.

AMY: Umm, hmm, yeah. I mean, I’m sure my dad would freak out if he thought we were gonna share an apartment, especially freshman year, but, umm, you could find a place close to campus. Commute to New York maybe.

EPHRAM: Uh, what am I doing in New York exactly?

AMY: Whatever you want. That’s the great thing about it, right? I mean, you can do anything or everything.

[Ephram does not know how to respond so he remains silent.]

AMY (CONT’D): Or if New Jersey’s too far, I mean, I could-I could definitely choose a school in the city.

EPHRAM: Look, I-I don’t know if I really want to live in the city next year. I-I don’t know-I don’t know what I want to do. I have no clue.

AMY: So you’re gonna stay in Everwood?


AMY: Where are you gonna go?

EPHRAM: I-I-I don’t know. That’s what I’m trying to explain to you. I-I-I just y’know have no idea.

[Ephram walks a little ahead of Amy. Amy stops and Ephram turns around.]

AMY: Why don’t you come with me?

EPHRAM: Look, Amy, I don’t know exactly what we’re doing here. Y’know, I thought we were just hangin’ out. Y’know, maybe getting a bite to eat or somethin’.

AMY: Yeah, we are.

EPHRAM: Look, it’s just you-you can’t plan your life around me anymore. I mean, I’m so happy for you right now, you have no idea. This Princeton thing, this is great. This is actually where you should be goin’. I’m so relieved that I wrote that essay right now.

AMY: Wait, you… What essay?

EPHRAM: The Princeton essay.

AMY: You wrote it?

EPHRAM: Well, yeah, I mean, your dad filled out the application, but I wrote the essay.

[Amy shakes her head understanding what happened now.]

AMY: Hmm…

EPHRAM: I’m sorry, I thought you knew.

AMY: No, I-I just thought that my dad did it.

EPHRAM: No, but I mean, you knew he asked me to, right?

AMY: No, yeah, I remember.

EPHRAM: So, I did… I mean, It’s no big deal. You got because of your grades not ‘cause of some essay.

[Amy shakes her head.]

EPHRAM (CONT’D): Look, the thing is, you should be going wherever you want to go. Princeton, Harvard, whatever you think is best. But you can’t make me a part of those decisions any more. Not right at least. I’m just, I’m too…

AMY: No, yeah, of course. I get it.

EPHRAM: Coffee?

[Ephram motions toward the coffee house.]

AMY: Sure.

[Amy is smiling trying to hide her disappointment.]



[Fade in – Dr. Hartman’s House – Dr. Hartman is making himself breakfast in the kitchen when Brian walks in.]

BRIAN: Hey, so what happened last night? I closed the place down waiting for you. Sadly, closing time was eleven o’clock.

DR. HARTMAN: I didn’t really feel like going out.

BRIAN: Yeah, Nina seemed pissed. Did you guys work it out?

[Dr. Hartman gives him a look saying, “What do you think?” Dr. Hartman walks into his den and Brian follows. They sit down around a coffee table.]

BRIAN (CONT’D): Look, I’m sorry. I’m an idiot with women, you know that.

DR. HARTMAN: Yeah, it never seems to stop ya from weighing in.

BRIAN: Hey, family duty. I’m just calling it like I see it. You’re planning on settling down with her…

DR. HARTMAN: No, I’m not [U]planning[/U] on anything, man. I met her, I like her, and we were doing just fine until you showed up.

BRIAN: Look, I can’t help it. This is what I do. I get people see the big picture. I figure out exit strategies.

DR. HARTMAN: Okay, you wanna plan strategies. You stick to your 1040’s and retirement accounts and all that and then maybe I’ll listen.

[Brian pulls out papers from his briefcase.]

BRIAN: Okay, fine. Then let’s do this.

[Brian drops the papers on the coffee table.]

BRIAN (CONT’D): That’s your AGI from last year’s return, and this is it from 2004. What does that tell you?

DR. HARTMAN: I don’t know. This one’s . . . smaller.

BRIAN: Yeah, damn straight. You’ve got a serious revenue issue, bro. I’ve run the numbers ten different ways, and you’re not gonna make it if you don’t ramp up that patient load.

DR. HARTMAN: Well, that’s kinda tough to do with two other doctors in town.

BRIAN: You used to rake it in with those chemical peels and micro-dermabrasions. Pin an ear back now and then? Do a little lipo?

DR. HARTMAN: Eh, doubt there’d be much interest for that kind of stuff around here.

BRIAN: You kidding me? You could buy a Lexus just starting with the chicks I saw last night. They were actually watching wrestling on TV. Swear to God.

DR. HARTMAN (laughing) You are a truly bad man.

BRIAN: Look, do what you want. But I’m telling ya, you’re not going to survive, if you don’t do something. Especially if you plan on taking care of Nina and Sam on top of everything else.

DR. HARTMAN: She doesn’t need me to take care of her.

BRIAN: Maybe not, but you’ll want to.

[A car horn honks a few times.]

BRIAN (CONT’D): That’d be my ride.

[They get up and hug. Brian walks toward the door and gabs his bags. Dr. Hartman follows slowly.]

DR. HARTMAN: Fly safe.

BRIAN: Yeah.

DR. HARTMAN: Call me when you get home.

BRIAN: Oh, hey, one more thing . . . It’s cool if I ask Cameron out, right?

DR. HARTMAN: Like she’d say yes.

[They laugh and Brian walks out the door leaving Dr. Hartman to ponder what Brian said.]

[Cut to Amy’s bedroom – Amy is staring off into space, while Dr. Abbott walks up to the door.]

DR. ABBOTT: Sweetheart, your mother and I are going to be gone for a few hours. You think you can handle dinner by yourself?

AMY (distracted): Oh, yeah. That’s-that’s fine.

[Dr. Abbott walks into the room seeming concerned.]

DR. ABBOTT: You okay?

AMY: Yeah, I’m fine. You guys have a good time.

[Dr. Abbott seems still concerned but leaves the room. Amy opens her jewelry box and pulls out the necklace Ephram gave her and she goes to put it on in the mirror and hesitates.]

[Cut to scene from Act Four of “Best Laid Plans” – Ephram is helping and Amy put the necklace on in the store window.]

[Cut back to Amy staring in the mirror in her room.]

[Cut to Nina’s front yard – Nina is planting flowers in a flower bed and Dr. Hartman walks up with a cooking pot in his hand.]

DR. HARTMAN: So, a little tip. When removing caked on risotto, a toothbrush works better than steel wool, especially when it’s your brother’s. (shows Nina the pot) All clean.

NINA: Oh, thank you. That’s actually yours.

[Nina gets up and grabs more plants off the front porch to plant. Dr. Hartman follows.]

DR. HARTMAN: You’re kidding. Man, if I knew that, I wouldn’t’ve so much time cleaning it. Look, about last night…

NINA: Brian thinks you should go home.

DR. HARTMAN: What? That’s not…

NINA: I got the full critique while we were shopping. He was pretty frank. Brutal, but, uh, in kind of a nice way.

DR. HARTMAN: Yeah. God, I am so sorry. He can be such a…

NINA: Brother. It’s all he was being.

[Nina walks back down to the flower bed to plant more flowers. Dr. Hartman follows.]

NINA (CONT’D): It’s okay, he loves you. He knows you better than me. So maybe he’s right, y’know, maybe you should go back to Los Angeles.

DR. HARTMAN: No. Stop it. Outside of a balance sheet, he has no idea what I need. He’s certainly doesn’t know what I want.

[Nina keeps planting and does not respond.]

DR. HARTMAN (CONT’D): Not that he’s entirely wrong about Everwood, but I mean, as much as I love this place, if you weren’t here…

NINA: Jake?

DR. HARTMAN (bending down beside Nina): Maybe I was running when I came here, maybe-maybe I was punishing myself or something, but that doesn’t matter, because everything’s changed now.

NINA: It has?

DR. HARTMAN (makes Nina look at him): Yes, it has. You say yes, when you mean yes. You say no, when you mean no. There’s no game, no pretending. I’ve never had that before ever with anybody. I’m just me. And so far, you’re still here.

NINA: Yeah, well, I’m not going anywhere.

[Nina gets up and Dr. Hartman gets up too. He stops her.]

DR. HARTMAN: Neither am I. Neither am I. I love ya.

[They stare into one another’s eyes.]

DR. HARTMAN (CONT’D): I love you.

NINA: I love you too.

[They kiss on the sidewalk.]

[Cut to the Brown kitchen – Ephram is pouring him a glass of orange juice, when he sees Amy walking up to the back door and knocking. He walks over and opens it.]


AMY: Hi. I know it’s late, thanks for letting me come by.

EPHRAM: Yeah, of course. Uh, come on in.

[Amy walks in and they both sit at the kitchen table.]

AMY: Can I ask you something’?

EPHRAM: Sure anything.

AMY: Do you remember when you gave me this? (holding up the necklace he gave her)

EPHRAM: Uh, of course, we’d just gotten out of the movies. Uh, it was when that whole stupid STD test was happening.

AMY: Oh, right. Forgot about that. I was so mad at you that day.

EPHRAM: I know. I remember.

AMY: But I remember is you telling me that the circle represented infinity.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I remember that too.

AMY: I guess, I just don’t know why you said that. I’m a little bit confused.

EPHRAM: Uh, why? Uh, exactly. I mean, how so?

AMY: Well, to me, when someone says infinite, it means forever. Y’know, not like a promise of forever, I didn’t that, just more like the possibility of a forever. I guess that I thought you thought that it was possible. You never did, not really did you?

[Ephram just looks at her.]

AMY (CONT’D): You bought the necklace after you wrote the essay.

EPHRAM: I don’t know. Uh, maybe, I don’t remember. Look, when I wrote that essay…

AMY: You didn’t think we’d work. Remember that conversation too. And I remember feeling so confident that we would. I had no idea you were so not confident.

EPHRAM: No, it’s not that. It’s just I wanted you to have every possible option. When I said infinite, I meant it. I did always want you in my life, I still do in whatever way possible.

AMY: You mean like friends.

EPHRAM: Maybe. (beat) I mean, as friends, is better than not at all. Right?

AMY: So you never really thought we’d wind up together.

EPHRAM: You mean like married?

AMY: I know, it’s crazy, I’m just asking.

EPHRAM: Umm, I-I don’t know. Uh, I mean, it seems kind of unlikely, right?

[Amy nods tearful in agreement.]

EPHRAM: High school sweethearts. Kinda…

AMY: Small town.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I guess, it’s just not the way that I grew up. Not what I’m use to. I don’t know, maybe, uh, maybe part of me never did really believe that..

AMY: Believe what?

EPHRAM: I don’t know, uh… You ever really love somebody that much, y’know, en-enough for forever.

AMY: You know what’s funny about that, Ephram, is that I really did. I believed that. (beat) You what it is, this whole time, you’ve been thinking about me, always making sure that I’m okay, no matter what.

EPHRAM: Is-is that wrong?

AMY: No. No. It’s just that I was always thinking about us.

[Ephram finally gets where Amy was going with the conversation and sinks his head. Amy holds up the necklace for Ephram to see and places it on the table.]

EPHRAM: I’m sorry.

AMY: Yeah. Me too.

[Amy gets up and kisses Ephram on the top of his head and walks out the door. Ephram just sits at the kitchen table sulking.]

[Cut to Hospital – CT Scanning Room – Rose is lying down getting scanned and Dr. Abbott, a Technician, and the Oncologist are in the other room looking at the scan results.]

TECHNICIAN: Doing great, Rose. Almost done.

[The Oncologist and Dr. Abbott look at the results.]

ONCOLOGIST: Yeah, you can see it here. In the L3 vertebra. Looks like the body and the posterior spinous process are involved. (then) I’d say, tumor’s about three centimeters at this point.

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Ce soir à 21h00 sur TMC, vous pourrez retrouver Chris Pratt dans le film "Jurassic World". Il...

"Un nouveau départ"
Cet après-midi à 17h00 sur W9, vous pourrez retrouver Scott Wolf dans le téléflim "Un Nouveau...


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grims, Hier à 07:26

Qui rejoindras choup37 ? venez vous inscrire sur le quartier The Tudors ! vous pourrez choisir votre série historique préférée

Steed91, Hier à 09:13

Nouveau sondage sur Modern Family, quelle musique correspondrait le mieux à la série ?

Steed91, Hier à 09:13

Venez nombreux

SeySey, Hier à 09:40

Bonjour à vous! Nouveau duel sur le quartier Manifest! Qui mérite une place à bord du vol 828? 2 consultants de la police en compétition

sabby, Hier à 18:17

Qui n'a pas encore ouvert la case du jour du double calendrier de l'Avent d'Empire ? On vous attend

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