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#122 : Mon père ce tortionnaire

Titre en VO : "Fear Itself" - Titre en VF : "Mon père ce tortionnaire"
¤ USA : diffusé le 12/05/03 - France : diffusé le 14/03/04
¤ Scénario : John E. Pogue - Réalisation : Michael Katleman
¤ Guest-stars : Mike Erwin (Colin Hart), Nancy Everhard (Sharon Hart), Ryan Armstrong (Sam Feeny), Stephanie Niznik (Nina Feeney) et Dylan Walsh (Carl Feeney).

Suite à sa crise, Colin doit subir de nouveaux tests et Andy découvre la présence de caillots de sang qui n’avait pas été détecté la première fois. Il annonce la nouvelle à Colin qui refuse catégoriquement toute nouvelle opération.
Irv a l’occasion de passer quelques jours dans une maison au bord d’un lac mais Edna n‘est pas tranquille de le voir partir tout seul. Andy décide de partir avec son fils pour avoir un œil sur ses devoirs.
Amy rend visite à Colin qui lui annonce que tout est finit. Quand à Nina, alla a l’heureuse surprise de voir son mari, Carl, arriver chez elle mais découvre qu’il a une autre relation. Malgré sa trahison, elle lui pardonnera mais cela sera t'il suffisant ?


Bande annonce 122 (VO)

Bande annonce 122 (VO)


Plus de détails

Après son attaque, Colin subit des tests à Denver qui révèle que la cause de ses troubles récents (vomissement, saute d'humeur, attaque) est due à deux caillots de sang qui se sont logés dans le cerveau. Andy qui a repris le dossier en main conseille vivement une deuxième opération sans laquelle Colin est condamné mais celui ci refuse de repasser à nouveau par toutes les épreuves qu'il a déjà vécus.

Irv décide de partir en week-end à la pêche dans la maison qu'il a acheté en copropriété mais Edna refuse vu l'état précaire de son mari. Andy pour rassurer Edna propose à Irv de venir avec lui. En rentrant chez lui, Andy trouve Ephram en train de jouer aux jeux vidéos plutôt que d'étudier et il décide d'emmener son fils avec lui pour le week-end afin de surveiller ses révisions.

Nina a la surprise de revoir son mari Carl revenir à la maison. Celui ci a démissionné de son travail et est maintenant d'accord pour ouvrir leur magasin. Mais ce bonheur est terni par des coups de fil incessants et la découverte d'un préservatif dans les affaires de Carl qui laisse présager à Nina que Carl a eu une aventure.

La vie à la montagne n'adoucit pas les tensions entre Ephram et Andy pour embêter son père lui dit que s'il réussit ses examens avec B de moyenne il partira un mois à New York pendant l'été plutôt que une semaine comme cela est prévu mais Andy refuse. Pour se détendre Ephram part faire une balade en bateau sur le lac mais l'élise se prend dans les roseaux. En voulant la dégager, Ephram tombe en arrière sur le bord du bateau et tombe à l'eau.

Lorsqu' Amy va rendre visite à Colin celui ci est désagréable avec elle et lui reproche toujours son attitude à la fête du printemps et lui dit que tout est fini entre eux. Amy qui s'inquiète pour Colin en parle à son père qui tente de la rassurer même s'il n'est sûr de rien.

Nina reçoit alors un nouveau appel de la maîtresse de son mari à qui elle dit de renoncer à lui car Carl a décidé de revenir avec sa famille. Une voix d'homme lui dit qu'il est désolé. Carl quitte le domicile conjugal et Nina et lui comprennent qu'ils n'ont plus d'avenir ensemble, son mari lui ayant toujours menti sur sa véritable nature.

A la tombée de la nuit, Andy et Irv ne voyant pas revenir Ephram partent à sa recherche et le retrouvent dans le lac glacial. De retour au chalet, père et fils se réconcilient. Et Andy accepte qu'Ephram parte tout l'été à New York car il sait qu'il reviendra.

Colin retourne voir Amy et s'excuse pour son attitude mais il refuse de la faire souffrir à nouveau car son état n'ira pas en s'améliorant. Malgré cela, Amy décide rester auprès de Colin.


[Open on Colin who is having some sort of test being done on him.]

NARRATOR: They say that patience is a virtue. That good things come to those who wait. But of course they also say "He who hesitates is lost".

TECHNICIAN: Colin. How are you doing? Are you OK?

COLIN: Yeah.

[We pan out to see James Hart, the Technician, and Dr. Brown on the other side of the glass from where Colin is being tested. The Technician is using a microphone to speak to Colin.]

TECHNICIAN: You're doing great. Almost finished.

DR. BROWN: Thrombus is in the basal artery, feeding the cerebellum.

JAMES: That's what caused the seizure?

DR. BROWN: Effectively, yes. And the other symptoms too. The nausea, the mood swings. Most likely the seizure was caused when a smaller piece broke away from the mass and briefly disrupted the blood flow to somewhere else.

JAMES: So there's two of these clots now?

DR. BROWN: Well, not necessarily. The smaller fragment might have broken up and dissolved into the bloodstream. That's what we hope for in a case like this and it would explain why there's only been one seizure so far.

[Pan down so we can see Colin's brain on a computer screen (on the right, it says "Scan in Progress"). Dr. Brown points to certain places on it while he explains.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) My concern now is that this original thrombus or another larger fragment from it will migrate and possibly create a greater occlusion elsewhere. That's what we need to try and stop.

JAMES: Why didn't we find this sooner? I mean, there's so many tests. It...

DR. BROWN: Well, for the same reason there wasn't any seizures before. The mass needs to reach a certain minimal size before it will show up as an anomaly. Unfortunately, that's also when it can do the most damage.

JAMES: Is it operable?

DR. BROWN: Yes. We'd use catheters to reach the vessel and then right here, we'd use a laser to break the clot apart. Ideally, the resulting particles would be so small they'd be harmless. But you should be aware that given the areas of the brain we'll be dealing with, if the laser damaged the arterial wall or if the catheter itself perforated the artery, we wouldn't be able to stop the bleeding.

JAMES: I haven't thanked you. For coming back on as Colin's doctor.

DR. BROWN: Oh, don't worry about that. I'm glad to help.

JAMES: Before when we told, when we told you that, well, we really just thought the worst was over.

DR. BROWN: You just did what you thought was best. Why don't we focus now on trying to help Colin? His next two weeks are critical. Talk to him, talk to your wife, and lemme know what you decide.

[Pan back over to Colin who looks a little scared as his father looks on from across the way.]

NARRATOR: Unfortunately, sometimes what looks like patience on the outside is really fear underneath like so much sheeps' clothing wrapped around a very clever wolf.



[Open on the exterior of Dr. Brown's practice.]

IRV'S VOICE: You know the place is booked solid till winter.

[Cut to the interior. In one of the examination rooms, Irv and Edna are in the middle of a fight while Edna is putting stuff away.]

IRV: And I tried to get the time changed.

EDNA: And you know you can't go alone in your condition.

IRV: My only condition is being married to a woman...

EDNA: Don't even finish that sentence, buster.

[Edna turns to exit the examination room and enter the waiting area. Irv follows, clearly not giving up the fight yet.]

IRV: I suppose you think all this nagging is good for my blood pressure? We've been over this!

EDNA: Until you change your fool mind, we haven't been over it enough!

[As Edna finished her previous line, Dr. Brown had entered through the main door and took off his coat, about to hang it up on the coat rack. Edna and Irv realize that Dr. Brown is there.]

DR. BROWN: Sorry, didn't mean to, uh, walk into my own office. Everything OK?

[Edna gestures to her husband with a manila file folder.]

EDNA: Fresh off a coronary, he wants to go play Jeremiah Johnson.

IRV: There's a cabin out on Eyelash Lake. The town's been running a time-share for 20 years, and this is my weekend. I just want to relax, do a little fishing.

EDNA: Split some wood, pull-start a rusty Evinrude, have another heart attack.

IRV: I'm not going down the Amazon! Andy, would you tell her that I don't have to stop living in order to stay alive?

DR. BROWN: Well, you know, Edna...

EDNA: Shut up. I'll just cancel my trip with Grey Thunder and go with you. Problem solved.

IRV: That is not a solution. You look forward to this trip all year. You say it keeps you from being surly the other 363 days.

EDNA: Well, I don't see any other alternatives. Do you?

IRV: Yes. I could go alone, like always.

EDNA: You want to go another round like this?

DR. BROWN: I'll just, uh, scooch on in to my office.

[Dr. Brown starts walking towards his office.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Or on, uh, second thought, Irv, I've been wanting to get away for a while. Maybe I could tag along with you, do a "guy's weekend" thing. Could be fun.

IRV: No offense, Andy, but I like the peace and quiet.

EDNA: It's him or me, cowboy. Your choice.

[Dr. Brown looks at Irv who glances back forth between Dr. Brown and Edna. Irv eventually makes his decision.]

IRV: We leave at 8:00 sharp.

[Irv exits.]

EDNA: Thanks, Doc. I owe you one.

DR. BROWN: I think you just might.

[Dr. Brown continues his walk to his office.]

[Cut to the Feeney home. We're in the hallway. From the kitchen, Nina and her son Sam enter, Sam first. Sam's wearing a tie, likely his dad's because it's too big for him.]

NINA: OK, butch, I want you to go upstairs and put that stuff back where you found it, OK?

SAM: OK, Mom.

NINA: Thank you.

[We hear Sam clunk up the stairs. Nina looks after him and then glances over to the living room where there is luggage. From behind Nina, we can see Carl not yet in full focus.]

CARL: Surprise, baby.

[Nina turns around.]

NINA: Hey. Why didn't you call first?

CARL: It wouldn't have been a surprise, which would've ruined my opening line.

[Carl pulls out some beautiful roses.]

CARL: (CONT'D) I made sure they trimmed the thorns this time. Don't want you to cut yourself again.

NINA: So there is a learning curve. That's good to know.

[They kiss.]

NINA: (CONT'D) So, when are you leaving?

[Nina starts to walk past her husband and into the kitchen to water the roses. Carl follows.]

CARL: Well, it depends. When are you throwing me out?

NINA: Hmm? Come on, Carl. I got a lot of stuff to do today, and now I got all your laundry to do on top of that.

CARL: Hey, I was that store space still available?

NINA: Why?

CARL: Why do you think?

NINA: Why, you want to -- so we can open the store? Here? For real?

CARL: I put in my notice. Two weeks from now, I'm coming home. For good.

NINA: Oh, my God. When did you decide? I can't believe this!

[Both are joyfully laughing.]

CARL: I made up my mind a few days ago, but I wanted to make sure I could get out before I told you about it. I've just been missing you guys so much.

NINA: The last time you said...

CARL: I know, I know. But how long are we supposed to wait, right? We'll do just like you said. We'll start small, we'll make the store bigger.

NINA: Because it'll be such a success? Oh, God!

[The telephone starts ringing.]

NINA: Just leave it.

[The phone rings again and Carl goes to pick it up.]

CARL: Hello?

[Nina calls out to her son while doing some excited leg movement thing.]

NINA: Sam! Sam, come in here!

CARL: [to the phone] Listen, I'm going to have to call you back. Yeah.

[Carl hangs up the phone.]

CARL: [to his wife] Work. I won't miss that. Come here, you.

[They race toward each other and hug and laugh.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown's office. He's standing near the door which he closes. He then walks to his desk and we see he's meeting the Harts.]

DR. BROWN: I know it's difficult facing the prospect of another surgery. Unfortunately, the alternative isn't very promising.

JAMES: But the new surgery could be as risky as letting the thrombus break up naturally.

SHARON: Maybe his body will take care of this clot like it did the smaller one.

DR. BROWN: Given the size of the clot, that's not a real possibility. A thrombus of this type is like a ticking bomb inside of Colin's head. We're not just talking about my instincts here. We have identified the problem. You need to trust me or someone to go in there and fix it... and soon.

COLIN: No, thanks, Dr. Brown.

DR. BROWN: Listen, Colin...

COLIN: No, not again. I'm the one who's been through it all. I'm the one who has to go through post-op and rehab. I just don't have it in me to do it again.

DR. BROWN: Colin, I don't think you understand the likely prognosis here. You realize you could die.

COLIN: Either way though, right? I mean, the operation might not even work.

DR. BROWN: Well, that's true.

COLIN: I'll take my chances.

[A beat as we stay on Dr. Brown's face.]

COLIN: I'm going to wait in the car.

[Colin leaves.]

DR. BROWN: He's scared, and that's understandable, but as his parents, you're going to have to explain to him.

JAMES: Explain what? We can't do a better job of explaining this than you did.

[James sighs.]

JAMES: It's in God's hands now.

[Dr. Brown glances at both James and Sharon, trying to convince at least one of them.]

[Cut to the Brown home. In the living room, Ephram and Delia are playing a video game.]

EPHRAM: See that shot? See that? See that?

[Dr. Brown enters and his two kids don't even notice.]

DELIA: Nice pass.

[Ephram chuckles.]

EPHRAM: All right, nice shot.

DR. BROWN: Is this your idea of studying?

EPHRAM: We're just taking a little break.

DR. BROWN: I thought I told you this game is too violent for Delia.

DELIA: It's OK, Dad. It's not real dying.

EPHRAM: Nice shot!

[Ephram laughs.]

DR. BROWN: Listen, I'm going to go away this weekend with Irv. Some lodge out by a lake. It's sort of a favor to Edna.

EPHRAM: Wow. Some place more in the middle of nowhere than here?

DR. BROWN: Evidently, and since I need to go, you're going with me.

EPHRAM: No, I'm not.

DELIA: I wanna to go.

DR. BROWN: It's just the guys this weekend, honey. I've already talked to Nina. And you're going because you need to study, and you've just proven to me you can't be trusted to do that without me on your back.

EPHRAM: I can study. I-I was actually just going to study. It’s funny you should so...

DR. BROWN: It's too late.

EPHRAM: This is bull.

DR. BROWN: Well, it's nonnegotiable bull.

EPHRAM: So, once again, you make a promise to somebody, and I suffer because of it.

DR. BROWN: I'm not in the mood for an "outward bound" event myself, but that's what you do for friends sometimes.

[Ephram leaves and his dad watches. When Delia speaks her next line, he worriedly shifts his attention to his daughter.]

DELIA: Die, you scum! Die!

[Stay on Delia's face and back to Dr. Brown.]

[Cut to the master bedroom in the Feeney home. Carl is dressed and putting on his watch. Nina is lying in bed.]

CARL: What do you want? Bacon or sausage?

[Nina does some kicking thing with her feet under the covers.]

NINA: Mmm.

CARL: Forget it. I'll get both.

[Carl goes to his wife and leans on the bed while he says the next part of his line.]

CARL: (CONT'D) You just lay back and wait for the party.

[They kiss.]

NINA: That sounds good to me.

[Carl starts to move away but Nina pulls him back in.]

NINA: (CONT'D) Oh, do not let Sam eat any doughnuts on the way home.

CARL: Got it. Sam gets doughnuts.

[They both laugh. The door opens and closes. Nina sighs and yawns. Then she gets out of bed and walks over to put on a robe. She walks over to her husband's suitcase and takes out some clothing. She walks over to the dresser to start putting the clothes in the dresser. Nina straightens Carl’s jeans and we hear something fall. Nina looks down and drops the pants. We pan down and see that the thing that dropped was a condom. A used condom. Stay on Nina as she stares at it in shock.]



[Open on Eyelash Lake where the lodge is in sight as is a few boats. Birds are chirping. We can see a truck pull up. Cut to a closer view and we see it's Irv's truck with Dr. Brown, Ephram, and Irv in it. Dr. Brown exits first and Ephram follows his dad. Irv comes out the door.]

EPHRAM: People actually volunteer to come here?

[Dr. Brown takes out his stuff from the back of the truck.]

IRV: Booked solid till October.

[Ephram and Irv take their stuff out from the back of the truck.]

DR. BROWN: Ah, it certainly is rustic.

[Dr. Brown breathes deeply ]

DR. BROWN: Ah, smell that air, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Should have just stayed home and huffed pine-sol. [beat] So, what do we do here?

IRV: Well, we...

[Irv gets cut off by Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: If by we, you mean you, you're studying.

EPHRAM: Well, can I at least take out the boat first?

DR. BROWN: No, you can't.

EPHRAM: OK. I get it now. This is a hostage situation. That's cool. Will the beatings be all inclusive?

[Irv moves toward the entrance of the lodge in the background.]

DR. BROWN: Only if you're lucky.

EPHRAM: It doesn't matter where you take me, you can't actually make me study if I don't want to.

DR. BROWN: We'll come back some other time, when you don't have finals.

EPHRAM: Yeah, like hell.

[Ephram enters the lodge with Irv standing nearby. Dr. Brown takes in the sight.]

[Cut to the master bedroom in the Feeney home again. Nina is now dressed and is frantically looking through Carl's stuff. Probably to see if there are any more used condoms. We hear a door slam and Carl's voice from below.]

CARL'S VOICE: Honey, we're back! Get your butt out of bed and come chow down!

[Nina stops looking through Carl's stuff. Sam has raced upstairs with Delia not far behind.]

SAM: Come on, Mom!

SAM & DELIA: We're making pancakes, eggs, doughnuts, and bacon!

[Carl enters.]

NINA: Any problems?

CARL: Not a one. Sam only had two doughnuts, and Delia only ran two lights. Did you know they made bacon and those little sausages out of turkey now? The pigs must be thrilled. I hope you're hungry.

[During Carl's last line, Delia was tickling Sam and Sam was giggling.]

DELIA: Could you teach me how to make the Mickey Mouse pancakes with the ears?

NINA: Sure thing, sweetie.

CARL: OK, let's go. Come on. Let's go. Come on, Sam. Let's go, buddy. Let's go.

[Sam and Delia exit.]

CARL: (CONT'D) This is what it's going to be like every morning.

[Carl kisses Nina.]

CARL: (CONT'D) Isn't it great?

[Carl starts to exit and Nina does too after looking around a little.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown and Irv out on one of the boats. They both have beers. They both do some intake of their beers.]

DR. BROWN: You know...

[Dr. Brown sets down his beer bottle.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) My dad used to say there's a thin line between fishing and sitting in a boat getting drunk.

[Irv laughs.]

IRV: Not a bad line to straddle.

[Irv’s fishing line starts to reel.]

IRV: Ooh. He's a fighter.

[Dr. Brown gets a panick-y look on his face and Irv catches this.]


[Dr. Brown tries to cover.]

DR. BROWN: Yeah, I'm fine. I just got caught off guard. You don't happen to have any life jackets onboard, do you?

IRV: Back at the cabin. I forgot to grab 'em. [beat] You can't swim, Doc?

DR. BROWN: Well, I-I can... if you define the word "swim" very broadly. Mark Spitz I'm not. More of a modified Labrador.

[Irv chuckles.]

IRV: So there is something that you're not an expert at.

DR. BROWN: That's a mighty long list. You haven't sampled my cooking. Then, of course, there's always my parenting skills. Just ask Ephram.

IRV: He'll be all right. I wasn't a sack of happy when I was that age either.

DR. BROWN: Listen, I, uh, hope we're not cramping your style too much by tagging along. I'm afraid that peace and tranquility aren't exactly part of the Brown family motto.

IRV: I don't know if this is the best place for a study hall, but, hey, it's like anything, you do the best you can. He'll appreciate it eventually.

DR. BROWN: Who knows? Maybe it wasn't the right thing to do. I just want him to do well. That's all. I mean, that's my job in this relationship, isn't it? I mean, so what if he hates my guts for it? When I was 15, I thought my old man was a pain in the ass, too.

IRV: Might be the only opinion shared by all mankind.

DR. BROWN: You didn't get along with your father either?

IRV: No worse than most, I suppose. It worked itself out in the end. I wish I could say I did better when it was my turn.

DR. BROWN: I didn't know you had kids.

IRV: Just one... a daughter, Cassandra. We don't talk much, maybe once or twice a year.

DR. BROWN: Where is she now?

IRV: Back East. Her mother and I divorced when she was 15. Things just didn't work out the way we thought they would, so we shook hands and went our ways. I guess Cassie had to blame somebody. She picked me.

[Dr. Brown thinks about what Irv just said and then intakes some more beer.]

[Cut to Colin lying on his bed in his room. Amy knocks on door.]

COLIN: What are you doing here?

AMY: Your dad said it was OK. Double chocolate?

[Amy enters and walks toward Colin's bed to sit down.]

COLIN: I'm really tired.

AMY: I know. I just wanted to see how you were feeling.

COLIN: [annoyed] How do you think I'm feeling?

AMY: Right. Dumb question. Um, is there anything I can do?

COLIN: No, nothing. I think you should leave.

AMY: I guess we're still fighting, then.

COLIN: Is there any reason why we wouldn't be? You haven't apologized or anything.

AMY: OK. I'm sorry.

COLIN: It's too late.

AMY: Colin...

COLIN: Why are you here, Amy? Why do you keep coming back when it's obvious that we're over?

AMY: Because we're not over. Don't you see all these stupid little fights don't even count? You were sick. You didn't even know what you were doing.

COLIN: Of course I did. You think I got mad about you dancing with Ephram because my brain was tweaked?

AMY: Well...

COLIN: No. And just so there's no misunderstanding, I'm feeling really clear right now. And as far as I'm concerned, what you did still sucked.

AMY: Look, Ephram and I are just friends. I felt sorry for him.

COLIN: Why do you keep talking to me about Ephram? I had a seizure, and you're up here talking to me about some other guy? Do you see how wrong that is?

AMY: OK, Colin, I'm sorry.

COLIN: Would you please just leave? And don't come back. I don't want to see you anymore. We're done.

[Amy leaves and closes Colin's door which has a poster of Jessica Simpson on the side that we see now. At least I think it is. I know it's a blond-haired female celebrity.]

[Cut to the lodge. The main door opens and Irv and Dr. Brown enter the cabin with fish. Dr. Brown has a small one and Irv has a few bigger ones. Ephram looks up from his studies.]

EPHRAM: Wow. Caught an appetizer.

DR. BROWN: Hey, this guy put up a hell of a fight. How's the studying going?

EPHRAM: It's going pretty good, actually. Every time I start to fall asleep, the silence wakes me up.

DR. BROWN: Oh, so maybe coming here to study wasn't such a bad idea after all.

EPHRAM: Yeah, about that, I was thinking. Ehat would you say to double or nothing?

DR. BROWN: What do you mean?

EPHRAM: I know how important this whole school thing is to you, so I had an idea. How about instead of me just passing all my finals, so I can go to New York for one week, if I can pull up my average up to a B in all my classes, I get to go for the whole summer.

DR. BROWN: What?

EPHRAM: Isn't it great? You get more of what you want, I get more of what I want.

DR. BROWN: Ephram, I don't care if you come up with a unified field theory, there's no way you're going to New York for the entire summer.

EPHRAM: Why not?

DR. BROWN: I'll tell you why not. [beat] Because.

EPHRAM: Oh, that...that's a great reason. That would make total sense if I was, like, 5.

DR. BROWN: Well, sometimes I'm not so sure that you're not. Listen, you're not going to go run and hide from your family for the entire summer.

EPHRAM: Nonny and Grandpa are my family, too. They’re Mom’s family. Just 'cause you don't like 'em doesn't mean...

DR. BROWN: Like has nothing to do with this. I'm not going to do this with you right now.

EPHRAM: What am I going to do, work at the Everwood Dairy Queen?

DR. BROWN: Well, if you don't pull up your grades, wearing paper hats and serving up blizzards might be your career path.

EPHRAM: Everything's always got to be your way -- this weekend, this summer.

DR. BROWN: Look, Ephram, a week is enough. I don't have to let you go at all. OK? So, take a week or take nothing.

[Ephram leaves to enter his room for the weekend. Irv tries hard not to butt in. Dr. Brown just stands there.]

[Cut to the Feeney dining room. Carl, Nina, Sam, and Delia are all sitting at the table, eating the huge breakfast. Carl picks up the coffee pot. Sam makes some weird noise.]

CARL: More coffee?

NINA: No, thanks.

[The telephone rings. Carl pours him some coffee. Phone rings again and Nina picks up the cordless.]

NINA: Feeneys. [beat] Hello? Who is this?

[Carl gets this semi-frightened look on his face while holding his coffee cup up to his face. Nina hangs up.]

CARL: Must have been a wrong number.

NINA: Second time this morning. I doubt it. [to Sam and Delia] Hey, guys, why don't you go play outside and work off some of that food?

SAM: Hide-and-seek, hide-and-seek.

[Delia goes into the living room.]

DELIA: You hide first. I'll count to 1,000. [covers her eyes] 1...2...1,000!

[Sam went past Delia in the living room into some other room of the home. Nina makes sure the kids are out of earshot before speaking to Carl.]

NINA: I know why they keep hanging up. And I know why you didn't talk yesterday when they called.

CARL: Who called? What are you talking about?

NINA: I found it. I found the condom. Why would you need them on the road? Huh?

CARL: God, I'm such an idiot. Nina, calm down.

NINA: Don't touch me. I don't want you near me.

CARL: OK. I'm sorry.

NINA: Sorry for what? What are you sorry for?

CARL: I don't know. Look, what do you want me to say?

NINA: I want you to deny it. Tell me that you didn't have an affair. Tell me that I made all this up. Tell me that I'm crazy. That's what I want you to say. Oh, God, this isn't happening.

CARL: I can explain this.

NINA: Oh, Carl. Oh my God.

CARL: Let me try and explain. It was a mistake. All right? It's over. I'm coming home. I love you.

NINA: Stop.

CARL: I was lonely. All we did was fight when I was home. You were always unhappy with me, Nina.

NINA: So this is my fault, you son of a bitch?!

CARL: No, it's just something that happened. It meant nothing.

NINA: I am glad our marriage was worth destroying over someone who meant nothing to you.

CARL: It doesn't matter now. I'm done with that. I don’t want to be that person anymore. I'm done lying. I'm done with all of it. Please, Nina, I'm home now. I want to be with my family.

NINA: [firm] Go to hell.



[Open on the lodge at Eyelash Lake. A boat is still in sight. Cut to the interior. Ephram opens his door. Irv is working on something in the main area. Dr. Brown isn't in sight.]

EPHRAM: Where's the warden?

IRV: He went for a hike.

EPHRAM: There are bears out there, aren't there?

[Ephram gets something to eat from the kitchen. Irv gives him a sort of look. There's a long beat before Ephram speaks again.]

EPHRAM: You know, all this quiet is really starting to creep me out.

IRV: It sounds just fine to me.

EPHRAM: What you writing? A novel? Journal entry? Love letter to Edna, huh?

IRV: Uh, just something to keep my mind young, just scribbles really.

EPHRAM: That's cool. I draw sometimes.

IRV: That's nice.

[Ephram looks out to the lake and eyes the boat.]

EPHRAM: You know, Irv, if you want to be alone, I can make that happen.

IRV: You better wait for your dad.

EPHRAM: Come on. You want some privacy. I need a break. I'll just take it out for a little while. I’ll be right back.

IRV: Have you ever been on a boat?

EPHRAM: Hello. I grew up on an island, remember? Look, I'd go for a walk, but I could get lost, I could get eaten. I mean, you wouldn't want that to happen, right? Besides, it's a lake. It's not like you can't always find the shore.

IRV: Your pop was pretty set on you studying the whole time.

EPHRAM: I have been studying the whole time. He's not a reasonable man. You saw. I'll take it out two seconds. I'll be back before he is. I promise.

[Irv sighs.]

[Cut to outdoors. Ephram's in the boat. Irv's been giving him instructions.]

EPHRAM: Pull back straight and hard. I got it.

IRV: Put this on.

[Irv holds out a lifejacket. Ephram pushes it away and keeps on looking at the boat and the water.]

EPHRAM: I think that only goes with flannel.

[Irv insists.]

IRV: Put it on. And keep it on.

[Irv gives the lifejacket to Ephram who puts it on while Irv continues.]

IRV: (CONT'D) Keep within sight of the cabin.

[Camera moves outward to show Irv unhooking the rope from the stool thing and Ephram pulling the engine.]

IRV: (CONT'D) Remember, mind the reeds...and stay clear of that far shore!

[As Irv said the last part, he shouted it because the engine's sound was starting to overpower him. Ephram moves off as he says his line.]

EPHRAM: I got it! No problem!

[Ephram continues to move off as Irv starts to walk back to the lodge.]

[Cut to Dr. Abbott and Amy who are in his car. Amy changes the radio station various times. These are the stations in order I've caught, likely all FM: 99.5; 103.1; 101.1; and back to 99.5. The time shown is 4:20 or at least I think that's what the 4:20 means.]

RADIO: On a slow boat to China -- because of headache pain -- on the air -- Tuesday's Ladies Night --

[Pan away from showing Amy changing the station. It's now on a reggae sort of station.]

DR. ABBOTT: Ugh. Please. Before I have to self-medicate.

[Dr. Abbott pulls his daughter's hand away which shows the station is 96.3 FM. A dog barks. Amy sighs.]

AMY: So, have you spoken to Dr. Brown lately about Colin or anything?

DR. ABBOTT: Is this a trick?

[Amy glances at her dad.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) As I recall, speaking to Dr. Brown is what turned you into such delightful company these last few weeks...or did you forget that's why you stopped talking to me?

[A long beat. Amy glances out the window.]

AMY: Never mind.

[Cut to outside of the car where we see Dr. Abbott make some sort of turn. Apparently, this was unexpected.]

AMY: What are you doing?

DR. ABBOTT: I just need to grab some things.

AMY: Get me a Coke and some licorice, any kind.

DR. ABBOTT: If you want something, come in and get it yourself.

[Dr. Abbott gets out the car and closes the door. Amy glances out.]

[Cut to the supermarket which is apparently where Dr. Abbott stopped the car. Amy is in the store too. They're getting a few things.]

DR. ABBOTT: I could talk to him if you'd like...

[Dr. Abbott puts something in the small cart.]

DR. ABBOTT: Dr. Brown. I wouldn't enjoy it, mind you, but I could do that for you, if you'd like.

[Amy puts something in the small cart.]

AMY: That's OK. Forget it. I'm just curious what happens next, that's all.

[Amy looks at something and hands it to her dad.]

DR. ABBOTT: I'm sure they'll do whatever's necessary.

[Dr. Abbott puts the thing Amy handed to him in the small cart.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Did Colin say something?

AMY: Not really. He doesn't want to talk to me right now, I guess.

DR. ABBOTT: Because of...

AMY: Because of, like, a million reasons, which makes everything seem so pointless.

DR. ABBOTT: How do you mean?

AMY: What was the point of hiding all of that stuff before? He hates me now anyways.

DR. ABBOTT: Honey, I'm sure he doesn't hate you.

AMY: I just wish I would have told someone when I knew he was getting sick. I never should have pretended that I didn't see it. I did that.

DR. ABBOTT: You wanted him to trust you. All things considered, trust is very important in a relationship.

[Dr. Abbott sighs.]

DR. ABBOTT: Sometimes, Amy, all things aren't equal.

AMY: Maybe if I would have said something sooner, they could have done something about it. What if it's too late?

DR. ABBOTT: They'll do everything they can. He's in good hands.

AMY: But it's all my fault now. If I hadn't have danced with Ephram, if I hadn't...

DR. ABBOTT: Amy, Amy, listen to me. Whatever is going on with Colin's medical condition, it had nothing -- absolutely nothing -- to do with any quarrel or any jealous tiff that you two might have had at a dance. Honey, it just doesn't work that way. You have done more for Colin Hart than anyone could ever expect, more than anyone's ever done for just about anybody. Ohh. Come here.

[Dr. Abbott hugs and kisses his misty-eyed daughter and so it seems they've made up.]

[Cut to the lodge at Eyelash Lake. Dr. Brown's back but Ephram isn't. Dr. Brown's upset with Irv.]

DR. BROWN: Other than the ferry around Liberty Island, he hasn't been on a boat in years.

IRV: Well, the lake's not that big. The weather's clear. I'm sure he'll be back soon.

DR. BROWN: Irv, I gave Ephram a direct order, and you let him defy it.

IRV: Well, it was a dumb order.

DR. BROWN: I'm sorry?

IRV: I'm married to Edna. I know a bit about being bossed around, and I haven't met anybody yet who likes it.

DR. BROWN: I'm his father. If I didn't tell Ephram what to do, he wouldn't do anything.

IRV: I doubt that's true. It's easier for you to try to control him. Trust me, I've lived long enough to know that's not the way to get what you want. And it's sure as hell not the way to raise a kid.

DR. BROWN: Well, I'll choose how to deal with my son, OK, Irv?

IRV: I shouldn't have let him out on that boat alone. Fair enough. But damn, Andy, you drag a 15-year-old kid way out here, basically, lock him in a room. What do you expect?

DR. BROWN: I expect you not to interfere with how I choose to raise my son, especially since the last time I checked, I was in the middle of doing you and Edna a favor.

IRV: It's not my fault he wants to get away from you for the summer.

[Off Dr. Brown thinking.]

[Cut to Nina outside her home. A door opens behind her and Carl comes out. The door closes. She's still angry with him. A long beat.]

NINA: What does she look like?

CARL: Nina...

NINA: Is she pretty? Is she young?

CARL: Please don't do this.

NINA: I just want a picture in my head. I want to see who you chose over me.

CARL: I didn't. It was the worst mistake I've made in my life, but it's over. I realized how much having this family means to me. I want to come home. I want the three of us to be a family the way we always should have been. We can open the store, just like we talked about, just like you dreamed.

NINA: Dreams. You mean like going off to do great things because Everwood was never enough for you? Because you always thought you were so much better than all of it.

[Nina laughs.]

NINA: It wasn't Everwood. It was me that wasn't enough for you.

CARL: That's not true.

NINA: You're damn right it's not. Life is about growing up, Carl, but you never grew up. You're a failure. You failed me as a husband, you failed Sam as a father, you failed yourself as a person. You have been running in place for years, and I bought it all. Every damn bit of it.

CARL: You're right. I'm a failure at everything. I never did anything great with my life. Every year, the big break didn't come. No promotions, no -- I was ashamed to come home to you. I'd be in another crappy motel somewhere in another damn city, so sick of myself. Not much of my life is worth anything. Just you and Sam. You were always the best part of me, Nina, always. The only part that was any good at all. I'm nothing without you. I'd disappear completely if I didn't have you. Nin, please, God, please, believe me. I never stopped loving you, never. Give me one more chance. I won't let you down, never again. I love you, Nina. I love you so much.

[Nina tries to keep her guard up but it's too hard to resist him. It goes down a little.]

[Cut to Ephram on the boat. It's almost sunset. He's stuck.]

EPHRAM: Way to go, Brown. You get an A-plus in stupid-ass things to do in a boat.

[Ephram breathes heavily, grunts, and pulls out reeds from behind the boat.]

EPHRAM: Father would be so proud of you. And then, he'd kill you.

[The boat’s motor catches. Ephram falls and knocks himself out as the boat pulls away.]



[Open on the lodge at Eyelash Lake. It's barely visible because the sun is down now. Cut to the interior where Dr. Brown is pacing. Irv is worried too.]

DR. BROWN: We can't wait anymore. The sun is down, the wind is picking up. We gotta call the police, a ranger or somebody.

[Dr. Brown tries his cell.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Still no service.

IRV: By the time we drive out far enough for the phone to work and they get here, it would be at least two hours...

DR. BROWN: Well, this can't be the only cabin out here. There's got to be a boat somewhere. We need to find a boat.

IRV: Any chance he could be trying to stick it to you? Piss off the old man?

DR. BROWN: No. No, this is different. I can feel it. He's got no food, no extra clothes, no flashlight. With the sun gone, exposed, hypothermia could set in in two hours if he's dry, much less if he's not. We've got to find him. Now.

[Cut to Dr. Brown and Irv on a boat. The motor's running. Flashlights brighten the night partially. Dr. Brown is yelling out in the darkness, calling for his son.]


IRV: We've been over there. We'll just keep widening out a little bit. We'll find him.

DR. BROWN: Ephram! Ephram! Ephram! Ephram! I think I see something! Ephram! The boat -- it's right over there! Over here. Wait! That's him! There he is right there! Hold on, Ephram! It's OK! Everything's going to be all right!

[The motor stops.]

DR. BROWN: What are you doing?! We gotta get in closer to pull him out! Come on!

IRV: We get any closer, we'll get stuck, too. We're here now. He's OK.

DR. BROWN: I'm going in after him.

IRV: You're not going anywhere. Here. You said you're not much of a swimmer. I am. Grab the rope. And sit down before you tip us over.

[Irv swims out to a nearly unconscious Ephram while Dr. Brown shines the light.]

IRV: You OK?!

EPHRAM: Cold. I'm cold.

IRV: We'll get you warmed up soon. Plenty of firewood and hot soup.

EPHRAM: Is my dad here?

IRV: He's fine. Don't worry about that now. We gotta get you out of here. OK!

[Dr. Brown starts pulling in the rope.]

[Cut to the Abbott home, exterior. Then cut to the interior where Dr. Abbott goes down the main stairs and Amy follows in protest.]

AMY: Not "The Music Man" again.

DR. ABBOTT: It's good to be reminded of why a classic should never be remade. Besides, you always loved Shipoopi.

AMY: How about "XXX"? Vin Diesel's cool.

DR. ABBOTT: He's a Neanderthal with an overactive pituitary and a gym membership. See, that's the trouble with your whole generation. It's all about the mindless eye candy blowing things up. There's no appreciation for art. Now, Robert Preston, he was cool.

[Amy and Dr. Abbott have gotten their. Dr. Abbott opens the door so they can go. But Colin's standing there. Amy's shocked.]

COLIN: [to Amy] Hi. [to Dr. Abbott] Hi, Dr. Abbott.

DR. ABBOTT: Colin. How are you?

COLIN: I'm OK. Thanks. [to Amy] Um, could I talk to you for a second?

DR. ABBOTT: I'll go get the movies. I'll get them both, just in case. See you later.

[Dr. Abbott exits. Amy closes the door and sighs.]

AMY: I thought you never wanted to see me again.

COLIN: No. It was kind of the other way around. I didn't want you to see me anymore. Not like this anyways.

AMY: I don't understand.

[Colin sighs.]

COLIN: Look, I said all those things because I felt like I had to, like I had to be mean to make you go away. And then I decided that I couldn't go through with it. I couldn't have you thinking that I hated you when I don't.

AMY: So, why'd you tell me to go away?

COLIN: I can't ask you to stay with me, Amy. Not again. You've been through this before, and I know how much it hurt you. I don't even know what's going to happen now. I'm not getting better, and I might get worse. And you don't want to deal with that again.

AMY: How do you know what I want?

COLIN: Look, I know you wouldn't leave if I asked you to stay. You're too good of a person.

AMY: Are you kidding me? Colin, I didn't go to that hospital every day because I thought you missed me. I went because I missed you. It's not like I'm doing you any favors. Colin, trust me, I can be really overbearing. Ask your mom. She tried to bounce me, too, but I stick.

[Amy laughs.]

COLIN: Thanks.

[Amy pulls Colin close and strokes his hair like a mother does to a little child.]

[Cut to Ephram lying in his bed at the lodge. He's recovering nicely. Dr. Brown's nearby.]

EPHRAM: So, I bet this is like an all-time high for you being pissed off at me, right?

DR. BROWN: Before today, I thought losing your mother was the worst thing I could imagine.

EPHRAM: I'm sorry I scared you.

DR. BROWN: I'm sorry I kidnapped you and took you to the unabomber fantasy camp.

[Ephram chuckles.]

DR. BROWN: I hated the idea of you going to New York. Even for a week. When you started talking about going for the whole summer, I just...

[Dr. Brown sighs.]

DR. BROWN: You really think you can get all B's?

EPHRAM: That was probably a safe bet for the house.

DR. BROWN: Well, I want you to do well on your finals. But no matter what, you can spend the summer with your grandparents. I know they'd love it, and I know it'd be great for you and I know you'll come back.

[Ephram chuckles softly.]

EPHRAM: We should probably get going. I should probably take this test tomorrow. I'm actually prepared for a change.

[Ephram tries to sit up but his dad gently pushes him back to lay down.]

DR. BROWN: You can make up the test. You might have a concussion. We'll leave tomorrow just to be safe. Besides, I think I can get you a doctor's note. See, I know this guy...

[Dr. Brown smiles and Ephram manages to crack one too.]

[Cut to the Feeney home in the living room. Carl's holding Sam.]

CARL: I'm all packed, and I told the cab to come in an hour. I'll be back from daycare in plenty of time. We'll be doing this a lot soon, won't we, Sam?

SAM: Yeah.

[Carl kisses Nina on the cheek.]


[Nina smiles at Carl. He exits with Sam. Nina starts to retire to the kitchen. The phone rings. Nina tenses up. Phone rings again and again. Nina sets down the dishes. She answers the phone.]

NINA: Hello? [beat] Hello. [beat] Stop calling here. [beat] Look, I know who this is and don't ever call him again. Do you hear me? He told me all about you. What you had is over. He's home with his family, with his son, with me. He loves me. Do you understand?

MAN: I'm sorry. Just tell him I'm sorry.

[Man on the phone hangs up. Nina is shocked and exhales sharply.]

[Cut to Irv's truck. He's dropping off Ephram and Dr. Brown. He shuts off the engine. Irv exits the truck from one door while the Brown men exit from the other car door.]

EPHRAM: Thanks again. Next time we go on vacation together, I'll save your life.

IRV: Next time? I don't think so.

[Irv laughs. Ephram goes into his home.]

DR. BROWN: I wanted to thank you, too, Irv, for what you did out there.

IRV: Forget it. It's easier to be a hero with other people's children.

DR. BROWN: No, not just for saving Ephram. You said some things I really needed to hear.

IRV: I got a big mouth. It runs in the family.

DR. BROWN: [re: Ephram] He's more like me than I care to admit sometimes. He's stubborn. He always thinks he's right. But he's like his mother, too. He's artistic and passionate.

IRV: From what I can tell, that's not a bad mix.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, I guess it isn't.

IRV: Now you go be with your boy. And not a word of this to that nurse of yours.

DR. BROWN: It was nothing but R&R all weekend and just a little bit of fishing.

[They both laugh.]

[Cut to the Feeney home. Nina's all sorrow and sad, sitting in the kitchen. Carl just enters and he has a more upbeat attitude until he realizes Nina's mood.]

CARL: Hey. I just made it. My cab should be here any minute. You OK?

NINA: You got another call. I talked to him. He says he's sorry. He wanted me to tell you that. Maybe I should have seen it. I knew it was something. When I'd offer to meet you on the road before Sam, you always had some excuse. Few and few visits every year, always some reason. You distracted yourself with friends even when we only had a day or two together. You could never wait to leave. Anything not to be here, not to be with me. It's amazing how we fill in the blanks the way we want to see them. I kept filling them in. "I'm not pretty today." "I'm not funny or smart or interesting enough." "Next visit, I'll do better. I'll work harder. I'll figure it out." I felt so unattractive sometimes, so unwanted. You have no idea how hard it was always trying to find some reason, some way that I failed. Somewhere deep down, I knew something was wrong. I'm sure I did. I guess I must have been afraid to ask somehow. But I wonder if I had, if you would have told me the truth. Even in my arms, you were always out of reach. And maybe you didn't love me the way I did you, but you didn't even care enough to be honest with me. You didn't choose someone else, Carl. You are someone else.

[The cab's horn honks. After a long beat, Carl goes to pick up his bags and leaves. Nina turns away during this.]

[Cut to a restaurant. Dr. Brown enters. Billiard balls clanking, indistinct conversations as Dr. Brown walks up to James Hart at the bar. "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" by Elton John is playing in the background.]

JAMES: We already gave you our decision.

DR. BROWN: I know. Listen, I'd like to say something to you, and then I won't bother you again. I promise. Please.

JAMES: All right.

DR. BROWN: I know how scared you are. I also know that fear is only part of it. I think you're frustrated, and you're angry that you can't fix this yourself. This weekend, Ephram had an accident, and I...I really thought that I'd lost him. And I didn't handle it very well. He's OK, but I was ashamed that I couldn't help him, that I couldn't take care of someone that I love, someone who's my responsibility.

JAMES: I'm glad your son's OK,'s not the same.

DR. BROWN: No, it's not. But what is the same is that it's impossible to be objective when your own child's life is in danger. We're not equipped for that as parents, as fathers. Mr. Hart, I believe that Colin's life, or at least the likelihood of a truly meaningful life, is in danger without this procedure. And I believe that I can see that more clearly than you. I need you to talk to Colin. We need to persuade him. I know how to help your son. Please. Please put your faith in me.

NARRATOR: It's easy to create a child. It's the rest we have so much trouble with. Our kids drive us crazy. They keep us sane. We can't wait for them to grow up. We wish they never would.

[As Irv's closing narration went on, we panned out from Dr. Brown and James Hart.]



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